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In What all Ways Tulsi – Herbal Plant is Useful

  • Eat 4 leaves of Tulsi everyday – there will be no diabetes.
  • Roots – stomach (boil the stem and drink it)
  • Allergy – parts + turmeric
  • Cancer – red Tulsi flowers (have it directly)
  • Asthma – take a leaf and put in between teeth
  • Blood Pressure – put Tulsi leaves in water in night & drink it in the morning
  • Joint pains – direct or soup (green tulsi0
  • Sinus – with paste of flower and lemon leaves (or) lemon leaves with Dalchini (or) Dalchini powder with honey
  • Weight – water+root; boil it and after walking, drink it in the morning
  • Peaceful mind – Tulsi paste + lemon flower or leaves paste with roti
  • For Tooth ailments – Red colour branch, without leaves chew it
  • For pimples – apply Tulsi paste
  • For better sleep –Apply Black Tulsi paste on forehead in the night
  • Functions as a Mouth freshener
  • For constipation – boil the roots and have it
  • Scaled nails – use Tulsi with Palak (equal proportions), paste or soup. Chew it for ½ hr but don't spit.
  • Eyes – put Tulsi juice with roots + leaves. Boil it and then chill and apply over eyelids during day or night (not inside eyelids)
  • Loss of Memory:
    • For O group – black flowers + honey
    • For AB group – green plant flower + honey + clove
    • For B group – stem with skin removed, chew it directly for ½ hr.

Note: O+ will have immediate effect than B –ve.

  • For anger – meditation…
  • For cough & cold – Tulsi with milk directly
  • For epilepsy – Yellow Tulsi flower powder with one apple

Note: Tulsi reacts with Environment. So, don't drink this in polluted environment. But can be taken in gravy at Temples and Puja places, but not in bad smelling or polluted areas.

Kids above 5 yrs can take.

Pluck it before Sunset. Every day

8yrs old can take 2 leaves

20 yrs old can take 3 leaves

40 yrs old can take 4 leaves

Types of Tulsi

1.   Krishna Tulsi

2.   Yellow Tulsi

3.   Maroon Tulsi

4.   Violet Tulsi (only flower of that colour)

5.   Black Tulsi

All of these have their own importance.

Other Points of Importance

  • Banyan tree – good for Meditation
  • Direction – for ailment, which direction to sleep. South Head is good.
  • Above Equator – South head
  • Below Equator – North head
  • Middle East – West
  • America, Africa – North East
  • Neem powder in water will purify it. For 1 liter add 1 teaspoon
  • 9.30 pm have food and sleep at 10.30 pm.

Note: pregnant women should avoid Tulsi intake because babies can't get enough milk and it results loose motions.

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No. of Views: 142

Sphoorthi Oum
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© 2017 Sri Sri Sri Guru Viswa Sphoorthi   All rights reserved.

© 2017 Sri Sri Sri Guru Viswa Sphoorthi   All rights reserved.