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Genetically, From the Parents, From the Viewpoint of Nature and Environment -- Even When These two are With Coordination, if They are at Certain Level, Ascent Dhyana has the Power to Change the State and Condition of Neurons. I Don't Agree With the People Saying That Neurons, Once Appear, Cannot be Changed. I am Changing and Showing and That is the Only Reason for the Change Occurred in Many People. In Future, When This Nanotechnology and Biotechnology Move a Step Forward Then you will Know What I am Doing -- What is Coming From me -- and What Exactly is Happening at That Micro Level

Guruji’s Speech Through Medium on KArtIka Poornima, the 28th day of November 2012, Hyderabad, India

            Firstly, for all the compassionate people, who have come to this premise, on the occasion of this KArtIka Poornima, from this dais of Universal Consciousness, at the level of Universal Soul, as Vishwa Sphoorthi – I am blessing and extending my best wishes.

            These kinds of occasions come many in number. In accordance with those occasions, to obtain some knowledge, thereby to make an attempt for change in the life, as human being it is the responsibility. Along with the execution of duties, by fulfilling the responsibility like this, to lead the life in a righteous way itself is the part of human being. Earth, the Nature in that, the heat and cold environmental conditions, to be in suitability to the emergence of organism, origination of (life) organism, Life Force, beginning of organism, its transmorphism, like that society and life in it. All these are, indeed certainties visible to our eyes. Nature is certainty – the organism in it is also certainty, bio is certainty, and Life too is a certainty. Life in the society too is a certainty. We cannot deny anything. In the society, principally what human being has to know is – that which is connected to him, that which is within his boundary/limit, as far as possible to acquire that knowledge. As a human being, by executing his responsibilities, by executing his duties and relationships, by surpassing everything, should lead the life. Life means – numerous turns. There are many milestones in the life. One has to cross it. Numerous turns, relationships, duties – without disregarding anything, by climbing each and every step, should make the life successful. If so, since this life comes only once, after coming until the death since this life will be in your hands, “how to make this life purposeful, what is the standard time of this life, where would be an opportunity to make this life evergreen within this lifetime only, where should one obtain the knowledge related to this” – we can consider these as the principal components. Usually, for the organism having life, transformation is inevitable. As the law of matter, according to law of motion, it undergoes change constantly. Transformation has to happen, inevitably. In that background, human being physically and mentally, has to acquire the state of transformation, inevitably. That means, it has to certainly undergo change. Think whether starting as a single cell in Mother's womb, by acquiring change, until leaving the final breath, to undergo change internally, is a certainty or not. It is the certainty visible to eyes. To a larger extent, many people say that it is not visible to eyes but, can feel. They say, "I can feel that it has grown". True indeed! It is a certainty because, the human intelligence, human brain did not developing to the stage of seeing the truth in that. Since change is coming in this, change is constant. In the inconstant visible body, since that Universal Energy, which is flourishing, as a constant truth, is present in this, since invisibility is the basis for the visibility, since constancy is the basis for the inconstancy, the human being present in that, especially the human being who has undergone difficult progress through this brain, does not know anything about his life, about himself, about human beings, especially about himself.

            To a larger extent, science and technology having developed so much and human being is in the highest position, what is known to him about himself is very less. In this, there is no chance to acquire complete (Absolute) knowledge but, only when he knows about himself at least to some level, there will be meaning for this life. Life means, I have told a little while ago that it is many milestones. Turning many turns, happens in different stages. Right from the birth, changing into many stages, reaching the final stage, matter finally perishes. The Life Force present in that will reach the Nature. Human being means – whatever is visible to our naked eyes and whatever we are seeing only is human being. If we think, is this human being, one or many – there is Life Force, Bio (Jeevatmn) in the body, apart from this Mind. Human being does not know about human being in whom these many things are present. Life Force means? If someone says it is present – we say it is present; if they say it isn’t present – we say it isn’t present. That is all we know about it. Well then, what does Life Force mean? Think about this once. There is Life Force, there is life means, we say he is alive. If there is no Life Force – we say there is no life, he is dead. Well then, what does that Life Force mean? What is present in that – what does it mean by saying that it is not present. Where did it go and before that where was it present? There is a need to think about these also. In the state in which human being only does not know about human being – by continuing journey of his life, by continuing his societal life as a group, by getting satisfied that he has achieved something, by thinking about the future that there is still something else, human being is moving forward. Is it all related to human being? By moving forward just like that along with technology, is to remain in the ignorant lowest state of not knowing himself who he is, the greatness of human life? Is to vanish (die) without knowing about him only – the importance of life? Is that all what human being is? Well, before birth as human being, don’t know to which parents would we be born? Don’t know when the birth would come? Don’t know whether daughter or son would be born? Child is born because of the contact of parents like that, but they are not the deciding factors; we can also observe here. Not at all these two but, the third one. I am asking you to observe this truth also. Well, when every cell is being subjected to change, in this transformation since life is coming to an end – by acquiring some kind of uniqueness, if we can habituate this method in a different way, is there any chance to acquire some knowledge – I am saying, yes, there is. Usually, in accordance with the principles of physics and chemistry, water flows from high to low levels. Either a stream, or a flow goes constantly and reaches its final destination. So also, life too, after the start, there is no chance for it to stop somewhere. If it stops, that is only the final breath. In the life, which is travelling constantly, the transformation of human being also keeps happening. Well then, if an anicut is build for that river or canal, if the water is stored in some unique circumstances and used for the usage of human beings – then the purpose of that water would be achieved. You understand – right? For the river that flows straight, and by constructing anicut, when that water is stored – with a good chance for the good cultivation in the surrounding lands, oxygen levels in that area increases and the environment (atmosphere) to be balanced, the conditions there to be in favor of living for human being, and appearance of peaceful circumstances – all these would be like a carpet of greenery. That means, by constructing an anicut for the water flowing straight, for the use for human beings, by using technology at various stages and by applying human intelligence, to obtain, experience a higher state, and to taste that result. In the same way, the cells present in the body, which are subjected to constant change, here we have two – body and mind. These two develops at various stages as the age advances. For that very reason, when a child talks anything, people say, "His is childish mentality because he is a child for sure", in the young age, they say, "He is young boy for sure, his is the mentality of young boy; we have to understand that". After reaching certain adult age, they would say, "It is adulthood (headship); he would have headship mind". After reaching old age, they would say, "He is very aged; his mentality also would be like that only". Is anybody changing this? In accordance with time, gradually, right from birth until death, both in body and mind that change is seen at various stages. At the same level, if the mind does not change by itself, and if we try to change it by ourselves… that to change by itself is happening naturally, it would be present naturally/normally, not like that but, in unique circumstances, if we can take that to another level, that itself we label as ascension. It is developing in stages. It is taking the mind to a higher level in stages. For that very reason, through this Ascent Dhyana which is not something that happens usually but, in unique circumstances, by combining (coordination) these two – mind and the cells in the body i.e., with the combination of both materiality and spirituality, for the sake of complete life if it is ascended to a higher level – what would happen? That itself we are labeling as Ascent Dhyana. We have to create opportunity here to take the Mind to various higher levels in stages. We have to practice to some extent. That practice itself is Dhyana. This Dhyana would be useful to cause the development, ascension of the mind in stages. In the same way, so that the body acquires a higher state, so that it would acquire better experience/feeling, so that it would reach a higher level – if we can develop these two through Ascent Dhyana, if these two ascend, this is first step to know the actual certainty. Not as something that happens naturally, in some unique circumstances if we can lead the ascension in our control, mind developing in stages, when it goes beyond the comprehension of senses, through this meditation when this body and that mind reaches a higher state, it would be considered as Dhyana-Mano-Prasthan; through meditation, to ascend the mind. For that very reason, in Dhyana-Mano-Prasthan, what we are doing. It (Change) happens naturally and I am not denying it. If so, did anyone benefit from it until now? We have to say, "No" only. That is something that happens naturally. The usual process that is present in the Nature, in the specific circumstances, through practice when we go to higher state, when we acquire the state of ascension, when we acquire that feeling, you can touch the Cosmic Energy, which is pervaded all over the Universe at the level of Universal Soul. Thereby, opportunity shall be caused to lead the life blissfully.

            People talk of ups and downs in life, many people who come here say, "We have all troubles only; you only have to see". There is nothing wrong in that. If so, please underline the point – "All Troubles only". There is no chance for the presence of only troubles. Because, when we had comforts before that, did we tell? Did we tell when something good happened? Only when there is difficulty, we go and talk to God, or Guru, or someone else, or something else is happening. It is indeed good; I don’t deny it. When there is difficulty only, we have to support and console them. If so, after getting over the difficulty – after the completion of that work, they have to at least think for sure. Is there a need to think or not? "How did I face difficulties? How did Guruji rescue me from that?" – this understanding is necessary. Every human being needs that comprehension. That is required. Comprehension is needed. How is human being getting difficulties, so also, how is human being getting comforts? Everyone should think, "These difficulties and comforts are 'pairs of opposite' for sure. Guruji has told us that they are 'pairs of opposite' long back. So, for the difficulties I am going to face in the future, firmly right from now, through this Dhyana-Mano-Prasthan", by keeping the Mind at a higher level, when we acquire the energy to face that, that difficulty will not cause pain to us". Difficulties will not cause pain. There is no chance for that. Difficulty would come; difficulty would come by itself. If so, we have to acquire the mental strength to digest that, to overcome that, face that. That would be possible only through practice. Like that, constantly, for the sake of knowing that constant truth, either in Dhyana-Mano-Prasthan, or in your own houses, anywhere you wish, if you practice – there is no need to be afraid of any difficulty. So also, when we experience the comfort, you should not think you have experienced something and this is only the life. Matter is 'Pairs of Opposite'. There will be two – comfort and difficulty. When the understanding of this truth is caused to human being, to be happy when experiences joy and to feel pained when he has trouble, will not happen. You have to observe this. The life, which is present, is visibility; it is visible. If so, there are many in this that are not visible. There are many in invisible form. The Life Force, which is present in you, is not visible. Soul is not visible. Jeevatmn is not visible. For these many, which are not visible, this is the basis. The visible body is the basis. Why is this body functioning this way? Jeevatmn, which is the Cosmic Subtle of Universal Soul, will be present in every human being. When we observe, that Universal Energy only enters into the matter, that Universal Energy only becomes the basis for the matter. If we want to live as matter and live the life in the society – Life Force, Bio are necessary. Life is necessary. All these are the elements that have to be observed.

            If so, like this, when you come to Guru, after expressing only difficulties, after that to forget, again to come back when there is a difficulty and say, "I came some time back when I had a difficulty and you have solved it; I have come again with this difficulty"; that means I am being used as a job application. I am not saying that it is wrong to ask when you have a difficulty but, you are forgetting it after getting over it. That is not I want. I will do how many ever times you ask. Usage, aim of life, intention of life is not that. Change has to come in you right from the roots. That change has to come. What should I do when I am in these kinds of situations, and when the change that “I will practice constantly”, if that awareness starts in you – I will take it to the level it has to be taken to. You are remembering only when you are getting difficulty – I am saying that it should be present constantly. I am asking you to know the truth that is present in you constantly. Since the element of Universe, which is present in you constantly, is present in the body – I am asking you to try to know the constancy of the truth in that. Like this, passing the time, becoming serious only when you get a problem – will not be considered as practice. When uncomfortable circumstances come in your life, that day you practice meditation with fear and devotion with discipline someway for 10 minutes. You pray, "Guruji! Somehow protect me". That’s it! The books, which were never touched – the photos, which were never touched – would be touched that day – and reading of a page diligently too would happen. Again, to store the books and worship them – this is what happens. I am indeed seeing all these. When there is a kind of fear in the mind, when there is a difficulty, or when you think that you have come out of a danger, on that particular day to think with a lot of compassion and love, and in the manner “you are only me and I am only you” – again from the next day to say, "I am unable to practice meditation; I am very busy; time is being consumed by the daily activities – how can practice meditation?". Again when you face difficulty, you say, "Guruji! I will practice meditation; I will do whatever you say; I will listen to whatever you say – but, if you only practice that meditation, it would be good because, Mind is not behaving like a Mind; if you only take hold of that mind and if you only practice meditation, I will be peaceful". You only have to think. For every system, religion says some or the other thing; it says, "One has to execute these particular activities, have to execute certain functions, this is how the duties would be, certainties would like this; responsibilities would be like this". At present, religion is not saying like that; that is a different thing. If so, what I am saying here is – there is a system called "Practical Philosophy" – "Ascent Dhyana" – this is a mission in which Humanity only is the objective. When one comes into this – there is no chance to be like a very common man. Everyone should try to improve the knowledge. One should try to improve that meditation – and try to know the certainty. Usually, if someone says something, "There should be belief". That is what religion is saying, "There has to be belief; God means, there has to be belief, that’s it; you should not ask whether God eats whatever is offered to him; you have to listen, that’s it!" If so, what I am saying is – I am not asking you to be here with belief blindly. I am asking you to question – question how exactly is this happening. I am asking you to sit in meditation – and I am saying that I will show you what is happening. There are many people who see, and there are indeed many people who speak. How is it happening for all of them? What I want is not a temporary basis like a job application – this is not an entity in which one comes for job, a job is given and he goes back does his job. Here, change has to come. Constantly, one has to change as human being – as human being having humanity, should move forward in the angle of Compassion. When such thing happens with some people, that is when Compassionate Society appears. Just like job application – to come here, take blessings from Guruji, and to think, "I am wonderful now" – and when asked next day, they say, "What good; it is as it was, there is no change". That is not the way. In a stable well-planned manner, through constant practice of meditation, for the sake of knowing that constant truth, for the sake of understanding of that truth – this is very much needed. In this, for human being, understanding is very much needed. By the time one tries to know what is happening only, life would pass by.

            Newly married couple wants a child immediately – after the birth of a child, they ask, "In which school should I get her/him admitted, what is the name should I give her/him, when should I name her/him", and it is indeed good if I see if there is change in them at least at that point of time. Then they would ask, "We have admitted the child in school but, memory power is not that good; if there is good memory power, she/he would read very well". Alright! I have enhanced the memory power. There is some improvement. When I say, "Practice meditation regularly, I will see into it", they would say, "Don’t ask that one sir, he is your child only sir, we have married because of you only sir, whatever you told only has happened Guruji". Alright! Child has grown up to some extent. They would again ask, "He has entered 10th class Guruji; he is saying he is unable to remember anything; he has to pass anyhow; you do something and ensure that he passes". Here, as Practical Philosophy, he has some brain – after feeding systematically into it, it has to be reproduced properly in exam. I think that is what exam is. One should read – understand – and reproduce it. This capability – tell me how different it would be for me to increase it and for that individual to increase it by himself/herself. Of course, for necessity, that can also be done. But, it is not possible for everyone like that. After 10th class, immediately – "In which college should I admit my son?" Should I admit in the college that is beside our house, behind our house, or that which is in that town? After that, "He is writing EAMCET Guruji! He should get a very good rank". Son is not studying well but, should get a good EAMCET rank. They would say, "You do it somehow but, rank should be a good one". After getting the rank, "Should I join him in the college nearby the house, or that which is at a far off place, or should I send him to other countries like USA?" That’s alright? Until now, did you ever tell your son to practice meditation? There is a method like this. There is something called Religious Humanism – we are doing all these activities like a Sphoorthi Family – in the human society, every religion is saying something but, did you ever preach your son about our method? Did you ever tell them to practice meditation? Did you ever tell them to practice Pranayama? Did you ever explain them its value? How is that happening? What is the use with this? How is your life going to be? You are a separate entity. You have a brain. Did you make your children understand about this; you think once. Well then, did you think? Telling to children and making them to do is a secondary thing – did you first do? You also think about this once. After that, "Guruji! Son is done with studies, he should get a very good job, and salary should be in lakhs. I don’t know what you would do – it's your wish”. That is also a responsibility. He has acquired some job somewhere. He is good. "Guruji! His life is going just like that; why should not we get him married?" Now, search for a good girl, or a good boy (for daughters). Both the sides, it is same indeed. After the marriage, let us suppose, there are some differences. Guruji! This is the marriage you have done only; both of them are doing like this. As far as human being is concerned, some ups and downs, adjustments, since they have mind and body separately – if they understand this, they will not speak like this. You have only done our marriage – somehow we want children now. You only do whatever you want to do. Entire responsibility is yours only. They come here, usually they say like this. After the birth of children, again naming them, their schooling, and other things – finally, they come to me and say, "Guruji! I have experienced only problems in my entire life; I have to see the end of my life; never have I experienced joy in my entire life; my knees are not functioning properly; I just want to lead my life seeing my kids but, I am not able to hold my kids and play with them; I am experiencing severe pain in my waist". Did you notice! Without knowledge only, transformation indeed happens in our body constantly. After the formation once, it has to reach the end. That means, something which is in microcosmic state has to take macrocosmic state. That is what is present in the Mother Nature; that is what is present in the Universe too. There is a journey from microcosm to macrocosm, and returns from macrocosm to microcosm. This is the principle, theory present in the Universe. Understand this. That is what happens in the life too. That which is in the microcosmic state, right from egg reaching the state of embryo, after the formation of body as Immense Ovum, in the state of dilapidation, Life Force to merge with the Mother Nature, and this merges with the Vital Elements.

            This is life. The lifetime, with various desires, by executing this entire affair – when shall we know then? There is no chance to know in the childhood – in the adolescent age we do not listen to anybody's words for sure, that is different thing – after that marriage, wife, children, their studies and time would be sufficient for these only – when should one know about the Ascent Dhyana that happens in Dhyana-Mano-Prasthan? When should one know about Humanity, human being? When should one know about Compassion? When should we establish Viswa Sphoorthi Compassionate Society? Think once. Time passes constantly. Everything passes by. We religiously attend some programs we think. If so, when it comes to meditation – many reasons like, body did not cooperate, or mind is not in a good state. Well then, suppose I have given everything – would they practice meditation? They would say, "Sir! It is very comfortable now; how if I close the eyes and sit; I have to enjoy; you have given everything; everything is comfortable; if I close the eyes and sit, when should I enjoy – when should I share that bliss with these senses?" When there is a difficulty you said, "Who would do all these duties and responsibilities?" – and after giving comfort you are saying, "I have to enjoy, how can I close my eyes now". Then when should one practice? This is something you yourself question. Question yourself. Because, when you question only, there would be beginning for change. If you don’t question – there is no chance for change. We would remain just like that. For that very reason, I gave an example little while ago – when stream of water passes from a higher level to a lower level, by building an anicut to that with the help of human intelligence, we can use that water for various purposes. So also, in the journey of life – if we can continue this Dhyana-Mano-Prasthan, there would be a chance to develop to higher state in stages. When the mind itself is changing into a better one, when that mind itself goes beyond senses, everything in the body (Metabolism, Anabolism, and Catabolism), whatever you take, happens purely. It would be in the direction of ascension. There is no chance for problem anywhere. But, think why this is being disregarded. It is in front of our eyes; there is concept; we have taken the explanation here in Dhyana-Mano-Prasthan, we have understood, we are asking you to take the mind to the higher state but, nobody is asking for your plots, or your properties, for sure, if you want all these. I don’t have passion over them and I don’t have anybody near or dear to me. Of course, if seen at the position of compassion – everyone is my own only. That is a different matter. If so, nobody is asking anything here, there is no need to spend anything but, we are wishing only for change. What I am asking you to do is, to tell few other people the result you get because of this Ascent Meditation. You may say, "I have indeed understood very well Guruji, how should I tell to others? If I tell, they may think something else. I am shy of showing even the picture to lot of people because they may think something else and laugh at me". What do they know? This is neither a blind belief nor a blind practice. Try to understand the truth that is happening as certainty here. When the situation is like this, I do not understand why you are hesitating to tell others about the result we have obtained here. We have benefited, let the others also get the benefit because there are many needy people whose, these kinds of, needs have to be fulfilled. Some people who know are coming here but, what about the people who do not know. In my view, it has to reach everyone. Only then, compassionate society will be established. There is energy to give to any number of people. I am indeed doing whatever anyone may ask at anytime. Once I give a promise, I will never miss it in these circumstances. Many people know that in this premise of Vishwa Chaitanya. Once I promise something, this Earth – human beings – society, wherever the individual may be, in whichever corner he/she may be hidden, I am available for them at that point of time and doing whatever I could & should, and they are enjoying that result. Not only this, if they go to Moon also, if they have family life there also, and if there is a problem also, I can go there also and do there also; I can go to any part of this universe. This is (I am) not limited to just the Earth. For that very reason, I have told in various speeches. I am not an individual of this era. I have been present since then and I will be present forever. This is, just in a period, to be present here in this form but, I am present for crores of years; I will be present for crores of years. For that very reason, I am asking you to know the truth. Whatever is happening now, these spiritual misconceptions only are more. The situation is such that nobody knows what to do. Some people come here and say, "Sir, related to devotion I think of doing something but, cannot do anything; in Bhakti TV they keep saying something, one individual says something and another individual says some other thing; when I change the channel someone in other channel says some other thing; I am being subjected to lot of confusion and I am unable to understand what to do". When I say, "There is Ascent Dhyana here; practice it", how much ever you say, their mind would be there only but, not on this. It is known that it is not good – it is known that it is subjecting to confusion and – when it is known that there is a correct method here, we have to stick on to it. We have to accept the responsibility. We have to, in fact, wish for changes in the body. The change that happens usually is different, and by ourselves with practice of Ascent Dhyana, if we can transform Jeevatmn to the level of Conscience, if spiritualization occurs – there only, in that only there will be a chance for the vision of Soul. Only then there will be chance to have the vision of Divine Soul, Universal Soul, and Supreme Soul. When is this possible? Usually, what people say is – "It is possible only after the death". They say blindly, "Vision of Soul has happened or Soul has to merge with something else, or should merge with God". With what would we know that one has merged with God? Think once, with what is it possible to know. That is what I am asking you to question in this "Practical Philosophy". He is saying one has to merge but, how this individual would know that merger has happened? There should be something, for sure, which makes known. There has to be mind. There has to be mind, for sure, to tell – I have seen such and such thing and come back. When we fly in an airplane, we would be on the ground initially, we would go into air like that to some other destination and come back here on to the land only. Say, we have removed airport on the land – how long would they remain in the space? How long would they be? There is no chance. They have to land even if it is agricultural lands. Sometimes they do land, for sure, but that is a different thing. When there is no chance, they land it like that. Anytime, after going up like that, they indeed have to come down. Through Spiritualization of Mind, in the direction of ascension, we can have the vision of Soul, Divine Soul, and Universal Soul. There will be a chance for you to see at what level I am there. From what level I am clearing your doubts, solving your problems, and in what why I am controlling the etiologies of these diseases – if one wants to see that level, it is possible only through meditation. There is no possible to know if an individual says. It has to happen individually only. Like this, keeping this truth inside constantly, we keep running somewhere else. Many big pundits keep telling, when asked what they are doing, "We are searching for the truth". What is the need of searching the truth? Why should one search for the truth which is present everywhere? By mistake, unknowingly they use this phrase – "Searching for truth". It is understanding but, not searching. Where would we search for the thing which is filled everywhere. There should be understanding of the truth. What is that which is filled everywhere – what is the human being in that – to what level can human being develop – after reaching the highest spiritual state, again through the mind (since mind is the principal for everything), by having the vision of Soul, and by having the vision of Universal Soul, coming back to this body and by performing usual physical activities, to lead a usual life would be as if in the highest state. Not the normal but it would be like in the higher state, there would be higher values, can have a higher feeling, and would get higher results. Through those results, there is chance that the life may change into a wonderful one.

            One has to do like that but, worthless speeches, these Gurus, Babas – whatever are happening are only these. Almost, foolish orthodoxy feelings only are surrounding the society. Even today, the practices of ancient times, blind practices are making human being non-existent (cultureless). Think once if this is needed. Where are we? Who am I? These questions are required. Who am I? Where am I? What could I do on this Earth for some time? What could I achieve? There is no need to think much about what one has achieved. It is enough if we see what we have to achieve. In the same way, if the old standard books only are the standards for us, when should the new society move forward? For new society, there have to be new standards. There is definitely that power, level for human brain to command the new standards. In these kinds of situations, human being has to wish for change. Everyone should think, "I have to change myself". If one wants to change, there has to be understanding. For that very reason, I have written more than thirty books. I have written everything. Even an ignorant, who does not know anything, to change into a knowledgeable person at a higher level, those books are only enough. For that very reason, instead of thinking, "Always Guruji asks me to meditate, I am unable to practice", if you read the books, in the least, you would understand what is what at least to some extent, say around 50%. Even though there is no feeling, if you could acquire knowledge to some extent, in some way as it is said, "Knowledge is only Salvation", in that manner there is a chance to acquire salvation too. It is necessary to know through mind only that you have acquired salvation through knowledge only. When there is such a chance, when I have written these many things in these many books, if you can read at least one page a day, probably, you might have read all these 30 books. I have been writing for some years, and have been giving to you. I have been asking you to read them. But, you are storing them securely in the cupboard and worshipping them. You place the books along with the photo also because, devotion, you know, and there are Guruji's photos in that for sure. That’s why, they keep it there. When one thinks, “Can we touch any time? We are not clean now; we should not touch them today. Can we read them now”? Probably, we should not reach at this time – immediately comes the answer from inside, "Don’t do this; do something else. See TV for some time, get relaxed and go to bazaar for sometime but, don’t read these books". Like that, enormous knowledge, enormous wealth is in that only. It is enough if we read this only. To a larger extent, it elevates your neurons status in the brain. It elevates. When we come to a higher state, we would get better thoughts, would get better feelings, when mind itself transforms into a higher state, where is the chance for it to do wrong deeds? There is no chance to do bad things. There is no chance for us to do wrong things.

            These books and through this Medium Concept, which never happened in the past (I told this numerous times but, since there are new devotees here, since there is a need that they also should know I am telling it again) – I have written in these books and told how this Medium Concept is working. I will be somewhere in a far off place. I keep talking here entering into this individual. Because some people will be confused, I tell sometimes that I am only Vishwa Sphoorthi who is talking here. At least then, they should understand. Many people think, "There is someone else in the picture, here some young individual is sitting, unable to understand anything". For that very reason, I keep saying in the speeches – "I am only Vishwa Sphoorthi; I am only talking". Understand this. Something that never happened in the past, is visible in front of eyes. We cannot deny. Think if you can deny. Then how could I get solutions for problems? When you see all these, when we are experiencing practically, there is need, essentiality to tell about them to others; It came to my mind that it would be good if you accept it as a duty. You have to accept it as a duty because, when there is a change in the lifetime, when I have taken all your problems as duty, you have to accept the duty that, "We have to provide these services to few more people; others have to get the benefits we have got here". Let others know. Give opportunity for others to enjoy the benefits you have enjoyed. Give the opportunity for others to enjoy the feeling you have enjoyed. Let others also enjoy this spiritual status. If you think, "I have only seen; I have only taken blessings there; I don’t know whoever may go anywhere" – there is no place for that in Compassionate society. Everyone is the same. At my level, everyone is equal for me. If you think, "Someone who has come here, or those who are coming to me repeatedly", is very close to me, it is wrong. People who are at far off places, if they ask for help, I will be going and providing that help; even for those who have not seen also. When someone came last time, he said, "We stay very far off from here; they don’t know at all; they don’t believe at all about Gurus and Babas but, nothing we can do, however, they are in life threatening situation", I went there immediately without thinking anything, did whatever I could – now they are happy. But, nobody knows. Only the individual who came to me and said knows. If by mistake, that individual tells that it had happened because of this particular reason – even that individual who had benefited would say, "It had happened somehow"; only this kind of situation will be seen. Here we have direct witness to tell who told what and how it happened. I don’t need praises or something else. At my level, these are very common and don’t need anything else. I don’t need properties; I don’t think that I should be well off, or wish for something else. If so, if a system is established, responsibly that has to be provided to some more people – and that has to be accepted as responsibility; you should think, "I have to inform to more people; I have to cause good understanding in few more people". If you cannot tell, you can ask to read books; you can ask them to come to Dhyanaprasthan.

            If you think, "If Medium comes only, we would get advices and there will be solutions for problems, then it is a mistake only". When I am not there also, many people come to my seat and express their problems and – I am indeed listening all of them. I am indeed listening everything you are saying and giving you the results. Whether the Medium is there or not, whether I am directly present or not, anywhere anytime even if they are present at a far off place from Dhyana-Mano-Prasthan not being able to come, sit with dedication. Sit with dedication and say, "Guruji! This is my situation and I need help" – I will definitely come. I will definitely come – and will show even the proof there. Because I will be at the level of Universal Soul, there is an opportunity to come everywhere and do anything. Since there is an opportunity to do even in very life-threatening conditions, let others know about this. Did this kind of performance happen in the past? Well, indeed not! The understanding connected to that – none of these religions have said or done. This powerful performance wasn’t visible anywhere. I am asking you to understand this. I am asking you to tell few more people. If you can tell like that, if change occurs in the life to some extent – in the same way, there is also understanding required with regard to what questions one should ask when you come to Guruji. What should one ask Guruji? We usually ask about the problem once – say, you have acquired solution for that. I am telling only one thing. This is not the level, state to come all the way and know your problems. If you practice meditation at home constantly – I will directly get the problems and you will get the solutions (advices) directly. Execution of duty keeps on happening. Try to reach this level. There is no need for you to come anywhere. You can save your time with you only. Constantly systematically with devotion and dedication, try to meditate. You submit the question and you will get the answer irrespective of place. Not only here but, anywhere. You can sit in any corner of the Earth – practice meditation for ten minutes – practice this Ascent Meditation. With devotion and dedication – submit the question there, and you will get the answer with immediate effect. There will be no delay at all. You will get the answer, and definitely, you will get it. Those who are acquiring results like this are present in the four corners of Earth. If so, I don’t need to tell all these greatnesses. I don’t need at all. I am asking you to acquire this, which is present. More than that, either to give me or take would not happen. What all I need from you is – spiritualize that mind and submit to me, and that is the only thing I am wishing. Ascend the mind; Spiritualize. Transform the humanity, present in you, as Compassion – and then share that Compassion with me. Submit that to me. Dedicate it completely. This is completely related to you. Submit me like that. I will accept that only blissfully. But, the food you offer me, that thing and this thing, that acceptance is different. What I want is your Spiritualized Mind. More than that, I will not wish for anything else. When it is like this, all the time, day and night – you need not think, "I am asking Guruji in the night – don’t know in what state Guruji would be!" – There would be nothing called state. They call sunrise and sunset; these are the shadow of rotations. That’s it! No 'day' and no 'night'. Some people talk about online all the time – mine will be like that. My energy will be always online only. It will not be stopped. The online you talk of stops now and then when there is no power but, this is not like that. This is evergreen with Cosmic Nature. It will always be present.

            When an occasion comes, when I say like this, you get tremendous motivation. Many people might be thinking now, "Someway I will achieve this once I go home, Guruji! I will not miss the systematic order." Because, the mind goes to a higher level; once you put your leg into this Vishwa Chaitanya Premise, there is no chance for your mind to be at your level; I will take the entire mind to another level. For that very reason, you will be thrilled and excited. Since you will be at high level emotionally, you will say, "See from tomorrow, I will practice continuously". Until you are here, it would be indeed good. after going home, after taking PrasAdam here, if you want to get up tomorrow morning for meditation, you would say, "Body is not cooperating again, Guruji!". It would be indeed very wonderful until you are in this premise. What I am saying is, try to transform your body as this premise". I am saying that I will help you and cooperate. Every "body" should become Dhyana-Mano-Prasthan. This activity has to occur in that. Whatever feeling we are experiencing separately in the premise of Dhyana-Mano-Prasthan, transform every "body" as Dhyana-Mano-Prasthan. Make a beginning for that change. When that body transforms as Dhyana-Mano-Prasthan, when you invite me there, when that mind spiritualizes, when that mind is for the state of ascension, I will sit on that PITham. I will give advises to you. I will give whatever you want. Whenever I am present on that ManO-PITham, there is no chance for you to commit any mistake. Everything would occur correctly only. Causing pain to others, or humiliating others, or to occur in some other way – there is no chance for these kinds of things to happen because it is not you who is in your ManO-PITham but, me. Try to get the same feeling – you get to your mind in this Dhyana-Mano-Prasthan – in your body itself. Attribute this much purity to the body. I will only come and sit there. Not only in Dhyana-Mano-Prasthan, I will be present in your ManO-PITham itself. Whenever you ask anything, I will keep on telling your mind in the way required. I will make you do whatever has to be done. Then the thoughts you get, your feelings, manner of living, life style, life – everything would change. That is the real purpose. Because of getting the life, because we are born as organism in the Mother Nature, for leading the life, purpose for this life would be achieved then. Keeping this aside, if you keep some books and say, "Purity is present for those people and these people" then when would we have that purity? Think once. Someone had purity – they have written in the book. OK, it's alright! We are not going to comment on that. The only thing is – when you are going to start the change. When would you get the change? When would you reach that state? Everyone is equal. Nobody has anything beyond the comprehension in the Nature – all are equal only. When we think that everyone is equal – put efforts for reaching that level. Through Ascent Dhyana, present in this Dhyana-Mano-Prasthan, the status of neurons present in the human being changes – and I have told this in the past itself. We can change the status of neuron itself. By chance, genetically, from the parents, from the viewpoint of Nature and environment – even when these two are with coordination, if they are at certain level, Ascent Dhyana has the power to change the state and condition of neurons. People say, "Neurons has come once – there is no chance to change that neuron". I don’t agree with it. I am changing and showing and that is the only reason for the change occurred in many people. I am saying that, in the future also, we can change the neuron the way we tell, the way we want; we can change their state and condition. Now, you will not understand but, after sometime after this Nano and Biotechnology moves another step forward then you will know what I am doing, what is coming from me, and at that micro level what is happening. You will know in the future. Since there is an opportunity to change the state and condition of neurons also, that’s why don’t leave this Ascent Dhyana. Try to practice it constantly. Try to be happy.

            So also, don’t always say, "We are in difficulties". You will definitely have difficulties; only after that, you would have comforts. These two are "Pairs of Opposite"; try to understand this. When the mind is ascribed this energy in an abundant quantity at a higher level, then when you face difficulty, that will not be seen as such a big difficulty and mind executes it at a very higher level. For that very reason, by trying to practice meditation constantly, with the hope that, to begin the change in your life – you will definitely make some or the other effort at least by listening to some speeches on these kinds of occasions or by reading books, at least from today either in the form of reading books or in the form of understanding the concept of Ascent Dhyana, if you can do it at least to some level, thereafter I will take care of it how to take it forward. You have to come to a certain level.

            When there is examination, there will be an invigilator – that invigilator will not write exam but, just gives the question paper to write the exam; everyone does not write the same thing but, it will be an individual performance only. With the question paper, some take additional sheets to write, some give empty answer sheets, and some would be eagerly waiting to give back the paper given to them without writing anything. That means, it would be at various levels. For that very reason, whatever it is, you have to do to certain level – if you do it to certain extent, then I would take care of taking you from that level to the next level. When that kind of Guru, who can lead you, is in front of you, if you think then you can consider that there is no change at all for this life. A Guru, who is promising to lead, being present in front of eyes, when he is promising to be with you lifetime to lead you, even after that if you still think, you should think there is no change at all for this life. But, there is change, however, we have to start. Change has to come from us. For that, either on these kinds of occasions by listening to speeches, or by reading books, or on special occasions – the seed for that change has to be sown. Usually, when you come whether you ask or not, the seed for that change will definitely go from me to every individual – you have to nourish it – I have given you seed and you have to support and nourish it. Say, we have planted a small plant – what will happen if we leave it like that? You have to water it, pluck the weeds when they grow; that is how you have to grow that plant. When you grow it, that will become a huge tree. I am not wishing for the fruits that are grown on that big tree. I am not asking to offer them. Just give the mind; that’s enough. That too, if you dedicate the mind, which has reached higher levels through Ascent Dhyana – I will accept it joyfully. I will take it with compassion. So, keeping all these things in mind – with the hope that you will think, "Either on special occasions, or at some or the other time, through the Concept that happens through Dhyana-Mano-Prasthan, we have to begin for the change process, some change has to come in us", with the hope that you will implement like that only – by expressing the KArtIka Poornima wishes once again, I am taking leave.

Sphoorthi Oum
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© 2017 Sri Sri Sri Guru Viswa Sphoorthi   All rights reserved.

© 2017 Sri Sri Sri Guru Viswa Sphoorthi   All rights reserved.