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Health Tips



Lukewarm water + 2 pinch of Haldi; Drink & walk fast.


Lukewarm water 1 jug + 2 pinch of Haldi & walk

(Dry Amla/Triphal of good quality ½-teaspoon + Haldi + ½-teaspoon black salt)


Early in the morning, add a pinch of turmeric to a glass of lukewarm water, drink and go for a walk, or chew a neem leaf with a pinch of turmeric and go for a walk.

Stomach Problems

One spoon Triphal + 2-pinch Haldi in ½ glass lukewarm water…. Drink before going to bed.

Eat papaya, adding black salt is even better.

Khaaj (skin related)

Vitamin D, E & A has to be taken in good quantity.

Eyesight (eyes)

  1. Eye exercise to be done daily
  2. With cold water from earthen pot, wash the eyes.
  3. Add pepper powder to papaya and eat… gradually you will not need the glasses.
  4. Fry Fitkari (Phatki) powder on a pan, after cooling mix it with water and twice in a week wash the eyes with that water. Do so for 3 weeks, then after do it once a week and gradually stop it. After 1 ½ months wash your eyes with normal water.


Once in every 8-10 days, do oil massage. Physical exercise is an effective tool, which helps you to fight 60%. 30% is by thought process.

 Seebuck Thorn (Leh Berry)

  1. It is a medicinal plant found in Ladhak. It is a fruit. Gives age/ vital energy, increases immunity.
  2. It is good for soldiers. Particularly fruit and fruit juice is important for vital energy. If you come across, do have it.
  3. This fruit has maximum percentage of oxygen and water and glucose & carbohydrates. 200 ml of juice once a week, 2 hrs before meditation is good for studies.


Don't eat much in raw form. Instead of direct intake, you can have it in other forms. Not even with salt.

  1. It sharpens your brain.
  2. It makes the body dull
  3. Can be consumed on alternate days
  4. Along with water, it is good for conditioning of hair.
  5. You get oxygen to mind. (Lemon water tea  it reduces nicotine in it)
  6. Juice of tamarind leaves with clove reduces cough and cold
  7. In summers, ¼-cup tamarind water is good before you go out (sugar is better than salt)
  8. Tamarind seeds powder is good for digestion for some people.
  9. It is good to fight against humid & dry air.
  10. Tamarind leaves in small quantity 5-6 leaves, it is good for people with blood sugar.
  11. It holds the humidity and gives back less oxygen. It makes you restless, especially for people who have blood pressure, asthma and lungs related diseases.
  12. With Sunrays directly falling on Tamarind tree, some kind of radiations come out, that may affect some people with joint pain etc. It absorbs dust particles a lot.


1.   Lemon juice is good for hair, but not before you go out on heat. It is good before you go to bed.

2.   Lemon juice directly with egg white, and massage your body, it is good. ( 1/2  lemon + 1 egg )

3.   Dry the skin, make the powder and add in curry once in a week ( ¼ spoon)

4.   Chew 3 lemon seeds a day. Good for digestion. But not with sugar.

5.   Lemon skin powder with mustard oil (massage) is good for skin allergy.

6.   Apply Lemon juice on body and have bath. You'll feel fresh.

7.   Water and lemon juice is good (without adding sugar/salt)

8.   Lemon juice for kids below 5 years should be applied at bottom of feet. They feel good and energetic. Apply and wash after 10-15 min.

 Ice Cubes

1.   Don't drink water with ice cubes. It increases heat in the body.

2.   Apply directly on external parts of the body. It is good and acts as a painkiller.

3.   Don't put ice-cubes on head, but you can roll it.

 Tomato (Indian Apple)

For healthy body, take one tomato daily. Tomato soup is good for stomach. If added with Neem leaves and boiled, you will get rid of all germs. Have it once in 15 days.

Pranayama Benefits

  • Gents increase body temperature by Pranayama. Ladies decrease their temperature.
  • Then opposite nostrils are utilized to counter balance the other. That is when you feel lightweight.
  • First step will bring effect until your chest, and when you come in middle and post first part, your nerves get tensed. Temperature due to heat generation gets increased. Therefore, you feel light because impurities get cleared.
  • When you are in last stage, the purity of the brain starts. The unutilized part of the brain starts activating in the third stage. You are unable to detect change because self-assessment is lacking.
  • The only disadvantage with Pranayama and Dhyan is that chance of losing awareness is more. Therefore assess your move now and then, rectify & then proceed ahead.
  • If you tie yourself to experiences then your progress will be limited. Develop patience and analyze in an unbiased manner. Use your emotions correctly. Only by mechanical process, you develop pathway, but emotional software determines how much distance you will travel.

 Curry Leaf

  • Good for
    • Digestion
    • Iron rich
      • Piles treatment
      • Hair
      • Blood pressure
      • Constipation
  • Leaves can be eaten directly (At least one leaf).
  • It increases taste and flavor (At least one leaf can be chewed)
  • Curry leaf paste + lemon juice (equal quantity) should be taken daily (2 tea spoons). It solves problems like piles, constipation, BP treatment, heart problems, Good for hair.
  • Should be taken daily for longer living
  • Apply this for skin problem – before sleeping at night after washing face/part with cold water.
  • (Tulsi + curry leaf) paste + lemon – good for skin and hair (Tulsi leaf: curry leaf = 1:2 or 2:1 ratio)
  • Curry leaf + water – boil 2 teaspoons daily (concentrated) – lemon juice may be added.

 Blood Pressure & Diabetes

For sugar patients – cleanliness, exercise etc

In Dhyanaprasthan, do meditation regularly for 45 days, it the disease will be taken care. Time and place has to be maintained.

Diabetes patients, to maintain the sugar level under effective control: Soak few Paneer flowers in a glass of water before sleeping in the evening, then early in the morning, squeeze the flowers juice in the glass and then drink it. Do this daily.

For Blood Pressure: Breathing Exercise + Yoga + water + cleanliness (mental & physical) + mental status/attitude +flexibility in Nature – TV (not more than 1½ hrs)

Don not talk or watch TV while taking food.

2 cups of water lemon tea + medicine

45 days of Meditation

Adopt +ve       and      avoid –ve

To achieve mental makeup status:

  1. Don't think of yourself to be an exceptional case for this discipline (sincere continuous efforts) & self-belief is important.
  2. Intake of water as much as possible ( 6-8 liters a day)
  3. Natural food (fruits etc)

Drinking more water facilitates the waste disposal. This in turn takes care of liver & kidney in long run. Don't disrespect Nature. During food consumption, try to avoid water. If necessary, one glass is enough. Take water after 1 hr of finishing meals.

Proper quantities of Oxygen + water + Natural food + self-belief will ensure a healthy life. If you wish to progress further, add Yoga, Pranayama and Meditation in your life.



  • Drink clean & pure water
  • Avoid outside eatings/drinkings
  • Proper hygienic conditions to be maintained at least in the nearby residential/ business areas
  • Right  from  now,  start  having  the  juice  of  bitter guard  in  the  early  morning,  without  adding salt/sugar, with only black pepper in it
  • In the season when neem leaves start coming fresh, start eating it in few numbers (4-5) with a bit of pure ghee (maximum 3 teaspoons) after 5 min of eating the leaves. Then have food after 45 min. You can continue with same procedure for 10-15 days. Then leave it for 1 month, and start again with the same procedure


Basic Steps/ Ways To Good Health 

  1. Relaxation: Relax your body and mind. Get rid of tiresomeness. Keep the mind cool and under control. Lie down or sit on a chair with straight back, body starts to relax, mind should be cool. If under some stress, think of it as a third party, very soon you will get an answer.
  2. Consciously try to relax each part of the body from toe to head with closed eyes. After a while, start  opening  your  eyes  and  go  through  the  same  process  from  head  to  toe. This gives relaxation.
  3. Follow the natural pattern of working of mind.
  4. Light exercise/Asanas: all should practice SUryanamaskAr under an expert's guidance initially, and then on your own. If this can be practiced, no other Asana are necessary. Pawan MuktAsan is also important.
  5. Body Posture: spine should be erect while sitting. Be upright while walking.



  1. Amla with punctures to be stored in earthen pot along with water and that water (1glass) is to be taken in the morning. Slowly increase the quantity to two glasses.
  2. Meditation and Shwasprakriya
  3. Walking & rest
  4. Drink water stored in copper vessel
  5. With mustard oil, massage the feet & thighs, then stomach and upwards, then hands etc
  6. Massage for 10 mins without much pressure.
  7. Take rest for 15 min
  8. Proceed for daily routine work.
  9. During summer specific diet: Cow ghee (1 spoon) + little mishri powder every morning before going for walking.
  10. During winter – take carrot (3-4 per day) regularly, useful for heart for all.

Knee Pain

  1. Increase fiber in food
  2. Green vegetables + leaves (brinjal should not be encouraged), oranges, pomegranate, very less spices.
  3. Practice yogasana at least two or some exercises
  4. Massage with mustard oil.

Diabetes/Frequent Urination:

  1. Take light food a day before
  2. Next morning take one spoon barn oil, consume in little quantities. After drinking, go for walking little longer. After return don't use milk or milk products, for 6 days continue taking light kichdi or boiled vegetables
  3. In the evening, sit relaxed – do oil massage, self.
  4. After the six days
    1. Take natural food in small quantities;
    2. Keep practicing massage once in a week; and
    3. Take oil only once, one day as selected by you.

 Food Intake As Per Weather

When the weather is in transition i.e., winter to summer, do take less spicy and salt and don't take heavy food so that one can face the change in the weather. As 'Munis' and 'Rishis' have suggested for 'pat' (patyam) for good health, but now a days we do it only for health problems. Hence, try to take more of boiled vegetables and kichdi.

Boil Ginger in ghee and drink it. Chew the ginger before going to bed. This is good for a healthy man. This can be continued for 2-3 days and see the result, then continue for 5 days. This will keep the man in good health.

Ginger can be made as paste and inhale it from right nostril which keeps a man to concentrate more on studies; but it can be only 2-3 times in 12 hrs.

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© 2017 Sri Sri Sri Guru Viswa Sphoorthi   All rights reserved.

© 2017 Sri Sri Sri Guru Viswa Sphoorthi   All rights reserved.