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Minor Treatments for Major Ailments Acidity

Before sitting for meditation, apply sandal paste/soft mud around your naval and do ShavAsan for 15-30 min. After that, clean it off and then sit for meditation.

Seasonal fruits, seasonal vegetables, decreasing the daily food intake. Disturbance in food intake creates acidity. With this, stomach and forehead gets acidic effects and difficulties. Eat slowly and do not drink water while eating and even before and after that for at least ½ an hour.

During meals, 3 gulps of water can be OK. Not more than that. Wash your hands, legs and face properly before meals. Do not eat in a hurry. After ½ an hr of meals, add little turmeric in milk and have it.

Don't take milk before sleep at night. Milk has to be taken only in the noon and evening. Eat cucumber before meals.

Acidity Relief: Drink a little amount (2 gulps) of lukewarm milk. Close your right nostril and breath with left nostril for 10 – 15 times. Then eat papaya with black salt. Then go for a walk. Be sure to take papaya and black salt after dinner.

(Only do during day) Sit calm, reduce your thoughts. Inhale and exhale with your left nostril and then check your acidity. After doing it for 3-4 times, feel the coolness of acidity. After 4-5 times, leave your body loose. Face east while taking food.

During summers, for acidity pick a few flowers of Bel (which have fallen themselves after ripening). Use each flower for 2-3 days. Soak them in water from 10AM to 5PM, squeeze the juice, and drink the water. Even the pulp can be eaten. This helps in reduction of acidity and eliminates the toxins. Try this for 3 – 5 days.

Bel has the potential to reduce your weight within 3 days.

Eat less, Use bel, Bel murabba, Cold storage, breathing exercise. During summer, Bel flowers are good.

During Rainy, Jamoon fruits help your digestion to be active. During winter, Pomegranate is good.

To get hungry, just do breathing with right nostril only. 1½ times cycle.

Whenever you eat Banana, Guava or Orange, don't wash your hands or don't drink water for at least 10 minutes before and after.


Don't eat banana in the morning. Only after noon and ½ an hour before sleep at night.

Fitkari: Mix in water. Take the water in the upper layer and with it clean teeth and mouth with gargles.

During cold, use Haldi in Mustard oil.

Take some Mustard oil in a glass bottle mixed with turmeric and then seal it. Early in the morning before and after 2 hrs of sunrise………..sunset………………………. use a total of 5 bottles for 30 days. After 40 days, use it as molish.

Those who have cough, they can rub their head and hands with this oil. They even get relief from vaath. After applying oil in the morning, work more during the day. After lunch, take some rest. Before sunset, take some kichidi(with less salt). Take vegetables for dinner. No milk.

Don't ever get affected with the pressure of the situation. Situations bring tension to us only for a period of time. Getting out of the situation/problem gives an easiness.

Sometimes, when we ourselves give more work to us, then also problems increase.


During spells of depression, inhale deeply fresh ginger, eat banana, pray to keep mental health upward. Ginger can be eaten.

Variety of fruits in one day; fruits of contradictory nature may generate poisonous effect.

During night, banana & apple are OK. Papaya and milk is also good. Citrus food has to be avoided.

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© 2017 Sri Sri Sri Guru Viswa Sphoorthi   All rights reserved.

© 2017 Sri Sri Sri Guru Viswa Sphoorthi   All rights reserved.