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If Your Cameras are Such Powerful That They can Capture one Nanosecond (one Billionth i.e., one in Hundred Crores) Period of Time Then it is Possible for you to see how I Enter and Exit the Medium's Body, says Guruji

Guruji’s Speech Through Medium on Ugadi (Telugu New Year), the 30th day of March 2006, Bandlaguda, Hyderabad, India

            Best wishes to all of you. Blessings to all of you. Can we meditate for 5 minutes? All of you sit in your own places and start meditation.

            Ugadi greetings for all the devotees, pundits. Actually I thought of not speaking today. But after seeing your enthusiasm I thought of speaking for 5 or 10 minutes. In the past also we have talked, saying good bye to the last year, and welcoming the New Year once again Ugadi greetings for all of you. Ugadi is the beginning for time and age (era). To celebrate this festival on (Padyami) the first day of lunar month of Chaitra (the first Telugu lunar month corresponding to March/April) has been coming as a tradition since 4th century. In this 60 spring times this is one spring time. All the Pundits together based on the conditions of these planets, based on their movement, by calculating inauspicious time of the day, evil moment (inauspicious time), and Rahu (name of the eighth planet) they prepare the Hindu almanac. This is being referred to as Telugu year.

            This Telugu New Year had been coming in March – April as tradition from time immemorial. According to this almanac they decide the horoscopes of the individuals so also auspicious times fixed for ceremonies by making some calculations. While Pundits are doing by using numerous calculations, according to my calculations there will be something else. This year is being considered as business year. This year business would be good only. So also agriculture will also be all right. It will be in an odd way for handicrafts. Rains will be heavy. Heat will be extreme. It may be good to a greater extent for these contractors, and other sectors like service industry, labor sector, and agricultural sector. As for politics, I do not want to go into their affairs. So also according to my calculations this year is the year of meditation. I am planting the seed today. You might be thinking that the worship, which has been conducted today, is Guru Puja or Individual worship. But the worship happened for the source. People speak of creation, creator. All that is a different thing. Today’s worship has been done for the source. We have been talking since a longtime that by 2011, 2012, 2013 this meditation will reach a certain level. There will be flower in tree only, unripe fruit will be in flower only, ripened fruit will be in the unripe fruit only, and seed will be in the ripened fruit. In this seed there will be sprout again. That everything repeats again in the usual course. So also huge tree will be in the sprout itself. If it is sowed only anything can be achieved. For that very reason I have sown the seed for meditation today. For that very reason I am saying from this year it is the “year of meditation”. You can think this year as anything, may be business year or anything else. According to my calculations the worship that happened here, and the program that is been conducted here is prelude for meditation. I have sown a seed. But to what extent will you take that seed is in your hands only. Only until to tell is my duty, either to practice or not to practice is in your hands. All of you know about my concept i.e. Asana – Pranayama –Dhyana. We have conducted. We are conducting numerous introductory meetings, medical camps about this. We are also celebrating many programs like this. All of you, to stop all your works, and to come to these programs has been happening. In accompaniment to this I am hoping that you will take this mind to a certain level through meditation. Every year it has been happening in a usual course only. I am writing books and telling about meditation but, if you can bring at least some change then this mind can be taken to a certain level through this meditation. Mind means, as I told you before, feeling with thought. It is the mind which experiences restlessness – peace, comfort – trouble, good – bad, sorrow – happiness. That which causes good and bad is mind, that which causes love is mind, that which says “no” is mind, that which rejects is mind, for everything mind is only the basis. This mind does good, bad, tells “no”, asks to come, asks to go, and says it wants. After that it pushes to a corner. This is so far as physical life is concerned. But by the time it comes to spirituality mind has to be made devoid of thoughts. If the mind has to be made thoughtless then firstly we should be in a proper way. Our thoughts should be steady. Our style, behavior, discipline and in all other matters if we are shaped in a principled manner then we can make the mind thoughtless. It has to be made as the intuitional mind. This mind has to be made beyond the comprehension of the senses. Mind needs self-control. If this is needed then some ways (methods) have to be followed. Meditation is happening in many centers. We are talking once in every 15 days. Again it is happening as usual. But at least to some extent according to time punctually if you divert this mind towards yoga, meditation then I am promising you all that I can take it until intuitional sense. Everyone has human birth. No sooner they are getting human birth they are feeling thrilled. It is being said that human birth is only the best of all the births. All are thinking that this is the last birth occurred in the creation because of mercy of God. Probably this may only be the last one. When that is so, being thrilled because of acquiring human birth, it should be molded in a good way in suitability to it. You take the example of creeper of bottle guard, if that is left haphazardly then it intertwines with tree. If that intertwines in an orderly fashion (on a canopy) then it creeps in a systematic way. It gives results in suitability to that. It is the same in any thing. For example: take cricket, in this game if the players and the umpire becomes one then how would be the game to watch? Everybody should have their own role. It should be in an orderly manner. For that very reason this mind has to be taken to a certain level through this meditation. For that yoga will be very much needed. We are conducting many practice camps. People are coming from far off places. Mr. Pratap Reddy is coming from Nagpur, and you are conducting it for three days. You are doing for one day and after as usual you are forgetting. But if there is continuity there is nothing which cannot be achieved. I have written “The Human – Religion”. Is God first or human being first means, God is the creation of the human being having been afraid of nature. Many people say that after the development of intelligence only these temples, Gods, Goddesses, have emerged for the human being. What about the God before that, is a question mark. This religion is also coming with the human being only. We are talking about caste and religion; I have written about these thoroughly in the book. Read page 8, 9 in “The Human – Religion”. I have written how should be everyone whether it is a king, government, parents, children, or Gods. You should not think otherwise that I am speaking about caste and religion on this Ugadi. Since it is an appropriate time I told about them. I have suggested some things in page 92, 93 and I feel it would be better if some people follow them.

            To tell all of them now is time consuming process. Since there is less time I am giving you page numbers (8, 9, 92, and 93) because to read completely may be troubling for some. For that very reason, I have given you four pages. In that you can see briefly to some extent that actually what is this? For what are these happening? Is God present or absent? Belief is different and reality is different. It is not necessary to believe whatever you see, and everything which is believed is not the truth. It would be good if anyone of you can come forward and speak about Ugadi. Every time if it is only my speech then it may be boring for you for sure! Any one of you come and speak about Ugadi or who are celebrating these festivals and others? Why are they celebrating? For the uplift of whom? Why did we create all these? Every one of you observe that what for are these society, and restrictions? You are going to temple. I am not finding fault with that. You are fulfilling the vows and offering the coconuts, everything is happening according to a process. But everyone by themselves should self-examine that to what extent is there reality in that. Because what is happening here today is not some individual worship or worship to Guru but, the worship has happened for the source. Today I have come in last spiritual dimension. Since all of you do not know if you get sixth sense (intuitional sense) to some extent, if you can take to that level then you can observe that in what dimension I have come and how am I doing all these. I had told you earlier itself that if your digital camera can capture the time period of nanosecond then you can notice the process of my arrival and departure. I am physically present somewhere else and doing this everything means I am making both time and distance zero. I can do this only if the time and distance are zero. For example take light. I told recently in Karimnagar also, in one experiment light is called “matter”; in another experiment it is called “waves”. Which one is correct? Only who had discovered should know. None who sees know. It is said that the light from the sun to reach the earth takes approximately 7.8 minutes. So also the distance of one light year is 946,050 crores of kilometers. This is called one light year. When it is taking 7.8 minutes for the light from the sun to reach the earth, the light we are seeing at any point of time is of the past which means we are seeing what had happened. We are able to see the light which had started 8 minutes back. Some scientists thought that there is nothing which travels faster than light but, some in them only had prepared a machine called “time machine” like supersonic. That also could not travel faster than light, because even though it is made it will be with matter only. In that there will be molecules, atoms like that only. Electrons cannot continue their journey exceeding matter. Their journey will be less than that only. Then great persons and yogis told that, there is one thing which travels faster than light, and that itself is mind. This can go beyond the universe and come back just like that. If a rocket has to be sent into the space then a lot of practice, hard work is needed. But yogis are saying that our mind can go and come back without the need of any instrument. If an airplane has to fly and come back then the runway should be in a correct way, there should be pilot, and climate should be favorable, if all these are correct only airplane flies into the sky, reaches its destination, and lands. If everything is correct only there will be taking off and landing of the airplane. But how would taking off and landing occur for mind? How can mind take off and come back? It is said that mind can go and come back, when the body is here, and many said that the path for that is meditation. Meditation means “physical meditation” will not be useful for this. This “physical meditation” will be useful only to decrease your tensions and to overcome stress in daily life. Through Cosmic Energy (Universal Energy), mind can be taken beyond the universe. For that meditation is only the weapon, a path. For that Guru is compulsorily needed. Spiritually not only me, approach complete Guru, it may be anybody. Because of that you should know the relationship for soul and Supreme Soul. Today many are in currency as Babas, Swamis as the representatives of God. Some others are becoming their slaves. They are saying that only they know about this Supreme Soul. An individual who is oppressed by karma cannot show way to another who is oppressed by karma. They are also in the human form only. Can a blind show way to another blind. Based on that point, every one of you question yourself that can a person oppressed by karma show way to another person oppressed by karma. Everybody should know the awareness of the ‘Supreme Soul’. Soul is present in everything. People talk of Jeevatmn (individual soul), evil spirit (soul), and elemental spirit, where in creation is the component relating to this soul? Is it in the nature? Or body? Or intellect? Where is this component relating to soul? People are saying in many different ways, they are publicizing many different things. They are also saying, “I will show you God, for you this is only the path for liberation, salvation”, and we are believing. Is God in Maya? God is all-independent. When He is all-independent He is beyond Maya. Then how can God, Goddess be useful for the human being? Think about this once. It is said that human birth can give birth for divinity. When human birth can give birth to divinity then can God come to the rescue of human being? Some are saying that divinity is not somewhere else, human being itself is God. Some others are saying that they would show the God and eliminate the sins. There will be concession in that. If you offer 100 coconuts there will be one type of concession and if you offer 10 coconuts another type of concession. Alright the upper class and the middle class are living happily only. But there are many in the lower class and below the poverty line. Don’t these people have anything to do with God? Does God have nothing to do with the karma of these people? What should happen to their life? There are people in lower class than the lower class. Who will take care of them? What is the answer for all these? First learn about soul that would it be? In what form would it be? What is its shape? I have written in my books, “Soul, where is your address?” At last I have to talk of the matter written in my own books. It has become inevitable. If you can allot at least some time to this book reading then, in the introductory meetings, you can also answer some of the questions I asked today. You can make-known some people. It is not limited only to books, is it! I have written ‘Soul - where is your address, and Human – Religion’, because people are saying in many ways, and making the human beings victims of the blind beliefs. I am feeling pained as there has been no change seen in the human being even after entering into the 20th century. It is unnecessary for me if there is such thing called “spirit” or not. In 1969 some people came to me. I have written this also in the book. In 1969 a businessman of earthen pots, Guravaiah who went to buy the earthen pots, and the family members of Guravaiah to come to me, that boy as no sooner he came to me to struggle with trouble and another individual in that boy to talk, then when enquired, to come to know that it was the spirit which was present in that boy’s body; actually are all these present? If I keep saying all these kinds of stories with me then it would become a big book only. So also if it is thought, ‘does God exist’, it will be a question mark only. It is said that human being had only created God. But creator had only created the human being. Actually who are you? Everyone should take note of that without knowing who you are, it is incorrect to question about them. Human being if he has to understand anything uses senses. Body if also formed of air, water, fire, vacuum and earth, the primordial elements only. So this human body, which is formed by the primordial elements, is also a very great (noble) one, because the uniqueness, which is not present for any organism in this creation, is present for the human being. The same is as far as the physical life is concerned the mind which is formed by means of senses; if this mind through meditation can be taken to a certain level then being born this human birth would be justified and the purpose can be achieved. Only then is the completeness. Human being should become learned person always, should have the material knowledge. So also if one studies then he gets the scientific knowledge, divinity can be achieved through meditation. Approaching Guru, human being should always desire to become a learned person. Children will be good if you show some love. But if authority, arrogance is shown then human being will become demon. Harshness will be in place of love. You should observe is it society? Parents? Guru, or something else the cause. Every year New Years are coming, and we are celebrating them. You should reflect that what have you done in the last year? What else has to be achieved? Did you leave anything unfinished? The same I happened to say on the 1st day of January also. I thought few of you would come forward and make-known the decisions you are taking in suitability to the New Year but, none did that. I asked even on 1st January but, none did then too. Alright leave that because that is English New Year but, today it is the beginning of the Telugu New Year. This is of Telugu people. Telugu is your Mother Tongue so, according to this every one of you should question yourself that what you are going to do. To what extent can you do good to the society? If you think ‘my family’ then that is a different thing. If you think “our” then every one of you can bring change to some extent. Today I also thought of starting an activity here. Anyways we are providing education here. So also I thought of giving a tricycle for a handicapped. That activity could not happen today due to some inevitable reasons. Alright let us keep that thing aside. My duty is only to tell; you are the people who have to do. I am also thinking another activity on the coming 1st day of May. All of you know the specialty of that day. In the view of that day I am thinking to start “Initiation Program” (Diiksha) for nine days. But I need the acceptance of all of you. My decision is alright but, if you also convey your decision then we can start on 23rd, 24th April so that on 1st day of May it would be the 9th day. That is your wish. Practicing meditation morning and evening, you can continue with your regular activities in the remaining time. My method is not 9 days white dress, and wearing some garland compulsory. You have to meditate for 9 days and sleep on the floor. I did not give this opportunity for females. Children below 11 years can do it if they are interested. All the gents can do. I am planning to close it by 1st day of May. You can take any kind of food. It will be better if you don’t take non-vegetarian type of food. You think over, it depends on your decision also. I have said my decision. If that cycle also has come today then it would have been very enthusiastic and happy. I thought of speaking more suitably. All of you seem to be in tension as if I am speaking seriously but, nothing like that. I am enthusiastic only but, to some extent there will be, for sure, some deficiency that I cold not do the activity I wanted to do. I thought of supporting that boy. I thought of putting some efforts as my part. That did not happen. Alright similar to better luck next time, let us see if any one of you would close this activity on May 1st. You can see the pain I have in my books I have written. You can see in my writings that how much anguish I am feeling, for whom is this anguish? For what is this anguish? Performing through this medium, I being staying at a far off place, speaking there directly and here in indirect way unconcerned with time and distance, travelling alone and performing in many different places simultaneously I am grieving for the sake of all of you. Whatever I have achieved, earned, of course not property and possessions, this yoga, meditation I am giving it to you only. Of course I have given property and possessions also. If you also reach a certain level through this meditation then the feeling of “bliss” I would obtain, is beyond description. I have written that also. Prana, mind, sorrow, joy, bliss, intellect, these are the feelings which are experienced by everybody both younger elder at some or the other time of the life; so also in some things female and male bliss, and the bliss obtained by either elders or children when they get more marks or distinction or state 1st rank is another type. Like this bliss is of many types. So also the bliss I obtain also will be in that (higher) level only but, not in this (lower) level. As far as possible if you can read “The Expressions”, so also “The Ascension of Mind”, “The Human – Religion”, and “In Place of Democracy” then you can understand my thoughts just like this. Then there will be no need of sitting together and conducting meetings, and clapping hands. There are many books of mine like “The Narrations”, “The Chat”, “The Bits” and others, if you cannot read all these read at least “The Expressions”, “The Ascension of Mind”, “The Human – Religion”, and “The Ascension of Mind Through Meditation” like this read four or five books then you will know what my feelings are. Mind means “feeling with thought” and feeling means “sensation of the neurons”. The brain, entire nervous system will be with neurons only. Sensorium is the chemical change that occurs in the brain due to the reaction of neurons to the feeling (action) of senses. That means the performance of karma happens according to action (feeling) and reaction only. Consequence will be according to that only. Let it be anything this nature, surroundings, circumstances, sensorium, brain, feeling, thought, intellect, action, consequence like this, this entire process will be like a circle. If you can read the aforesaid four or five books then you can know what exactly my feelings are. If you feel that I am speaking the same old thing even today on the occasion of the festival also, we can discuss some other subject. If you can ask a question I will answer that. Already we are doing about “Human Life” in the center; I can speak about that subject if you think there is time. That’s alright. If anybody of you want to speak anything you know about Ugadi then you can do so. Any volunteer can come forward and speak in 1 or 2 minutes briefly about how you are thinking of taking our concept forward. So also you can make-known suggestions and advices if any. According to that if I have to make any changes I will think. Today something is seen here, what is that? Life-size photo, is it mine? There are producers and director for it. Mr. Rajendra and Media Prasad are the producers for it. The director is Mr. Malleshwar Rao because he worked hard. “Give a round of applause”, because there should be spirit. If there is that encouragement only then the enthusiasm leaps. You can become 20 in 60s also. Today although I am in 60s also my age seems like 15, 20 years. Mind has nothing to do with age. Body has to do with age. Since there is body only there is this Prana, mind, intellect or something else. Since that is present only we are able to speak and do all these things. After death something combines but none is sure what it is, because can you see your body? With the eyes none can see their own body also. How can they see the remaining things? Something combines in the earth. That which combines in earth is body only but, to talk like this during the living period and to be like this because of the body, to be healthy, there is something what is it? After the body combines with the earth that should merge with the primordial elements, is it spirit or soul? Or is it something else? Our ancestors are saying that that which leaves the body is our soul. But what I am saying is mind, if it has to reach the level of soul and Supreme Soul, so far as this soul is concerned the Jeevatmn is the utmost microcosm of this Universal Energy. There is energy in the atom. So also the diamond, which is the basic element of carbon, is also in the mud only. It is said that mud itself is the jewel. If we take it out, grind, and carve then its value is crores. So also as far as these senses are concerned, only experience is caused for anybody. If so what the sixth sense gives is feeling. Experience + feeling = The Mind of the Moral Sanctity. If you can take your mind at least until the intuitional sense (sixth sense) then as a Guru I will do the rest. The human efforts should happen until then. That Maya should be known. This is Maya. But Mithya (falsehood)? Where are we? Are we in air? Are we on earth? Are we in the sky? Are we in the universe? Are we in the space? This has to be known. Until those layers are separated Guru is not needed for you spiritually. Practice physical meditation until you reach the level of sixth sense. After that comes Guru. Even before that the need of Guru will be there but, human efforts are needed. If you can do until then, the attachment present here should be cut. The relation present here should be cut. If you are still attached then that means you still have thoughts. Whether it is negative, or positive, or let it be something else, if the link present physically is cut and only if you go ahead a step spiritually then it is like “change of dimension”. Dimensions means it is a different thing. Usually mind, conscience, Divine Soul, Universal Soul, Supreme Soul, all these are relating to soul. If you think, “Why we need this; He says something, it is unnecessary for us”, then close with this. It is unnecessary for me to tell also if you think it is unnecessary. If you think, “Let us change, let us know, to what extent is this human life beyond the physical life, let us see spiritually also’, then you can step this side wholeheartedly. You should not come for name sake, because I am forcing you, or somebody else your friend, or neighbor, or brother, or your relative is forcing you; you should not come to “Dhyanaprasthan” like that. That also I am telling you beforehand only. This also I said earlier only. We talked that that which travels faster than light is mind. If it has to travel faster than light then time and distance have to be made zero. Only if they are made zero we can go beyond the universe. Thoughts should decrease. You should not come to Dhyanaprasthan with thoughts in mind. You need not come here with the force of somebody. I told you that I have sown the seed of meditation today. So far as meditation is concerned you have to put human efforts. Once you come here you will be successful in the first attempt only. Having come here if you don’t succeed in the first attempt itself then you can ask me. For that purity and dedication is very important. Efforts means if you come and just close your eyes it is not considered as meditation. Go in the method of yoga, breathing, meditation and put your first step inside Dhyanaprasthan. Recently many people are coming. Answer to the question so also to suggest a way for solution if they have any problem. I am doing all these process being present else where physically. They are doing jobs. Because of whom is all these, if they observe then they will know that who is behind all these, who led this. I am writing some more books. If you can read at least 3, 4 books I told you then it would be better. For me to come all the time, to conduct meeting is not possible. There is lot of subject. There is no need to tell it here only. I have written about everything. Read carefully with observation. Some are saying that they are not understanding some books. Read the books twice or thrice if not once whenever you are free. Then you will know about it. Can we arrange the tricycle at least for May 1st? That is your decision, think over it. You should not fast and keep your stomachs empty, because I have asked for “Diiksha”. Take the food stomach full. Practice meditation both morning and evening. Make sure that the 9th day would be the 1st day of May. That is also your wish only. There is no force. That is also only for gents and children below 11 years. There is no opportunity for females. Does anybody want to come and speak about Ugadi or do you think there is less time? Does anybody want to tell about “The Ascension of Mind”? Nobody read “The Ascension of Mind”. Is anybody poking from behind? They will not come but, poke from behind and ask others to go. I will somehow, by hook or crook, make everybody speak on May 1st.

            Alright, hoping that all of you will meditate, hoping that you will read books also – only hoping for everything – I am taking leave.

Sphoorthi Oum
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© 2017 Sri Sri Sri Guru Viswa Sphoorthi   All rights reserved.