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Sphoorthi Oum...         Oum Maa Viswa Roope Shakthi Roope Viswa Sphoorthi Gurave Namaha

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What do "Sphoorthi Oum", and Guruji's MUla (Principal) Mantra, "Om Maa Viswa Roopea Shakti Roopea Viswa Sphoorthi Guruve Namaha", Stand for?

Guruji’s Speech Through Medium On Sphoorthi Poornima, the 11th day of July 2006, Bandlaguda, Hyderabad, India

            On the occasion of this Sphoorthi Poornima my blessings to those associated with ‘Science Universe’, who are conducting this program, to the devotees who are attending the event, to the volunteers, to the Veda pundits who have welcomed me with purnakumbham (ornamental jar filled with water used in welcoming ceremonies) and to these pundits who performed Aposana (prayer) of Vedas.

            Sphoorthi Om. Like how the sprout comes out from the seed, like how that sprout changes into a big tree, the great tree which has turned like that gives shadow, gives wood, gives firewood, will be useful in many other ways. It takes the carbondioxide, which we leave and gives us good shadow. How that great tree, which has come from that seed, is being useful for everyone the same way is this Sphoorthi Om will become joy giving for every one. Anytime greet each other with this phrase “Sphoorthi Om” and see that the harshness, foolishness in you will be eliminated, and how much ever pain you may be present in when you greet with “Sphoorthi Om” you can see friendliness in others and becomes joy giving. That great power is present in that ‘Sphoorthi Om’.

            “Om Maa Viswa Roopea Shakti Roopea Viswa Sphoorthi Guruve Namaha”

            “Om”, the sacred syllable is a mystic syllable forming a mantra, monosyllable, and Mantra syllable. This starts at the navel point and purifies the nervous system. Everybody says it is something like origin of creation or something like that; that is a different thing. The sacred syllable consists of monosyllable. It is first syllable in my principal (the most powerful) Mantra. “Maa” means people say it as ‘the Goddess of primordial energy’ (Durga), ‘the great force’, according to me, “Mother”, “Viswa Roopea” means ‘existence in multiple forms’, “Shakti Roopea” means ‘in the form of energy’, “Viswa Sphoorthi” means ‘inspiration to the entire universe itself’, “Guruve Namaha” means Salutations to Guru i.e., Salutations to my Guru Viswa Sphoorthi who possesses the aforementioned various forms and powers and is the divine inspiration (manifested all over the universe) to the entire universe itself. Guru is a guide, one who shows the direction, a pointer (indicator), and one who shows a path. Relating to universe, the entire Energy relating to the “Divine Nucleus”, the energy that I have achieved through the achievement of Jnana, achievement of Yoga, breathe and Prana, I have set forth and made available the entire Energy in that “Mula Mantra” (The Principal (most powerful) Mantra).

            Why I am telling all this is, recently an incident happened. A devotee came to me and after the interview was completed he, started bringing his ear near me. I did not understand. I said “right” indicating him to leave. He was coming even nearer. That means he asked me to give Guru Upadesam (to give religious instruction leading to attainment of salvation). I said only one thing that Guru Upadesam will be of various types. Each Guru has his own method. My method is this. My “principal Mantra” is only one. That is only Guru Mantra. That itself is the “Maha-Mantra” (the greatest of all the Mantras). That itself is relating to the Universal Energy. Relating to this mind and relating to everything is that one only. Meditate that Mantra closing your eyes, dedicating your mind, wholeheartedly, you can see me. Many might have in their mind that I have not come directly. If there is expected response, then even though I don’t come directly in an indirect method you can see me directly. Everyone can see Me here the same form I am in, in the true state. That greatest energy is same for everybody. For me all are equal only. That kind of “Mula Mantra” should be meditated everyday. I said straightforwardly – that instruction of one Mantra for you, and another one for another person is not my way – and sent him. After that also that devotee is coming. Even now he is sitting among you. For that reason since he had asked, I did not tell all these days that how the Energy of this Mantra would be. Everybody is saying it is somewhat long; some are saying it is of two lines. People are thinking in different ways. Even though it is somewhat difficult, as you practice you would start liking. That should be caused anytime. You should not cause difficulty but, should establish liking. This “Mula Mantra” has that kind of power.

            That’s all right I am coming to the actual thing. “Guru Poornima”, Vyasa Poornima is another name for this. Disciples had been celebrating this festivity since ancient times. Number of disciples, devotees in the view of lunar birth date of the saint Vyasa taking into account that auspicious day in the auspicious time of Poornima (full moon day) disciples have been celebrating the festivity of Guru Poornima since ancient time. Guru causes desire for knowledge, creates thirst, and provides knowledge. He gives the power for merging the knowledge that is obtained. Guru is such a highest personality. Guru is one who, eliminates darkness and, fills in light. Guru is one who, eliminates bad and, shows the good. He is the guide. That means life without Guru is ship without a compass needle. For that reason that Guru should be worshipped, meditated. There will be indeed many other ways. That is not our method. Ours is the way of meditation. In my view, in this creation mother is the first Guru. Mother, father. Father is the second Guru. After that only, Guru. Then after that only God (divine). If one reaches to the first level then the second is the, position of Guru. That means Guru will be in the middle position. Whoever it may be in whatever way one may go he has to certainly cross the Guru. That kind of Guru should be perfect (complete). He should know all the things. He should teach the disciples. He should know what they are unaware of. Then only He can be Guru. There are many types of Gurus, physically (in materiality) and spiritually. Physically teachers, lecturers, professors and in many other sectors that means for example coaches who are teaching skating, basketball, tennis, and cricket are also Gurus only. They are Gurus relating only to the physical life. We thought parents as the first Guru. Right from the birth until sometime, children spend their time with the parents only. They spend sometime with teachers in schools, colleges and universities which are considered as temples of education. Physically teachers only, but many various types of professors will be helpful for you to certain age. That is only to certain age. It may be until graduation, post-graduation, may be MS or PhD. They will show the path only to that level. After that they leave you, so that you will stand on your own feet. After that we have to make our own efforts. To what extent we can go; what kind of job we may be getting and how the life would settle down. All these settlement have to be seen. Human life is only to that extent. There is something called spirituality. This is relating to soul. As far as it is concerned to soul there will be spiritual Gurus. Those kinds of Gurus, as I told you a little while ago, you should choose true and complete Gurus. True Gurus will be of different types. By choosing the complete Gurus in their path, if one can walk holding their hands then one can have the vision of everything. One should move forward with efforts. If there is determination one would inevitably get a Guru. I told you a while ago that journey without a Guru is like a ship without a compass needle. One would not know where to go. It would be like a vehicle without an operator. Whether it is truck, airbus, or bus an operator is necessary. Every one of us knows that without that operator how that journey would be; it either collides, falls off, crashes, or catches fire. Like that whatever the sector may be, Guru relating to that sector is needed. For that reason by choosing a Guru spiritually, one should wish, meditate to take the mind to a certain level, because, if the vision of soul has to occur spiritually, if there has to be sprouting then seed has to be planted. If vision of soul has to occur spiritually then the root for it has to be seen. That root has to be revealed outside. Jeevatmn will be present in mind. It will be present in everyone. It will be hidden, treasured up. If that kind of Jeevatmn has to be revealed then Guru is compulsory. If that Jeevatmn has to reach the stage of “The Supreme” then the help of Guru is needed. You know my concept. I am physically present somewhere else. Here I am giving performance. I am performing, giving suggestions, and advices through various mediums at various places at the same time. This is indeed known to everybody. Some may have doubts that, is this true? Is it happening? It is natural; intellect does like that. Belief is important for everything. You may think, “In the past we had trusted many people, were cheated, and suffered in many different ways”. But everybody will not be the same. The sons and daughters born to the same mother are not alike! For various things and causes that happen in this society, everything will be destroyed because of one. Because of evil deeds or some other inordinate desires of one the entire society suffers the blow. In whatever you have, make-known the people the good, preach the good, until every human being changes into a good individual. Everybody should be helpful but, should not cause harm. With superficial knowledge many are playing, and exploiting the devotees. This is not something of today. This had been coming since ancient times. A lot is said like God, the Supreme Being. It is unnecessary to argue if that exists or not. We are saying God, belief, faith, and trust but inflicting them on the human being, one human being is exploiting the other. They are exploiting from top to bottom. They are threatening the nature. See there is something here, ‘spirit’, worship it, and offer coconut to it – like this they are saying in various ways. These kinds of deeds have been coming since ancient times. After sometime the human intelligence developed. Since the mind present for the human being is ‘the mind of thought’, it can cheat only for sometime. After that he knew his mistake and had known if it was either “right” or “wrong”. After that something new again because, other human being would be planning something for sure! In order to deal a blow to him they start some more various types of contrivances (plans). Either statues, or something else of various types, or kingdoms and those kings – they are exploiting like this. How far is it justified? Today people are publicizing such things as caste, religion. Who are obtaining benefit from it? Why is this caste, which is not present for the mind, for the human being? This body is the combination of primordial (five) elements. Everybody has to try to protect it and keep it healthy so long as the body exists. There are many people who think that they are doing something right from morning until evening, and leave it like that. That is wrong. It is not the correct way. Everyone should make an attempt, as far as possible to keep this mind, which is formed with the influence of senses, as good. But that doesn’t remain like that. It goes towards the evil in its own way but, mind should be kept under control. Mind should be kept under self-control. Mind should be maintained good. If it has to be kept like that then there is only one way i.e., meditation. If this path can be chosen then one can go from one level to another level.

            We did many things through Dhyanaprasthan. Whether they are ‘Medical Camps’ or ‘Introductory Meetings’ we are making known about them. Every volunteer has to understand that what extent are people being benefitted through them. We are celebrating festivities like ‘Sphoorthi (Guru) Poornima’ or May 1st (Guruji’s birthday). There are two types of people. The first is, they listen to what I say and it passes off immediately from the other ear. The second type is, they try to digest what I say and make an effort and step forward to follow it. If you belong to the first type then you, not me, are the one who will be at loss but, if you belong to the second category then you can cooperate to make-known the subject, which is in your memory, and the other knowledge. You can make it known to everybody. The knowledge you have acquired to that extent should not be understood as ‘I’ and ‘Mine’. To what extent is it yours? Elders and old people say, “What did you bring when you came, and what will you take when you go back? While going there is something for this human birth to achieve i.e., liberation and salvation”. Can we believe everything? Is there anybody until today who obtained liberation, and who had seen hell and heaven, and abode of Lord Indra? They are saying it is crores of years since this earth or the organism had started. They say millions and billions of years. There is no such thing as matching for anything they say. Did anybody who had visualized them came back and tell about them? Concocted stories (fiction) are going on until today. That is a different story altogether. Firstly you should know about yourself. There are crores of organisms. Mind does, certain things which those crores of organisms cannot do. Human mind does. That kind of mind that means human mind has to be changed to the ‘Super Mind’. If it has to be changed then there is only one way and that is ‘Meditation’. There is no other way as far as I know. You may say, “Do you know all the things”? For some years I have been speaking to thousands of people through this method of ‘MEDIUM’. I am speaking personally to everybody on their own subject (matters). Usually one ‘medium’, for example, this individual ‘Sphoorthi Prasad’, is known only for few people. So also there are other mediums Balaji, Devendra, and Sasidhar. I have changed the names of all these mediums. They also know only few people. But how are they knowing about different things; everybody should think over it. I am wishing only one thing. You may feel my technique as somewhat difficult. Dhyanaprasthan will be indeed somewhat difficult. Dhyanaprasthan is not like getting to know the horoscope. This does not leave you until the ascension of mind through ‘Ascensional Meditation’. I will not leave you until I eliminate bad and change you into good. Change should come. You should bring change. You should not be limited only to books, and only to words. You should show it in practice. This Dhyanaprasthan is of that kind. That which happens after ascension of mind is ‘Divine Ascension’. It takes a lot of time. That’s a different thing. All are feeling happy, blessed for obtaining human birth. But they are unable to achieve the purpose of the birth, because they are being distraught mentally by circumstances, surroundings and many other problems. May be because of financial causes on one side, and other different causes. All of them should be overcome. It is not possible for liberation for everybody. If all these have to be overcome then to some extent mind has to be sharpened. You have to take guidance or counseling. Those need a lot of expenditure. Now-a-days they are charging Rs.100 or 150 just for touching. In these circumstances counseling means, people are already crushed financially so, it is really difficult. You can practice meditation. Practice it constantly. Have belief. Have faith in Guru. Choosing that path of Guru, “any disciple any where any place any time, don’t fear I am here”. You may think, “You are somewhere; how can you see this everything”. I told you a while ago that Jeevatmn, which is related to soul, will be very microcosmic only. The microcosm of that Universal Energy will be microcosmic only. We say atomic size; that is the property of matter. Such a thing as “body” is also matter only. I being present somewhere else I talked with an individual in the USA. There are my devotees in Russia, and Switzerland. I am speaking to them. You will not believe. Only the individual who is hit only knows the pain. Only the individual who had experienced my feeling only can know that taste. Experience is different. Feeling is different. We say these five senses; these are until the experience only. The sixth sense gives the feeling. Everybody should know that that is the indication for the feeling of sixth sense. Everybody should learn. Only when you learn then pass out 10th class followed by intermediate, and then you enter into degree. These are many types. Only if you work hard they will help you climb the steps one by one. You think this is only for the physical human life. Spiritually it will be even very difficult. Human life can be led in any way. There will be many people who pass out in many ways. What exactly their talent is, will be revealed when they become engineer, a civil engineer, a professor, or when he becomes a software engineer. How many ever steps he may have passed here but, when he will be asked to give a demo there then his actual talent would be revealed. They will fire you and until then you really don’t know. But if you want to climb steps one by one then there is no corruption and no compromise; you have to certainly practice. You are one who practices. You are the doers. So if you want to go in that path, although it is difficult, in the coming days it would change into liking. Therefore only those who are subjected to that feeling because of it and only those know the value of that meditation make it known to some others, and choose this path of Guru. I am not asking you to come to me and I am not saying that I will bestow you liberation. Can a blind show path for another blind? A blind can’t show path to another blind because that sense is not functioning. He doesn’t have that vision. When that kind of vision is not present, the work that individual cannot do, will be done by the individual who has eyes. Guru is also the same. That means one who can show the way, for the individual who has no vision, is Guru. It can be anybody. It may be you too. There are people, in you also, who are Gurus. They may become Gurus in future. It may be a teacher or a professor or, or it may be some other. It may be in any sector. That how can an individual, who is oppressed by karma, can show path to another individual who is oppressed by karma is a question mark? If so what is that which is happening today? You may think that some individual worship has happened. What had happened is not that but, worship to Guru. Today I am speaking through medium but, some of you may think, “We have come here to see Guruji directly”. I had already told in the past. Meditate regularly with dedication and you can see me there itself at my level. Not seeing me here but, see me there at my level. You see me at the infinite level. My visible appearance can happen. When someone is subjected to feeling then it can be known. This world will know. Dr.Rajendra with 104 degrees temperature also came to me and requested me to come. In the recent times in one or two centers one or two days I was indeed speaking with somewhat angrily with volunteers. None should think otherwise and should not be pained. When you believe me as your Guru then for me a duty appears on you. So also when some of you are given some responsibility of this Dhyanaprasthan, you have to execute them with answerability. One day I did speak harshly only. I don’t need this clapping and garlands. Others need them. It should not be discussed on this dais. I will discuss when it is time. Seeing at your admiration I said I would come for Sphoorthi (Guru) Poornima. I came to speak for five minutes through medium. Let it be anytime, anywhere, take a resolution wholeheartedly with complete dedication of mind. You will get my answer within seconds. You should take resolution with belief. Whatever work you do, belief is important. Anything can be achieved only when there is this belief. So also jealousy and hatred should not increase. Whenever these start they deal a blow to the mind. Because of that that individual loses patience. Intolerance increases, anger increases, irritation increases, he would stop his work and increases unnecessary concentration on others. You can observe this. With increase in concentration on others, if it is thought that what he is doing, and what he is talking then because of this you are losing your time. Time passes away; it doesn’t stop. It passes off by itself. Cut that kind of envy. Everybody should make sure that jealousy and hatred will not increase. It leads to decline of many things. For that very reason I say, always keep your mind good only. Keep it under control; keep it under possession. That kind of mind will come easily into the path of Guru and very soon, can come and catch my waves. When my channel in disturbed, then it would be difficult for me to establish channel with you. If those kinds of individuals can practice constantly, by keeping jealousy and hatred under control, they can achieve a good position. When that kind of position is earned it would take less time to reach intuitional sense, the mind of the moral sanctity that means to the state of conscience. When the concentration increases, when the yoga is performed, when the breathing is performed correctly, and when meditation is practiced correctly, then such a thing as concentration increases. Easy way is obtained to undergo change easily and fast. Practice the breathing exercise. Air itself – is the life span, that life span itself – is air. The vital power increases with the increase in breathing exercise. I have given you a new breathing technique to develop that kind of life force (vital power). If you can practice and move forward methodically then there will be no turning back. It gives energy to many organs internally. Now-a-days the value that is given for the internal beauty is less when compared to the external beauty. Moreover you go to body language, physical fitness and various other things. In the coming days there will be some side effects for gyms and body building. In this yoga also carefully practice only those which are suitable for you. Don’t practice even one asana, which you are not habituated to, without guidance. If you do not sit methodically then you have to face difficulties. So those kinds of methods, if you practice them with guidance and move forward then you can easily reach conscience. With your efforts if you move forward through Dhyanaprasthan (in the path of Guru only), without the help of Guru there will be more a failure than success. There will be no result without Him. Guru is compulsory.

            I have some objective. With practical philosophy with religious humanism with the purity and development of spirituality, the integration of human energy (power) itself is uplifting (elevation) of the human world. This path is only, the objective of Viswa Sphoorthi. The voice of this Viswa Sphoorthi is “Inspiration of the consciousness of truth”. If you want to know my voice then read all my books. There will be some confusion. There is no life without such a thing as confusion; break that confusion, and try to understand. If they can understand then everybody will move forward easily. But when it cannot be understood then anxiety on it increases. Interest will be caused that, “What is the matter, and it’s meaning, these many days we have been running seeing the mirages”. Remove that curtain. Then see what is present on the other side. When one goes to the summit, there will be complete vision. Every one of you has to strive hard to reach that level. As a Guru this is what I have to say. Every one of you practice meditation. For that primarily practice yoga. So also the one which is in between is the breathing exercise, Pranayama, if you can practice this regularly and step forward then you will reach to some position some level some or the other day. I told you a little while ago that let us not have caste, which the mind doesn’t have. It has nothing to do with age. Usually children start going to school at 3rd, 4th, 5th year. It would be better if you make your kids start practice meditation at 8th, 9th, or 10th year. This has nothing to do with age, caste, and religion. It has to do only with the mind. If that kind of mind is taken forward, in the path of Guru then the mind would reach to the highest level i.e., ‘The Super Mind’. In this without practice nothing can be achieved. If you choose the path of Guru only it would be correct result. Only after changing into disciple you will get the help of that Guru. Unless you change into disciple, everything is waste… like rose water poured into ashes. It would be like that. For that very reason, choose a path of Guru and continue with meditation in that path only. Anybody who is willing to speak here either about Sphoorthi Poornima, or about anything is welcome to speak. I will give that opportunity.

            Alright, are you unable to come? You can say in many different ways that relation, because I am not asking you to meditate for 24 hours. Sometimes there should be some entertainment also. People say along with education entertainment also. Like that if there is entertainment to some extent then mind would be relaxed. There would not be increase of pressure. Stress has to be decreased. Anytime whenever the pressure decreases, automatically concentration for the mind increases. It would be a happy feeling. It would be blissful so, it would be easy to catch at that point of time. It is a general saying, “To entrap”. Like that one should wait for the right moment and hit anything. For that reason if anybody wants to come and speak they can do it. I will speak something some other time. I am taking leave blessing all of you for sitting and hearing to me patiently and diligently.

Sphoorthi Oum
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© 2017 Sri Sri Sri Guru Viswa Sphoorthi   All rights reserved.