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How is Guruji, now, Through MEDIUM Able to Identify, Remind When and Where He had met the Individuals Directly Several Years Back, and Also the Incidents in Their lives in the Past?

Guruji’s Speech Through Medium Free Medical Camp 5th day of March 2006, Pyaparru, Guntur, India

            Firstly I am giving spiritual blessing wholeheartedly to the people of this region who have come here. To a greater extent what we know in this spirituality is very less part. In that when a highest state is seen, there are indeed many chances for it to be as a surprise, in the manner that it is astonishing, and since we had not seen in the past, as a wonder. If so at this point of time the individual, who is sitting in front of your eyes, is a common man like you only. By entering into this body with spiritual vibrations, I am in front of you in the method of a medium in the form of Guru Viswa Sphoorthi, you are seeing now and listening, who is in front of you. Until now this individual was here only, wasn’t he! Now only you have seen another Guruji in the photo, haven’t you! But how has He entered this body and speaking? That means not only for you but, the circumstance is surprising for the entire world, because this kind of activity did not happen in the past. I am saying that this would not happen in the future also. I am not only saying but also performing practically in front of you. I did not just write in the books that there is nothing impossible with these spiritual vibrations and with the power of Dhyana Yoga, and I did not just tell in words but, I am showing in front of you directly. If so, what is all this? I am present in another place. The individual, who is present in front of you, is a very common man. But how could I come into him? I am thinking that it is time for you to think over this matter. How is this being possible? I am saying that I am present at a different place. Here I have come into another individual and speaking. In the place I am present also I am conducting my normal routine activities. Am I present only in these places! I am present in some more places also. How is this possible?  If thought in accordance with science then there is no chance for the matter to be present in two different places simultaneously. We have been believing until now that, even though any type of comparative analysis is conducted in the scientific and technological sectors present now, there is no chance for one matter to be present in two different places simultaneously. But in front of our eyes the Guruji, who is present there, with spiritual vibrations to be present here also, that means in two different places simultaneously so also to talk with you in many places simultaneously is happening means, all the questions that is it science? Is it spirituality? Or is it something which is beyond the comprehension of both of them? are also in front of us. What is that power which is causing just an individual as an individual to conduct several activities in various places and do all these? What is the power behind this? Then how to know that power? is also a very clear matter which is in front of us today. We are taking birth very commonly, and living as some habitual life. The time is ending so we are dying. That means in the humanitarian angle without seeing the human values only we are taking birth, developing and dying as human being. When asked what, we are saying speed age (era). Everything is happening fast only. Today is there no chance to know about ourselves? I am saying that the Mother Universe energy, which is the first of all and relating to the universe, is present in our body as utmost microcosm, when that is caused to pervade universally we can obtain that kind of energy, and that can be achieved only through yoga, meditation. I am practically showing you the same. This is not present in ancient narratives or stories and it is not like either seeing in feature films or recalling. You are observing this directly in an open meeting in front of your eyes. But how is this possible? This is nothing like an amazing power, some other thing, or anything else. That very pure energy, relating to the universe, is hidden in the cells in every “body” as utmost microcosm. I am making you known that if that (energy) can be caused universally pervasive through “yoga and meditation” then there would be very much chance to obtain this state. For that reason today primarily I may be new to the people of this area but, all of you are indeed well-known to me. There will be none whom I do not know because when people are coming to me from various regions I am greeting, speaking, and reminding their incidents to them as if I know them only. I am telling them when, where in which place I met them also. That means, are you well-known to me or not? Although I, however, look like a new person to you for these physical eyes, since the beginning I am a well-known person to you all. Therefore, I would be providing blessings all the time for all of you who came to this free medical camp today. Keeping this in mind you question yourself, “What we have to do?” Today having come into the individual present here in the form of medium, Guruji has undertaken a new technique, hasn’t He! I am causing you to think, and asking you to think “What it is, what we should do with it, how we can change the way of living and style of living instead of the habitual life that is present now? In what way should some changes be brought in the living style so that we can lead the living as a better-quality, excellent individual?” There is not much time. So all of you by participating in the free medical camp and after decreasing the bodily diseases to some extent, without leaving like that the spirit I have given you to decrease the mental disorders that are present is “yoga and meditation”. Hoping that all these would be very much helpful for you, and by promising you once again that I will be ready to speak whenever and wherever you call me I am conveying my blessings, and taking a leave.

Sphoorthi Oum
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© 2017 Sri Sri Sri Guru Viswa Sphoorthi   All rights reserved.