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Yagn is not Puja. This is the procedure to invite Energy. Chanting of mantra is there, but it is not puja at all. There are some basic needs of Yagn. The required members should be 5 or 11, not less or more. You can take the help of other than 5 or 1 but should not be present in Yagn.

  1. No. of people : 5 or 11
  2. Direction or place: it should be in open place. Yagn is not for self but, it is done for Mass.
  3. Time: Yagn should be started at 4'o' clock in the morning and done by afternoon.
  4. Dimensions or Shape: depends on the type
  5. In Yagn, there is no involvement of money or related things.
  6. 5 people do puja and other 11 members protect the surface of the yagn. At least 5 should be there to perform the puja, and remaining are optional.
  7. There should not be any tent or covering above the Yagn pot.
  8. Whatever be the outcome of the Yagn has to be borne by these 11 people. 8 Major directions, 2 supervisors and 1 head. The 11 members should be 50 meters away from the Yagn pot. The shape of the pot should be such that 5 people can sit and operate puja properly. All 5 are chanting the mantra and the 5th one balancing the puja; balancing the energy.

The motto of yagn decides the place or direction. It should be away from locality or colony. It should be done by contribution of money. There should not be any kind of electric or metal objects nearby. No talks during the Yagn. Do not have any intake while in Yagn. Generally facing to East, slightly higher than the center.

Time: Time is based on Sunrise and Sunset.

Yagn is Spiritual. It does not belong to any religion. It should start 1 ½ hrs before Sunrise. Knowledge is not sellable. We inculcate SanskAr to our children and we do not charge them. Actual Guru is like a mother of the house.

Purpose: it is always related to Mass. It is for social cause. The purpose is to balance the natural calamities.

Factors to be taken into consideration:-

  1. Material
  2. Height and weight of Kund
  3. Preparation of surroundings
  4. Sitting distance of the Pundit
  5. Whether it should be above Yagn pot

Material: it should be made of mud; or mud with cow-dung, wood. Wood and cow-dung. Cow dung and cow-urine, made up of mud because of the content & chemical composition of dung & urines. It has to be decided by the pundit whether it is required.

Dimension of Kund: it differs based on the purpose, but the basic is dimension of platform.

Height: 27 inch above the ground level

Length: 33 ½ feet for platform

Width: 24 feet. Pundit should sit at this distance.

  • Should touch the ground in the center, or the radius of the circle should be 108 inch.
  • Banana stem is compulsory at the corners of the platform in plastic containers.
  • Turmeric water to be poured in a vessel particularly in curved shape, so that it is easy to pour in that.
  • The place where pundits sit should be smeared with the paste of Neem leaf powder (neem leaf + cow dung + cow urine).
  • Shape of Kund: circular/ pentagonal or may be a star.
  • Material related to Havan should be between the 2 pundits.
  • Height of the Kund should be of 9 inch. Kund is made up of black stones with clay + cow-dung. Flat bricks of 3 layers and soil over that.
  • Try to sleep at the site
  • Clothes: Dhoti, Briefs & vest.           
  • Strictly no mobiles, purse or leather materials and shoes/chappals
  • Bathe with turmeric water. One spoon turmeric in a bucket of water.
  • No arguments, light food at night. If someone does a mistake, don't point at him or her. You better don't make a mistake. No chat masala, no outside food, no cold drinks. Simple and normal rice, dal, roti and vegetables
  • Both the times meditation
  • Take light food before 8.00pm a day before. With neem leaf stem (of 10 to 12 leaves), during the evening pluck it (not in the night) and put in haldi water and keep with you during Yagn.
  • During Yagn, see that all the 5 sit comfortably.

Items needed for Yagn:

  1. 200 to 250 ml of Gangajal for everybody
  2. Cow ghee – 1½ liters per person
  3. Sticks for Havan to burn for 4 hrs.
  4. Mango leaves & neem stems, each 10 with everybody
  5. Sambrani 1 – 2 kg powder ( total 2kg in plastic or glass container)
  6. Animal skin
  7. Turmeric powder – ½ kg
  8. Lemons – 5 each (5x5 = 25 total)
  9. Sweet water – mishree + milk 250 – 500 ml total.
  10. One clay pot
  11. Honey 100 to 250 ml total
  12. Wooden spoon with long handle – one each.
  13. One chair with white cloth
  14. 1-2 napkins
  15. 150 – 200 gms raw rice grains
  16. Few pieces of Camphor
  17. Dried cow-dung as fuel 
  18. 5 neem leaves platform to sit.

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No. of Views: 151

Sphoorthi Oum
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© 2017 Sri Sri Sri Guru Viswa Sphoorthi   All rights reserved.

© 2017 Sri Sri Sri Guru Viswa Sphoorthi   All rights reserved.