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Voice of Sphoorthi

March Towards me! Become me! Become the Creator!

If +ve in you and –ve in you is me, then what are you here for. Let us see the origin of –ve and +ve in origin. Something is there which has its own interest, property of expanding and merging. During the process, ions get charged, +ve or –ve originate, and they balance each other in quite to unbalanced. This continues and the unending process is the reason for the quantum of energy available. Origin is always like a dot within which is the vacuum and this oscillates vibrantly and heavily.

Brain: with deeds, the +ve and –ve is created. From universe, a splitter gives brain a command that you have ingredients and it is up to you to utilize the mind and explore and create. Virtue & sin are relative or under society's influence while living in society.

Without mind, nothing can be explored. Splitting by universe has supplied enough potential to reproduce and work in socioeconomic environment and spiritual world too. Bio-matter has evolved from this splitting only. It is a system. System does not channelize the +ve or –ve in them. It can guide the same as per one's mind or brain reactions or utilization. The adoptability & attitude count a lot. This is the only difference between you and source. Source has created various surroundings around you. The source has split you to act or do things. The +ve and –ve part is the result of your actions or reactions. That is why each individual is unique.

Humans are identified by their mistakes, not by their good findings or values or virtues. What are in your brain and mind, use it, culture it and burn the ore. Energy or source knows what is to be done, but the splitter has to find out what is to be explored. Me in you is asking to find. You are not just the physical body; you can control and channelize the thoughts. At least try to control the energy surrounding your physical body and channelize it. You are the composition of +ve, -ve and neutral. Your brain channelizes the same and mind works based on the same. –ve is the base; your role is to utilize them in a balanced composition. Give meaning to your body. Create an identity and march towards me. Become me and become the Creator.

Mind after Death: merges with source.

  1. Creator (Universal Soul Energy) – concentrated energy which regulates creating a system
  2. Universe – creations are taking place. It develops the brain or intellect or full. If not goes to stage 3 to get dissolved into source
  3. After death, towards dissolution

Mediums Operation:

I send energy to medium and the medium converts it to messages and transmits. Mediums are not aware about this; medium can't recall, they are aware.

Don't discuss with mediums. Don't disturb them. Unknown mediums may come to you. Only deserved persons will understand the messages being given here.

Mediums mind is working with the influence of Guruji's mind. Mediums brain and mind are elevated to the level of Guruji's Mind. At least for 1000 thousand years you can keep or it is elevated.

If the medium is not disciplined, if used by Guruji, repercussion will be great.

Three modes of operation:

  1. Conscious state – medium knows everything (medium should be more matured)
  2. Sub-conscious state – it is like a dream.
  3. No consciousness – medium doesn't know anything.

Intuitional operation of Mediums

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No. of Views: 153

Sphoorthi Oum
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© 2017 Sri Sri Sri Guru Viswa Sphoorthi   All rights reserved.

© 2017 Sri Sri Sri Guru Viswa Sphoorthi   All rights reserved.