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Half Knowledge is Dangerous

Misunderstanding between family members (½ knowledge)

Overconfidence in self

High Expectations – leads to frustration. Over expectations, lack of patience. Only thing people lack is knowledge. you have intellect and disputes also. Our problems are because of half knowledge, which is dangerous.

What is the nature of vacuum? It absorbs anything. Emptiness absorbs ½ empty knowledge and leads to loopholes and this is misunderstanding. You can't hide ½ knowledge or ½ empty. You try to fill the gap of empty on your own. If I flow air into water, what happens. Air bubbles come out, there is some noise, similar thing happens in your life.

If in an airtight container you blow air, no bubbles come out. Your knowledge can't be kept secret. It will come out on its own. If knowledge and ignorance both mix, air bubbles come out creating confusion. Tendency of air bubbles is to create noise, may be louder or subtler. Bubbles don't create noise, but excessive sound.

Don't discuss problems. People think discussions lead to solutions, but thinking will lead to better solutions. What if I fail to convey my message to you? What happens if you fail to understand – explosion sound? 99.9% sound – misunderstanding. 0.1% discussion to postponement of topic. My son  should  be  superior  to  my  neighbor  –  such  thoughts  with  misunderstanding,  ½empty knowledge leads to sound, conflict. You want to show-off/ expose your ornaments etc. the world is like that, what we can do. You want to influence the surroundings on your wish to get influenced. Because the empty mind would like to get absorbed. ½ knowledge leads to bubbles and create sound. Don't ever and never try to facilitate or nourish that kind of thoughts (to be influenced or influence others). Truth tells something. Fact may be that is something else. Fact can never be Truth, and truth can never be fact. Fact depends on half-empty knowledge, circumstances. Truth never depends on any factors; it is Absolute in nature. Keep ½ knowledge to be preserved, try to get more knowledge. Don't try to influence others.

If you attend a Dhyan Shibir – even though there is no sound outside, still there is a sound. A Yogi is like this. Your Aura speaks your knowledge. By looking at your aura, I can tell your process of thinking. Demands can never be fulfilled; but the needs will be. Except a few, most of the people get the needs fulfilled, may be a meal, he gets adjusted and meets the need. Needs are always fulfilled – no noise. If demands are not fulfilled, it creates noise. It further creates bubbles – sound. But demands can never be fulfilled. Demand is like a zero. Multiply anything with it, the result is again zero – a new demand.

Is Fulfillment of personal demands Achievement?

No. Today we have dal. If we want Paneer, it is demand. If you have knowledge, jump from Dal to Paneer is automatic. But if you demand Paneer without knowledge, it will lead to problems.

Today you need 10, next 100, then 1000 and further crores. Then your demands will never be fulfilled. And you never get satisfied. Use your 10 to fulfill your needs. Use your mind how to meet your needs if you are given Rs.10.

Money creates your need or Demand. You don't watch TV serials for positivity or learning process, but get influenced for more demands absorbing luxury, cars, empires, aristocracy. By purchasing a scooter your need and a part of demand is also met.

Suppose X – female   and Y – male. X thinking style is disturbing the male or otherwise. These are the major problems in a family. Male members burst like a volcano, ego swells to protect his ego. At least don't try to make your child like you. Think about the new generation. Don't teach your child to slap her husband since you cannot do it now.

Devotee: It is a male dominating society Sir….

Guruji: Who creates male – a female; who educates males – a female.

Rape, robbers are made by males. Because females' tentative nature forces males to indulge in crimes. Female tender touch makes much vigor.( a smile, touch, ….anything)

Male with much vigor – females try to cover, males try to break the cover. Are we ready to make the males break? Human mind is the most elastic one. There is no other thing like this in living organisms. Tune according to your needs, but not by demands. Understand the difference between needs and demands. If you don't teach your children, I will teach. I am everywhere, even in America. I create positive & negative both. It is your mind, which can challenge +ve or –ve. Stretch your mind to 100%. Don't stretch 30% mind to 100% and fill with voids. First, fill the mind with 100%. Your less knowledge is more powerful (noisy) than 100%. Since the beginning of the Universe, I am here. I create +ve and –ve. I am +ve and –ve.

There is no re-birth. You are combination of +ve and –ve forces. This becomes a body. Your +ve attracts –ve from outside. Your –ve attracts +ve from outside. And you don't like this.

If you are under the influence of demands, you are disturbed. Needs never disturb, because they already get fulfilled. Have you ever tried to educate an unknown person, how to live?

You try to meet the demands of children but not the needs, that's why children become violent. Their half-filled and half-unfilled mind creates problems. They don't have basic knowledge to keep the mind calm. You are not the mother of your child, your child is the mother and you are a child. Ego makes more +ve in one person or more –ve. Basic content is same, context is different. The molecule is same, matter is different. Information is basic to knowledge, which leads to wisdom. You are trying to fight to satisfy your ego.

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No. of Views: 151

Sphoorthi Oum
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© 2017 Sri Sri Sri Guru Viswa Sphoorthi   All rights reserved.

© 2017 Sri Sri Sri Guru Viswa Sphoorthi   All rights reserved.