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Shall we the Bridge Between Guruji and the Society?

I don't want anybody to publicize Dhyanaprasthan. Can you define the meaning of Bridge?

  • Body of self is a bridge between you & me, and me & society.
  • What I delivered now is a Bridge.
  • Does oxygen needs publicity. You need to create awareness.

If thousand people come, it will be a loss for you. Whatever be the figure, making only them strong is far better.

What I feel is, whoever comes is satisfied; become more knowledgeable than they are. Moreover, their intellect increases from 1% to 2%. You are matured enough. Are your tensions reduced? May be little things don't affect you now, because you have the solution for them.

Remember these Points:

  1. Don't commit or declare the result.
  2. Don't take anything personal
  3. Points should be general
  4. Medium should be – Books, Interaction
  5. I would not prefer Media
  6. Be precise and confident in what you are saying about
  7. You have to feel oxygen to know about the existence, likewise, VISWA SPHOORTHI (UNIVERSAL ENERGY) has to be felt from within. Do not look at the person, look at the Power. Publicize knowledge, not person. Our objective is to spread awareness. Educate people to fight against crime. It is not necessary that after certain period the medium will be same. Person is living with the help of Oxygen. Knowledge should be the same.
  8. I don't need donations. I don't need any expense to be incurred for giving blessings.
  9. Only thing I want is to clear the concepts
  10. I don't want money to spread knowledge. You cannot buy me. VISWA SPHOORTHI is present in all if you know HIM or not.

You might have learned something until now. When there is no knowledge, there will be no space for wisdom. Then the thirst for physical pleasures increases. Spirituality does not mean Godliness.

Make yourself aware. You cannot be different from Nature. Nature is not just life. It was in existence before your birth and it will remain after your death. You need to merge yourself. We are confused about religion. God cannot be happy with an incense stick or with Prasad. He cannot be happy with money either. HE becomes happy only with Devotion.

What you have to do is to merge with the energy. Merge to such an extent that you yourself should become the God, might be even for a second. Devotee is more emotional than God; is more energetic. I feel that you all should devote/pray yourself.

You become mad if you believe in science.

If you have belief in spirituality, merge into energy. The destination of life vehicle is to merge. After death, the energy left in your body will be mixed with the Universal Energy. Soul gets merged.

Make yourself aware. Take knowledge, do not eradicate the thirst of knowledge by materialism, but by knowledge itself. 650 crore population on this Earth cannot be educated by one Medium alone. One lamp lights the second, then the third …and so on, the same will be the publicity of knowledge.

The total amount of energy always remains constant. If there is 10 joules of energy in the universe, you cannot increase or decrease the amount.

Meditation is essential. Self-analysis is also essential.

Dhyanaprasthan is not a place, it is a Concept. Dhyanaprasthan can be in your house, in your intellect. Dhyanaprasthan is not a place. After listening, it is necessary to think about, only then you get the knowledge. The thirst for Spirituality cannot be completed with materialism. Distribute knowledge and increase your knowledge, only then you can get spirituality. Don't  give  a  book,  but  at least  give  your  knowledge,  so  that  your  knowledge increases.

'I'ness and possession stop us. They don't let us serve and we don't let others.

Solving the problem is essential, understand their thoughts first, then provide them with solutions. Tell them the method and know how to.

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No. of Views: 141

Sphoorthi Oum
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© 2017 Sri Sri Sri Guru Viswa Sphoorthi   All rights reserved.

© 2017 Sri Sri Sri Guru Viswa Sphoorthi   All rights reserved.