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Why Guruji is not a Good Person?

2nd day of December 2004, Nagpur, India 

            Usually at Nagpur Dhyanaprasthan, Jnaanaprasthan (ascension of knowledge) that is held on every day of the spiritual program, that means either the speeches given by Guruji or the discussions He hold with the disciples are carried out in a new way and on current topics. In the discussion held on 2nd December 2004, a fun was carried on in a special style. This kind of discussion, that too about the Guruji of the same organization, in front of him only, neither might have happened in the past nor would happen in future in any organization. The fun is, all the devotees, who had attended the program that day, one by one should say, “Why Guruji is not a good person!”. Is it not even more amazing?!

            We hold this kind of discussion in loneliness, in secrecy, or amidst near and dear sometime that too when the tasks we think does not happen, or when the things we don’t like happen, but this is very much strange, is this possible! We have to criticize in front of Guruji about Him only. All right, in any organization anywhere, if their Guruji asks like this, devotees have to say, will say also poetical eulogy on Guru, continuously, which gives the meaning “you are God for us, knowledge giver, the Supreme Spirit, omniscient, rescuer in need, union of Brahma –Vishnu – Siva”. Not only that, they will show Eekalawya devotion in one voice as “Guruji, to say you as the bad person – those who say like that will be encircled with five sins – while there is no doubt about this in this birth, in future in many births (if they are there), those kinds of devotees don’t acquire salvation”.

            But in Nagpur Dhyanaprasthan, nothing of that sort had happened. Devotees said, all the things, which are hidden secretly in the reserved mind as unexpressed, before they created a whirlwind in their mind itself thinking that the time to express all of them has arrived and this chance may not come again. Everybody who attended expressed with no fear – deceit.

            That which devotee had expressed which thought, without revealing their names, the points said by the devotees have been compiled.

Guruji is not good because:

First devotee:

  1. Suppose if one of the devotees commits mistake, not saying anything to that devotee who had committed mistake, He shows His anger on everybody. The remaining does not understand why Guruji is angry. Tension starts in everybody.
  2. In some circumstances, without explaining His opinions, suggestions, He creates ambiguousness deliberately. Not knowing what to do – what not to do in that situation, or relating to that matter, everything will be in a state of complete confusion.
  3. He only disregards some suggestions, matters.

Second devotee:

  1. We keep trying for the result. We hardly get any help from Him.
  2. He says on my face about my mistakes. This will be troubling for me.
  3. He wakes me up too much early in the morning. He does not allow me to take some rest.

Third devotee:

  1. He does not fulfill His commitment of giving interview. He keeps postponing the same regularly, saying ‘not now sometime later’.
  2. He is doing nothing for the development of Dhyanaprasthan. We bring new devotees who are in difficulties by explaining them about Guruji and describing the benefit we have obtained here. They do not at all come for the second time here. He is not paying attention about new devotees.
  3. During discussion, he poses a question and leaves – does not complete the discussion. Discussion does not continue until its purpose is complete.

Fourth devotee:

  1. In whatever path of practice He takes me, He does not warn me when mistakes are about to occur – punishes me directly.
  2. We feel that we would get very much help from Guruji – but nothing of that sort happens.
  3. Suppose we do not practice meditation because of laziness or some other reason, He does not say anything – merciful person.

Fifth devotee:

  1. I feel afraid to speak about anything in presence of everybody – I am very backward in this matter – even then, he orders me to speak. I feel insulted with the incapacity that I cannot speak anything. The style of Guruji in this issue is not at all good.
  2. He stopped giving prasaadams in Aaroogyaprasthan.
  3. Even though we are accusing Guruji of so many things, He is sitting with no reaction – this is even strange.
  4. I will say another reason, He angers if we come late to Dhyanaprasthan.

            After the devotees expressed their slight irritation, Guruji neither give any lecture nor discuss. He gave prasaadams to everybody, blessing all of them at a time he exited the medium.

            What might be the intention of this kind of discussion? Who benefited from this? It may be, may not be the opinion of many people that the time of devotees as well as Guruji was wasted. The feeling the devotees got with that experience after that are worthy of sharing with others.

            Expecting the returns, devotees only decide that in what form, when, and where they should get the returns and continue their practice of their meditation. How is it possible for the control of devotees on the form, time, and place of returns? We may be doing one-rupee value hard work and expecting ten rupees value returns, we may be searching for the ornament, which is lost inside home, outside because there is light outside and darkness inside, we may be practicing with the hope that either the train that has to go on time should be delayed for our convenience, or the train that is expected to arrive late should arrive soon, the summary of that discussion has supported the understanding of the aforementioned issues. Having expressed all the feelings that were hidden secretly in the reserved mind, their minds also became eased. Minds were treated.

            To think, “To ask Guruji only to set right all the shortcomings within us, that all our needs should be fulfilled in the way, time, and the place we think” – they came to an opinion that it is their mistake in understanding Guruji.

            The definition of our ‘returns’ will be full of selfish-motive, and suppose that in His view it will be useful for thousands of years in future! How can we say Guruji is a bad person?

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No. of Views: 155

Sphoorthi Oum
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© 2017 Sri Sri Sri Guru Viswa Sphoorthi   All rights reserved.