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How is it Possible to Wipe out Negative Feeling From the Mind?

Guruji’s Speech Through Medium on Sphoorthi Poornima, the 11th day of July 2006, Vijayawada, India

            To honor the individual, whom we accept as Guru, on this day of Vyasa Poornima is the tradition that had been coming since ancient time. Actually what is the uniqueness of Guru Poornima? In what circumstances do we need a Guru?

            Actually who is Guru? What qualities should he have? In today’s hi-tech world there are various Gurus you know. What you know about Guru is, one who is in the place who eliminates darkness of ignorance and lights the lamp of knowledge is “Guru”.

            Mother and Father are Gurus….

            Firstly those who gave birth, Mother and Father. The position of Guru is after the position of Mother and Father only. If so Guru to be present in a very vital position has acquired the importance. Mother and Father give birth. They fulfill our physical needs. They show the path for life. Teachers, lecturers and others are relating only to the physical world. On the other side of physical life there is spiritual life. The necessity has arrived to know about, physical life, spiritual life.

            Those who can bring out the entity of spirituality, which is hidden within us, can be referred to as complete Gurus, spiritual Gurus. There are many misconceptions of spirituality happening in today’s society. You all know about me. With the name of Viswa Sphoorthi by eliminating the misconceptions of spirituality should light the lamp of knowledge.

            Between birth and death is ‘The Life’ – it passes off. But what is the value of life?

            Who am I?

            From where I came?

            What is the purpose to come here?

            What is the end of the life?

            Those who can give good answer to all the aforementioned questions, there is a chance that only those would be referred to as complete Gurus, spiritual Gurus. In this modern society as a guide to our life to choose a Guru, who can take our spiritual life to a good direction, can be termed as a big process. It acquires very much importance in choosing Guru itself. Alright you have found a good Guru. When we go to Guru we have to know where we are.

            If Guruji can understand in what circumstances we are then he would decide in which path he should take. We should be in search of truth. We should travel in the path of truth. First of all one should have belief in Guru.

            Due to some reasons I am unable to come directly. I am speaking here entering into the individual who is continuing meditation with dedication. Many do not know who this individual is. He has come from a far off place. I am at some other place. How am I speaking entering into this individual with whom I have no relation directly? He has separate brain. He has memory. He has neurons. He is preoccupied. There are numerous messages, relating to him within his brain, in abundance. Body completely belongs to him only. Now I am speaking with the name of Viswa Sphoorthi. I am present in some other place. Then how did I enter into this body and speaking? This is not question mark? Proof of truth means, like this, practicals.

            Whatever I have seen and whatever I have read, whatever I have experienced, and whatever I believed to be truth, the same truth I am showing in front of your eyes. The individual who is in front of you is different, and the individual who is the photo is different. But how did I come into this individual and speaking. He has his own memory separately, doesn’t he! He has all biological links. What happened to those? Whatever I am speaking that everything is under the control of spiritual vibrations. By chance am I in the state of ‘Samadhi’ or in some other state means, no I am in a casual normal state. Now this is not the only one program. In Hyderabad the same kind of activity is going on. In our neighboring state, Nagpur, also this kind of activity is going on now simultaneously. I am physically present somewhere else; I am in Nagpur; I am in Hyderabad; I am here too. Not only these, for some individuals, who perform deep meditation, I am visible to them in another form. How is there chance to enter into various individuals at the same time? This is not something which is written in Puranic texts or Sastras. This is the activity you are seeing with your own eyes directly. You should indeed believe this, shouldn’t you!

            When I meet personally I am giving advices, suggestions and precautions relating to their personal life, health. This is not possible if I am as an individual.

            In the past there was no technique like this. I am saying confidently that in future also there will not be technique like this. The spirituality which is thought to be very valuable and the technique considered to be a secret, and which cannot be understood by anybody, having achieved that I am proving practically in front of you.

            We got the good fortune, which others, could not. We caught hold of a good Guru. Firstly you should know what should be asked. We have established Dhyanaprasthan for the sake of this only. Firstly you should know in connection with which activity you have come here. That which is present in between birth and death is only “life”. Keeping in view the studies that are present now… those within 20 – 30 years of age are being subjected to psychological pressure. In imagining the life itself 1/4th of the life is being passed off. After that marriage and birth of children, and to accumulate property (wealth) for them. By that time 75 years of the human life is being passed off. By chance if the life of the human being is considered as 100 years then the remaining 25 years is the old age. It is stage of ill-health and non-cooperation of body. Then when the value of life would be known. In the creation in the infinite universe in the crores of living things, only in the human being brain being developed he could obtain discretion. For that human life can be considered as an excellent one. Human life doesn’t come again and again. It comes only once. There is very much which should be learnt and done in that kind of life. Many ask me, “Guruji, what you are saying are indeed good things but, where is the time”? We have to take out (create) time. It does not come by itself. What we have is only 24 hours a day. We have to obtain excellent life in very less time. We have got an excellent Guru. What you have to do thereafter is, to continue the ascension of life and carry on the ascension of mind. You should live with quality life.

            I live alone only. There is nobody for me behind me. Right from the childhood I have been striving to achieve something and to do something to the society, to provide the brilliancy of knowledge to the society which is going on a wrong path. With the power of penance I am always alone only. For whom should I do this everything? It is for you only. All of you are my own. All the powers of penance I have achieved are for you only. I give some energy in the form of vibrations for all those who come to me. Like this only I provide good health.

            Through the books I have provided you very valuable information about the spirituality in a new angle, that too including with proof proving the truth. I have written about spiritual life including the physical life in the books. Read them.

            Guru only gives but, doesn’t take. I belong to that category of Gurus. When I do something I am expecting something from you. That is not in rupees. In the form of mind love and admiration, both of them should happen. Only then true belief appears on Guru. These many people have come here. If you can develop values of humaneness to some or the extent thereafter whoever deals if they also increase the values of humaneness to some more extent then a ‘Sphoorthi Family’ forms. Then it would be happy to speak of. If we start it today, the very auspicious day… then people, for sure, will take a vow that they would conduct such and such program like that!

            The primary duty from today is how to tell others the certainty that has happened? Nobody should hesitate to say what exactly is Guruji’s concept? Tell others the certainty… What I am saying once again is that, there are no proofs that this kind of medium technique was present in the past. It will not be in the future also. It is present now only (at present). Try to understand Me to come here. Try to tell about this to others.

            Decrease hatred. It does not go. Increase love and affection. It is impossible to take out negative. If the positive thinking is increased then there is a possibility that the negative feeling may disappear by itself. House is the basic for the society so, it is necessary to develop the values of humaneness from there itself. If you are with the values of humaneness then there will be chance to develop them with others. So also when people talk about you that you are the disciples of such and such Guru then I would feel very happy.

            How should be Guru? How should I be? How should this ascension continue? Where should I go? There is no need to go anywhere. There are Dhyanaprasthans. If all of you perform ‘Mass Meditation’ then energy to come and join in a very new style will be in a very new way. Few of you come together and perform ‘Mass Meditation’.

            Everyone has problems in life. If you perform steady meditation then you need not tell me about your problems with your mouth. I will come to know about your problems constantly. When channel for me and you forms the channel relating to the spiritual vibrations should get established. In this energetic channel, when you get some problem wherever you are, in whichever continent you are, I am able to come there immediately. I am knowing your problem and solving it. In some essential times I am protecting the lives also.

            If you can meditate steadily, if you can obtain highest position, in life the Jeevatmn, which has come right from birth, can be taken to the level of the Supreme Soul. For that very reason I am requesting all of you to practice meditation. Wherever you may be with complete belief on me dedicate your mind. Only then there will be chance to do something. If you are oscillating then the answer from me also would be suspicious only.

            If you meditate with love then whatever you wish can be given through vibrations. I am writing in books, and telling directly. Although all these are done also only some change is seen somewhere. Valuable life is on this earth only. We got a true Guru but, why is there lack of practice? With discipline, time sense, and belief if you can order yourself then practice is possible. If yoga – Pranayama – and meditation are done at a fixed time daily then commitment to regularity appears. Then I can give whatever you want. Some think that I have anger on them. Being in the position of Guru to be anger would never happen. If there is anger then that is only for good change in you. The feeling that Guruji is for the sake of everybody should be caused in you. Whatever I achieve as Guru that is for you only.

            Not what I am saying but, through medium how am I saying is the thing you should know. Media Concept had never happened in the past until now. How am I doing this? If you wish to know that what is the hidden power which is behind this then only path is path of meditation.

            Some of you say that when you sit in meditation it does not happen properly. There are certain preconditions for that. Yoga, Pranayama – concentration of the mind and contemplation should be learned.

            There is such a valuable life. There is a Guruji whom you know. Life has to be corrected in such a short span of life. Allot just 10 – 15 minutes of time for meditation. Some ask if they can do more than 15 minutes. If I say minimum time it is my thought that you will not do less than that. There is no loss in increasing the time. The more you increase the greater the benefit.

            Today I thought of speaking few words about the purpose of “Sphoorthi (Guru) Poornima” and I told you. I thought of inspiring to some extent.

            By chance if it is painful to your mind then rub it off. If you think there is no pain to your mind and if you think that the words told by Guruji are in the mind then try to change. Hoping that you will attain the spirit – of “I will change from today from this moment with regard to individuality, with regard to my life, with regard to my society; we will only be helpful as a pawn for completely wiping out the misconceptions of spirituality, we got a chance to be helpful as a pawn with regard to Guruji” – I am taking leave blessing you all.

Sphoorthi Oum
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© 2017 Sri Sri Sri Guru Viswa Sphoorthi   All rights reserved.