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Text is Same; Texture Changes

Me fighting with me since ages, except that nothing happens. +ve fighting with –ve. I create balance and I also create imbalance. If there is nobody to respond, how do you know that you are there. –ve is not for destruction. –ve is always for construction. Less –ve is harmful. –ve is always a motherly base, motherly treatment. At times harsh, at times soothing. When I say something, it is different for everybody. You perceive differently, which is quite apart from what is communicated. Is the source for sugar cane and tomato same?

I am asking since many years. Who are you? Your identity changes from time to time. You change with your knowledge, attitude. What is not changing – is the Energy. It is not possible to make an individual different, all are same. The text is same; texture changes.

I am offensive at present; still I am defensive through you. Some part of you is +ve, -ve unexplored. Your basic structure is made with +ve, -ve unexplored. Persons with fully explored are called Saints.

–ve can't become +ve and vice versa. Only unexplored part is to be formed further to bring out both the +ve and –ve.

Through one medium, I speak something and from other medium, I speak differently, intentionally. Why?

The fan is rotating, to give air. Why air due to friction gets heated up. I want you to become mature enough. It is a war against me and me itself. You can't change electron, proton and neutrons. Only their combination can be modified for creating a new thing. Fortunately, electrons and protons are the same.

What is the difference between a Saint and a Child?

Saint – explodes all +ve and –ve. Total number of +ve and –ve is the same. In no mind state, you are always there. Unexplored should become explored. The opponent has different identity. It is the self interacting with you. Your self doesn't require anybody, but your identity.

Generate thoughts. After sometime, the brain is not sufficient, so do it now, to increase thinking. I am talking practical things, not for just to lecture. If you want to be for thousand years, think more beyond your brains capacity. Go beyond time zone, body limitation. You are not here for satisfying your Ego. If you think, "I am losing through these fights", - no you are growing. Is building a temple or meditation hall enough? Do you know what everybody wants? Everybody wants Guruji. Energy at present in this body is Guruji. Same is good for each form. Mediums are used to make others understand the message. His mind should work and explore? 'I' should not be encouraged to become Ego. 'I' should be used for exploration. While everybody says, the universe is expanding, I say that it is contracting. By closing eyes, it is safer to convey the messages through medium.

No. of Views: 136

No. of Views: 136

Sphoorthi Oum
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© 2017 Sri Sri Sri Guru Viswa Sphoorthi   All rights reserved.

© 2017 Sri Sri Sri Guru Viswa Sphoorthi   All rights reserved.