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What do the Nine Dimensions in Physical Life, and Spirituality Represent?

Guruji’s Speech Through Medium on Vijaya Dashimi 2nd day of October 2006, Hyderabad, India

            Through this Dhyanaprasthan, and the devotees in their individual houses also have celebrated this festival for nine nights grandly. You are thinking why He is sitting without giving blessings. You have celebrated the festival for nine nights; I have decided today to give blessings of nine types. For all the devotees, volunteers – who have come here for Vijaya Dashami celebrations in this Dhyanaprasthan through ‘Science Universe’ – my blessings with good wishes of Dussehra. With the greetings of this Dashami my blessings relating to nine dimensions I gave nine types of blessings. With wherever I started in the ending again you will get the same blessing. There is very less time. I will talk few words. Dussehra means destruction of ten sins. In the celebration of this Dussehra festivity the ten types of sins, which are practiced through senses, should undergo purification with the mercy of Goddess Mother. It is said that this is only its summary. Puranas, Epics, and other historic books are conveying as different stories. All those are irrelevant now. But what for do you think, about the festivity of nine nights that happen here? There is a reason for that. What I am conducting is Dhyanaprasthan. By means of Dhyanaprasthan I am telling meditation particularly. Some may think what these worships and prayers are for. We have talked about “Divine Nucleus” (The Mother Nucleus). As far as this “Mother Nucleus” is concerned, Universal Energy passes continuously. That changes into Matter as I said in the past. That means, female, which is the ‘female form’ of that ‘Mother Nucleus’, for that very reason you might have seen in my (PiiTham) “seat of honor” also on one side the form of Goddess, and on the other side my photo, to keep in the seat of honor particularly, worshiping the seat of honor, so also when I come through medium to conduct this ‘worshiping Guru’ has been coming as a tradition. Whatever happens here will be relating to meditation only. There is no need other things to happen. Whatever happens here is relating to “Divine Nucleus” only. It belongs to that “Mother Nucleus” only. Whether it be nine days festivity, or the tenth Dashami festivity, it would happen only relating to this seat of honor. Other things that means meditation is as usual only. We celebrate this Vijaya Dashami grandly for nine days, right from the first day of the lunar fortnight (Padyami), until the ninth day of the lunar fortnight (Navami). On the tenth day of the lunar month (Dashami) people either immerse (the idol) or do something else. Until this it is indeed fine. But in some things with the name of community they are proposing caste. In accordance with the caste various entertaining conversations, Bhajans, and other various types are going on. What I am saying on the occasion of this Vijaya Dashami is why is the caste – which is not present for hunger, thirst, wish, breathe, contemplation, mind, thought, intellect, lust, luxury, and disease – for human being? It is the responsibility of all of us to uproot including its main root. With the name of caste, and religion different type of people play different types of politics. It is my opinion that every student, everybody who has thought, and everybody who has interest has the responsibility to eliminate it as far as possible. I am hoping that everyone will be prepared to strive hard for that. We say nine types of dimensions. I can tell you to some extent now, and I will tell you the remaining when it is time. If 1st and 2nd dimensions are thought to be until physical life, 3rd dimension can be seen through digital effects. 4th dimension means one should have good qualities. In 5th dimension one should have good thoughts. In 6th dimension I and Mine should be kept aside. In 7th dimension one should get the feeling of we/us. In 8th dimension should think about others. In 9th dimension should think about everybody. While these dimensions are like this, in the method, which happens through mind and Dhyanaprasthan also, the ascension (of mind) can be said in nine types. Human mind functions until 1st, 2nd and 3rd dimensions. This is sensorium mind. By the time one reaches 4th dimension this sensorium mind, through Dhyanaprasthan, has to be diverted towards meditation. By the time it reaches 5th dimension it is called ‘The Mind of the Moral Sanctity’. Intuitive sense, it has to be taken to that sixth sense. In 6th dimension it is Soul, that same in 7th dimension ‘Divine Soul’. The same when it enters 8th dimension is Universal Soul. This is only said in different ways, as Paramatmn, as the Supreme. But nobody can have the vision of 9th dimension. I am here in 9th dimension today. You may not believe this. I am not asking you to believe. But as I am speaking in 9th dimension today, how is it happening? When 6th dimension appears after that it is Divine Soul; one can have its vision in space. Once you reach the level of this Divine Soul, there will not be need of primordial elements for soul. Because once the sensorium mind, which is formed by primordial elements, reaches that level then complete energy appears. People say that mind travels. Spiritualized mind travels. It can go until Mother Nucleus and come back. By the time it comes to the level of Divine Soul, that mind travels. The temperature, heat, and the cold air which are present on this earth will function only to some extent. Once you go up above the surface of the earth there will be increases and decreases of temperatures. If you go some more distance in space there will be some more changes. The rocket made by the human being, or anything else can go only to some extent. It can go until some or the planet only. But mind goes beyond these. It doesn’t care the heat of Sun also. This spiritualized mind, will go in front of the heat of the sun also. You may think that how am I able to say this. I travel crores of kilometers daily. Not thousands or lakhs but I travel crores of kilometers daily. You may think I say all these for my greatness (fame). I am not saying this for my greatness or fame. I am making you known. Try to know about yourself. Keep aside these blind beliefs. Keep aside this caste and religion. What is there in everybody is the same. All are equal only. When that it so, why these differences, just think once. In whatever you have, try to do good for others. In whatever you know, try to preach good to others. When this mind goes from one level to other level through “meditation” then it doesn’t need temperatures, primordial elements, food and sleep. I told you a while ago by the time you reach 9th dimension you should start thinking of everybody. So also people say that the journey of this mind is also 9th dimension. To such state means, from the state of conscience, to soul itself it may not be possible for human beings but, people outside say many different ways about soul, Supreme Soul. I have written everything about these in the books. Those interested can read them, and describe about them. You may say, “But what is the proof that you have come in 9th dimension today”? I will make you known about it very soon. Today I am speaking through “medium”. When you meditate I am visibly appearing there, speaking. I am visible, speaking in system. There are many evidences. If you need evidences and proofs for these you should have patience for sometime. You can know that how I am travelling, entering the medium, and able to speak. I enter the body of the medium in the form of a small light that too in very less time (nano second). In that short span of time only I enter, and speak.

            Time is very less. Now if anybody wants to speak about either Vijaya Dashami or festivity of nine nights or anything else, they can come and speak to the extent they know. The next thing is you have started ‘Diiksha’ (Initiation). Whether it is 9 days or 72 days, in the coming time I am wishing you should continue this 9 days ‘initiation’. That means not from the point of ‘initiation’ but, if you can show some diligence with regard to the decisions you have taken, and food habits, hoping that you will continue the same food habits I am taking leave.

Sphoorthi Oum
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© 2017 Sri Sri Sri Guru Viswa Sphoorthi   All rights reserved.