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Sphoorthi Oum...         Oum Maa Viswa Roope Shakthi Roope Viswa Sphoorthi Gurave Namaha

Voice of Sphoorthi

When the Appropriate Time Comes, I will Bring Down the 600 Years old, Even the 1000 Years old Souls, the "Divine Souls", Which are Present in an Inexpressible Form, Make Them Express, and Cause Them to Talk for few Minutes

Guruji’s Speech Through Medium On The New Year Day  1st day of January 2006, Bandlaguda, Hyderabad, India

            If any one of you is interested in talking can talk. If anybody knows that for what are we celebrating, and why are we celebrating then he/she can come and say concisely. I am sure there is some time. I will speak for 5 minutes. After 5 minutes if any one has interest can talk. My New Year best wishes for everybody. It looks like everybody was awake until 2-3am last night. I came to know – that all of you, 99% of who are here, were busy until 2-3am in various programs – when I saw spiritually. Everyone celebrates December 31st like that only; it has been coming from time immemorial, that entire tradition. But we celebrate Telugu New Year i.e. Ugadi grandly. This is usually referred to as English New Year. This (tradition) has been celebrated as a festivity since a long time since the British were present here. This means one year has passed away. New Year has come into calendar once again. Time does not stop. In competition to that we also should run. In accompaniment to it age increases. As the year changes our date of birth also increases by one year. There will be no question of decrease in case of time. If we look at last year at the same time, all of them were submerged in sorrow because of Tsunami which was caused due to some tremors in the depths of the ocean. Am I right, I don’t remember that much. It is the same time last year only, isn’t it! There is nothing of that sort this time. Although it came it went aside. Some or the other thing may happen this month again. I don’t say anything confirmedly. It is nature, isn’t it! This month also to some extent, although there would not be much effect for us there may be more effect in the remaining places. If there is anything I will tell you later on decidedly.

            In a year there are 12 months. On this day everybody has to look back and see what they had achieved in the last 12 months. Every one of you should have a goal for the coming 12 months. This past old year was indeed a New Year once upon a time. By the time December comes every one of you should look back and see if you have achieved anything and done anything good. But every one, thinking that 31st December has come and 1st January has come, keeps full stop to all the works for these two days and enjoy. Again from 2nd January everything is as usual only. All the activities will be repeating. Not only this but, everybody has to have an aim, target and should put efforts to achieve, sever. It is my opinion that if you think then you can achieve success at least to some extent. Have some goal that you have to achieve ‘that’ this year, otherwise any project, or completion of studies, or marriage, some or the other thing, anything. Keeping some or the other thing as ‘aim’, if you work hard with self-confidence and if you have belief on your ‘self’ then you will certainly have belief on ‘God’. Firstly you should have belief on your self. When you step forward with self-confidence then there will be nothing you cannot achieve. Since you are present here, since you are moving in the order of Guru what I want to tell every one of you is, “Guru means guide”. This I said in the past also. I will take care of all of those, ‘belief is principal’. I have told you that there should be ‘trust’ on Guru. When you have that belief I will take care of all those duties so, you plan what to do this year. Maintain some diary, and set month wise program in that. If you move forward by doing, what you wish to do, at least to some extent by putting human efforts, or plan to complete the remaining works, balance works in the previous year, so also if you step forward directly in a systematic way thinking how to complete this year then there will be nothing the human being cannot achieve. But positive thinking is always necessary. In any thing there should not be negative thinking. Whenever negative thinking starts then that would take you forward just like that. If you cut them to some extent and go into this positive thinking then it would be better. For that very reason I am asking you to learn this yoga, with yoga body would be mould in a systematic way; when there is change, in principle due to this yoga, breathing then it would be suitable, easy, for meditation. When it becomes easy for meditation, whatever you do it reaches me immediately. Whatever the issue may be, which you think you cannot do, I can do it spiritually; there are many which I did. That means I have nothing do with the lock. Normally you have called, yesterday also in the center you all and this committee, Mr. Rajendra, K.V.N.Reddy, and Mr. Srinivas, extended the invitation, although I like or don’t like this cake business is a different thing, alright that is your opinion, since there is purity, dedication in the minds of all of you I came today, cut the cake, and speaking few words. This New Year had been started by our ancestors, and we have been following the same. Since this has been coming from time immemorial we are continuing the same. We will think afterwards if we have to either continue this or not in future. Since there is usual spiritual activity here in Dhyanaprasthan, I thought I would speak few words and have come. If you are interested you can speak about what all you have planned for this year, I have no objection. Along with you it is New Year for me also, isn’t it! Along with you, I also one day, will know, you problems, or how is your style of behavior. Those interested can come and speak few words that what are you going to do this year, how are you going to take further step, forward. So also how many of you are practicing meditation? Are you practicing?

            Devotee: Yes, practicing Guruji

            Guruji: You can say either Question or Answer

            Devotee: We are practicing in the mornings but, evenings unable to practice, unable to maintain time in the evening; unable to practice at the correct time. But we are practicing meditation correctly. There is time difference but, trying hard to avoid that time difference.

            Guruji: Is it due to climate?

            Devotee: Yes, due to climate

            Guruji: Is it happening in this winter?

            Devotee: Yes, it is happening but, not in summer. It did not happen ever as far as possible.

            Guruji: Did you maintain any diary.

            Devotee: I did not maintain diary; if you want me to do then I would.

            Guruji: Only you know that you have maintained correct time, do your family members know?

            Devotee: Yes

            Guruji: Right, what else

            Devotee: We have a lot of belief on meditation but, unable get the stability; we are trying to get that stability, we are practicing yoga too so that there would be no other disturbance in us. We are feeling that if we can practice meditation then we can achieve anything. We are not having the vision of Guruji; we are feeling we would see you when we get that stability. We are thinking, that when would Guruji visibly appear. We are thinking that Guruji may not come until we get that stability. But if you can cause that possibility then we would also make efforts.

            Guruji: I am visible in meditation, am I not!

            Disciple: That desire is still unfulfilled for us, even after many years.

            Guruji: Desire is natural for human being. Desires are like sand paths. They originate so long as you dig. They are infinite. Although it is a habitual word, infinite I used normally. For anything such a thing as “limit” is present. For some things there will be no limit. So also human based to have such a thing as desire is a quality that has to be present for a human being, nobody can oppose it. It has to be present but, it should not become covetousness, it should not become extreme greed. Then thoughts decrease and concentration for the mind appears. As I said earlier, next is the contemplation. When you come to the stage of concentration of the mind, thoughts decrease to a greater extent, then when you come to contemplation, concentration on one and only one thought or ‘form’ is contemplation. The stage after that is only meditation. Problems may be of various types. They may be financial problems, or personal problems or something else. Only you and I know your problems but, none others. Like that also to some extent until they are present in that thinking to a greater extent the curtain, layer of thoughts keep coming. When the family problems, personal problems, and financial problems start decreasing then a type of bliss is caused to the mind. When those thoughts decrease then concentration of the mind will be fixed. When the concentration of the mind is fixed then meditation will be steady. When the meditation is steady then you can have the vision of me. I will speak. To some extent I will be visible in the negative (negative film) itself for some people. When you take the negative to the dark room and develop only then the actual form can be seen. For some people I am visible still as a negative, they are unable to see the actual form. That means they need some more practice of meditation. It should be a constant practice. If you practice for one day, and stop for two days, when there is no continuity in that practice then you will face certain discomforts. You should maintain that continuity carefully, as per your convenience if you can practice meditation for at least 5, 10, or 15 minutes a day then you would know its value. Unless the thoughts decrease there will not be concentration. Problems may be of various types. If you can keep those problems aside, I can take care of other things. You may say that to solve those problems or face those problems boldly only we are practicing meditation. That is a different thing, everybody has their own thing. Once you keep aside problems, I will take care of them then you can practice meditation steadily. Thoughts should be decreased, negative thinking should be decreased, and positive thinking should increase. If you go in this route then meditation will be wonderful. What else?

            You will visit doctor only when you have pain. When you are not fine only you remember me. Whether it is the Supreme Being or God whoever it may be, there are many in that category. People are going to various places, all are fulfilling their vow, and doing many various other things. When you feel pained only you remember God, when you get pain only you will remember doctor. That does not mean that you should go to doctor daily. When it is like this in that affair, when your practice is RMP those relating to it will be less in number only. That means when they don’t get anything they come to you only. In some places there are some agencies, in some areas, I am unsure if there is bus facility also for that area. Unsure if the medical treatment is within the reach. If you go there and start your practice then it would be flourishing in the way of “as if three flowers had produced six fruits” that means “as if three vials resulting in six injections”. There will be no trouble. I am not asking you to go and start an agency. If you go there and inject all of them in the manner of “as if three vials resulting in six injections”, there is nothing to them, they would move from there. Then you will become alone. It will not be good. You anyway have the thought of practice here. Continue it. As your part if you make-known more about AIDS, if the doctors who are in that profession make-known then patient would understand it correctly. Student hears in a well-behaved manner only if the master explains. He does not listen if some neighbor tells him. Patient listens only if the doctor says. We see various governments and different types of others. But see here, the senses instigated mind. So this mind will be with the influence of senses. It does good, and bad automatically. There should be self-control to some extent. There should not be unbalance to mind. There has to be balance. When there is self-control, then there will not be unbalance. When there is such a thing as self-control then there would not be any need of worshiping idols. That means you just take care of your mind and that is enough. They are saying about divinity somewhere and other things. I have written all these things in “The Human – Religion”. All these various types of blind beliefs, by forcing them on us, as they have been coming one by one, hereditarily, people are becoming dedicated. Grandfather, great grandfather, or grandson, father, and son, like this one by one, are going to some family and getting married. Same type for their family again, that it goes to his family also. When there are 3, 4 sons, four of then will go in four different routes. Four children for each of them, which means it forms a group of 20. Network forms like that. This has been coming since ancient time.

            Temple and temple tower, I am not denying all these. Devotion is another path. Meditation is a path. Since all these are present, do methodically, meditate, worship your mind, or do something else but, do it with mind (wholeheartedly). Nothing else is required. Take this mind in the direction of ascension. Then the result would be correct. Don’t stop going to temple just because I told you to stop going, no need of it. That is your liking. Everybody has their own liking. I don’t deny that. For such a thing as meditation also if the mind can be taken in that direction with practice then result can be known. Sometimes I ask you to stop it, when you stop it then you know its result. So also some or the other thing as your part, you put your efforts, I said about the publicity a while ago, every one of you make an attempt at least to some extent. Being present somewhere physically, talking here with you at this point of time, talking at other places also, why do you think that I am doing all these, it is not for my welfare as I already told you earlier but, for the sake of everybody to bring changes. Sometimes I am saying which may cause pain to some people; sometimes the bliss I cause may be invaluable. I will give that kind of thing. Belief is principal. If every one of you put your efforts then I am putting my efforts, saying to bring changes. Sometimes it is usual for anybody, it doesn’t happen at first visit; it would be like that only until the trust develops. Once you believe me then that’s a different matter. For example for those who had completed studies and settled, they have in the mind the wish about the marriage. So also for those studying intermediate, they keep on thinking that when they would get seat in engineering college. They think of EAMCET rank, after that about M.Tech or MS. Like this desires are infinite. They are like sand pits. They originate so long as we dig. It is like that for every human being. Desire is natural. Everyone by talking care of them physically, if the mind is taken towards meditation spiritually then success can be achieved to a greater extent. Everybody says inordinately that in all the births human birth itself is a great and excellent one. If one thinks in which thing is this birth great, is it in mind and its thought, so also is it in intelligence, that means until there is senses instigated mind it is waste. Waste means for everybody this meditation is only until there is this body. When this body, and this Prana (life force) are not present properly then for what is this meditation for; it is just waste. When everything is pure then this sensorium mind is unnecessary. If “that” through meditation, is taken to the level of intuition then that is good. That how much is it, will be known to everybody personally. If it can be taken to the level of ‘the mind of the moral sanctity’ then we can see what after it. You are seeing various types. Many people do commonly, for some people 4th dimension. You might have seen a person, I will show you a posture and you say who is he. I will call him for a second and send him back again. It does not take more than second to call and send back. Wherever you see you can see me only. See with belief. That means in some places, we talk of power places. In my power places (in Dhyanaprasthan) you can see my form. Whoever is there, see with belief, if you see I will be seen in this form. This is truth. Guru means truth. It has only consolation but, no criticism. There may have been mediums, and many others, but I will not agree. What I do will be very different to the routine. You have seen this affair, this method today also. I came as vibration through a female only. I am seeing. How is this happening? I have nothing to do with time, and distance. This everything is something which I have achieved. To some extent by doing with positive thinking, you can see all these if you wish to, that how I am doing through meditation, that means what you saw just now. I am telling you usually, about this Divine Soul. The posture I showed you a while ago is lesser stage than that. This dimension and others is unnecessary. There is no need to go to that stage. If you can take your mind to the stage of conscience then the remaining Soul, Divine Soul, Universal Soul, all these are the later stages, that means they have to be seen in space. Mind however, you can see it here itself. Soul is the stage after that. You will see mind in meditation. Soul has to be seen later on at a different level. If one can practice spiritual, cosmic or Divine Meditation but, not usual physical meditation then one can have the vision of them one by one.

            Devotee: We are practicing Pranayama. When we do it we breathe in and breathe out air. In the air we take after performing Pranayama we feel more energetic. What is the reason? That means is the air breathed in then, and this air not the same?

            Guruji: Good Oxygen and bad Oxygen means air may be the same only. Breathing is something which every organism does generally. We systemize this breathing exercise so some extent. To systemize the inhalation and exhalation that we take in is only the breathing exercise. Due to this breathing not only good Oxygen, there will be development of Hemo also. Hemo, did you get it? This breathing exercise is a good exercise for lungs. In that time (early hours of the day) that means in the time I advised for meditation it will be unpolluted air. Now you are inhaling polluted air, how can this be good air? It cannot be. In these days whether it is vehicular pollution, various pollutions, industries, by means of all these you will have air pollution for a period of 12 – 13 hours. In the morning at 4:00am it is called Brahmamuhurta, at 4:15am after Brahamuhurta, there will be early morning still, some practice at that time. After that before the sunrise, some practice at this time. To a greater extent pollution stops in the early morning, which means air that is inhaled will be pure. That which we exhale if possible we breathe out carbondioxide. So in all these to a greater extent they will be in a correct proportion, than the proportion should be. For that very reason I ask you to practice in that time, whether it is yoga, breathing, or meditation if they are practiced in that time there would be no air pollution, and sound pollution. Not only that but, we can also be away from other sound disturbances at home. That’s why you should practice in that time. It would be very energetic that means it would be good for lungs. The development (increase) of Hemo would be good. We are controlling to a certain extent, due to that automatically there will be a lot of feelings (experiences) spiritually in future. I already told in the past, for instance, if you eat some sweet only you how it tastes but, the person beside you doesn’t know it, does he! Only if he eats only he knows the taste.  That means you yourself will know what your feelings are but, the others beside you would not know. You can see those feelings in meditation. Practice this yoga in a systematic way as I told you, only then you know its result. I have changed some breathing exercises also, I don’t what you are practicing either the old one or the new one but, the time of inhalation, holding, and exhalation should happen according to a particular time. If you inhale for 3 minutes, hold for 5 minutes, and then exhale for 5 – 6 minutes then more than success there would be failure. To inhale, to hold it, and to exhale it should happen in a systematic way. This process, it would be possible only through practice. Sometimes even if we are in little tension we take in excess, and leave it. Sometimes we hold for a lesser time. Sometimes we exhale in excess. That means the process does not happen correctly. That means if you practice in an orderly manner it purifies the inner field. There will be some items, for example we brush our teeth early in the morning, and we clean our external body with soap. Internally there will be some items like lungs, which cannot be taken out cleaned with brush and soap. With this breathing we send medicine for those kids of items. To send the medicine for the purification of lungs and blood is only this controlled breathing.

            Say me, what does mind do. Did you not read the book? Do you practice meditation? Since how long have you been coming to me, 2 years say what does mind do? Mind thinks, intellect does karma. This thing called ‘mind’ will not be present, mind forms. We see, the mind related to it forms. We hear, the mind related to it forms. When one says ‘YES’ or ‘NO’ when mind thinks then thoughts come one by one. There will be neurons. The action and reaction, which happens through brain, only can be called mind. They are saying that is it present somewhere. When its address is asked they say it is here, here, and here. Read my books clearly. All your doubts will be clarified. Did you understand? Tell me something else, if so physical life is dual (pairs of opposite) or many but, not unity or one. Mind, thought, intellect all these are present in physical life. Physical life will be in this circle only. That means it may be one, may be two, may be three, or may be four. At the same time it comes as ‘YES’ or ‘NO’. I told you earlier also that how mind functions, it is the influence of senses. For all these the ‘state of planets’ is the cause. But this state of planets is also not independent, it depends on Solar system. The source of all of these is, the ‘Divine Nucleus’. Starting from there we are coming to the human brain. So also in meditation also you can start form your place you have started meditation, reach ‘Divine Nucleus’ and come back. You can see the nucleus in space and from there you come backwards to earth. This everything happens in meditation in the human brain, nucleus circle. As of today scientists or others could go only to the half of the universe. They could know only 30% of the universe. If the entire universe is supposed as 100% then human brain that means human being has known only 30% only. He is still under the solar only. As far as I know none has crossed and gone beyond it. By the time they are going there they are realizing that there is some power but, they are unable to understand until today whether it is science, or spirituality. They are spending crores of rupees for the sake of that. They could know only 30%. The remaining 70% is as a question mark only. There are many things there. Planets, satellites, and others, everything is like that only. The mind, thought, and intellect which are present in the human life, when they are made “one” by the time it comes to spirituality then the technique of this meditation can be known. In meditation it is unity. Here we are seeing many or dual physical life. Day and night, female and male, trouble and comfort, like this it is dual (pairs of opposite) life full of duals or many. When we make “one” through meditation all these will be as positive as unity. Everything will be one, unity only. We talked of different shapes, and different mentalities. Unity for Universal Soul that means that which is relating to this soul will be embedded in everybody as utmost microcosm. We call the microcosm of this Universal Energy itself as Jeevatmn. The purity of human life is not enough before the purity of that Jeevatmn, which is related to the soul. It does not come outside. It remains inside. That purity cannot be seen. It will be shut inside. If it has to open and that Jeevatmn has to come out then with meditation the sensorium mind has to be taken to the level of spiritual mind. That means then at least 60, 70% of the negative thinking or anything else that is present within us should be eliminated. I have been telling that you should put human efforts. There will be senses influenced mind. You will have the feeling that you could have fulfilled that desire but, have come this side spiritually into meditation. Keep all of them aside to some extent. We should have purity in us in anything.

            As of today scientists are still conducting research that what is next, they do not know about this solar system and Brahman also. They do not know about Universal Energy also. I told you that the energy is released from the energetic nucleus called Mother Universe. That changes into matter. That is called Brahman. That Brahman transforms into Space Matter, Galactic Matter, and Solar Matter. In that process it had become the basis for the origination of the organism. To the extent of the favorability of the climate on these planets, nature formed on them. The water content in this nature had become the source for life (organism). Those organisms are of different species. They transforming into other species, of them human species is one. It is said monkey to human. Today we say aboriginal human being to modern human being. Like this one by one different types of cloning. When you consider test tube babies you can imagine to what level the human intelligence is going. When is that going to end? I will not say about the end now. There is lot of subject that has to be known.

            Is there anything to talk? Or are you bored? Is this new today? Since this is New Year I thought of starting in a new way, because anyways it is talking about horoscopes every time. I thought you should know some subject also. Otherwise people will think I am doing something through medium. With how many people am I speaking, not only here but in other places also? I am speaking with them personally, and every one has their own subject, their own problem, issue. A while ago I spoke to a doctor also. He has some name. He came to me many times. He has many works to be done in secretariat. He spoke a little while ago, didn’t he! Through mind only the billionaire has one thought, and the beggar may have another thought. Even beggar has the wish to fly in plane. He too has the wish to wander around in five start hotels. But beggar can’t do that thing. Billionaire always thinks of accumulating some more billions of wealth but, I think it would indeed be better if he has the thought of helping some poor people with his wealth! Why are those kinds of thoughts not occurring to them? Why do the thoughts form? Thoughts keep originating from mind. But how? Nobody knows about creation, creator? What will you say if someone asks you about these? You say such and such. That’s it. I have written in books also, when someone asks, “Who are you?” We say I am the son of such and such person, I have studied such and such degree, and my home address is this. When they say that is not the answer for ‘who are you’ then we say about our grandfather and great grandfather but, that is not the answer for the question “who are you?” So also who am I? These thoughts are coming automatically for the human being. From where are they originating? Why are the thoughts like that he should distribute the wealth he has among the poor, serve them, sit down comfortably and meditate not occurring for billionaires? Why are they getting different type of thinking? Billionaires get their wealth from forefathers. Why are they not getting the thoughts they have to distribute the wealth, start schools, hospitals, roads, and developmental activities for the poor? Why are they getting only other type of negative thoughts only? Nobody is born as stupid, or foolish. Their mind functions in accordance with the climate, surroundings, and circumstances where the individual is brought up. They instigate. When we see the mind relating to it forms. When that mind is formed then the succession of thoughts originate from it. Thoughts may be negative or positive, good or bad. Not being satisfied with the hundred rupees that are earned another thought of how to earn thousand rupees, and then convert this thousand into a lakh, then invest that and make ten lakhs, so the thinking would be in this manner only. Say what is it called? Is it selfishness? Or do you refer it as my family, my trouble, and my children? How does unselfishness originate?

            While you are spending all your money unselfishly someone else with evil intent save their money. He also comes into their list. Through what? Extreme greed, covetousness; where did those thoughts originate? Where is the place for them? Where is the source? How does this change come? See the ‘human body’; you cannot see your own body with your eyes. There is eye. It does its own function. It does not eat, hear. It sees. That’s it. There is ear, it hears, that’s it. It cannot see. That means the sense organs, and the organs that perform action (hands & legs), which are present in the body, do their own function. It gets the order from the brain somewhere. Only to that extent, and that does not do this function else where. This does not do that function. But there is society here. What is happening in this society? That fellow wants to know what this fellow is doing. He only wants his work. He only wants everyone’s work. Like this in different ways taking everything on the head they are destroying. If everybody does their work then it would be quite all right. Everybody holding everybody’s on their head, they are causing it to stink. They are causing disorder in various ways. So that means such a thing as desire is increasing. If all those have to be controlled then firstly mind has to be under control. Mind should be made to be in a good state. Mind should be under possession. If it has to be under possession then only one way and that is meditation. These thoughts are originating from different places. If you want to decrease all of these then first you have to practice yoga. You should not think, “What is the link between that and this?”  There is link. For education alphabet is only the principal. Only if you complete step by step as 1st class, 2nd class, and 3rd class like this, then you can sit in a job later on. Firstly all these examinations have to be passed. Our forefathers did not start this procedure, like exams and others for no reason. Why can’t we appoint someone as collector soon after completing 2nd grade? It is democracy; it is in our hands only, isn’t it! We are only supposing this everything, aren’t we! We are only passing GOs, aren’t we! That constitution has been present since a long time. That itself is being rewritten that side and this side. We are getting it stamped. We are only electing one of them. They are simply listening to what we say or there are other back entrances. That means wherever there is royal path, back entrance also will be there only. When they are habituating to all these paths, GOs and various orders are being passed. Where should this change come from? From whom should this change come from?  We thought organism is the basis for the human being. We thought it as the unicellular organism, for this unicellular organism to transform into diverse human beings. For the increase of wishes, extreme greed, covetousness, wickedness, and exploitation that means where the principal source is, should be known. Only when we grow the seed adhering to it then that would change into a great tree. That seed is present in that itself, in that itself is present such a thing as the entire sprout. Similar to when the egg is utilized for giving birth it changes into embryo, similar to seed when cultivated changes into a great tree, firstly, the source which is present for all of these should be destroyed. If that can be eliminated there then the entire society, or think it as something else, would be purified. Everybody has to put efforts for that, not divinity or the festivity of bhajan. Their time would decrease but increase would never happen. That would increase like that. When we go to temple the sight will be on the idol but, the citta (psychic sensory) would be on the footwear. The ‘citta’, and thought would be there only, thinking that what would happen to them. Otherwise they go with a list that is prepared, at the house, which starts with the first step itself; it may start at the house itself, or while taking bath only, all these are his desires. One by one writing on the paper and going there he would pray to God requesting Him to fulfill all of them and promises to offer coconuts, or something else. That means that is the link between that and this. That means human being having business dealings and such things with God, is this correct? If they are fulfilled then ‘Long Live’ otherwise he thinks it as his karma (fate). Where do you think this karma may be coming from? Birth, action, for all these we have to go back but, already a lot of time has been elapsed.

            That’s all right, if anybody wants to talk anything else I am giving five minutes. We can sit like this sometimes, what do you say, shall we sit? How is it today? Like this there should be encouragement for everybody individually. You should practice meditation. You get agitated thinking of something. 4 or 5 people sit together and practice and you would get strength. It would be very good. That thinking, that way, if 4 or 5 people sit together and practice, would be different. If you sit alone and can’t practice steadily then 4 or 5 people sit together and practice. You have to practice in an orderly manner. But it should not be as if you are doing just because you have to do (for name sake). Because I have told you, if you close your eyes and sit down in some asana it will not be meditation at all. Yoga, Asana Pranayama Dhyana, if you can go in this way then you can achieve. When you read say, for instance engineering, or for civil services examination whatever it may be, you have to read with determination. If you read briefly (disinterestedly) just because I have told you then you will not know its value today. But when you get the results, and you get zero marks in it then you will feel pained that, you should have read the day before. Past is past, it had gone. It will never come back. Now I am sitting with you. It is already one hour. We have even passed that and it had gone into past. This will not come back; it had passed, gone into past. Again everything would come, and it passes into the past. That will not stop even if you ask it to stop. We need to run along with it. For that very reason having determination, hard work, self-effort, you should have the determination, desire that you will achieve anything, according to a method, anything not only studies. There are people who come to me who do very small occupations, who do handicrafts. There are lawyers, judges, IAS, IPS officers who come to me. There are many who come to me. All of those if do their duties individually in an orderly fashion then each of them would have their own results. If you work hard and study then they will give your subject marks to you only, that lecturer or professor. They do not give the marks of one individual to another individual, do they! There are indeed thieves who do like that. That is not the way. That should not be tolerated, because suppose that the student who has to get 35 marks is given 95 marks, in future if becomes an engineering for a building, or a project or a computer engineer then what would happen? If that is given to his hands then it would be as if giving stone in the hands of a mad person. He doesn’t know what to do with it. We don’t know whom is he going to hit. That is not correct. You work hard and achieve. But students are habituating to mass copying and keeping aside the brains. There will be a hidden talent in every individual. There will be skill in every individual. As you think talent will be certainly present in every individual. “I don’t have anything; I don’t have money at all”, don’t think in this way. If you think in this manner then it is simply like belittling yourself. Financially whether it is beggar, or a billionaire, whoever it may be there will be hidden talent in every individual. If it has to come out, there should be encouragement. Whether it is artist, or a cinema hero, not everyone is hero, don’t think everyone as hero, like this there are various talents for sure! Like this there will be talent in every individual. If they go into that sector and get encouragement then everyone is a hero only. None is zero. But thinking that whether they will pass of not, some students get habituated to mass copying. When they get habituated, they cannot reveal their brains at all. They lock it up and sit inside. Not like that, there should be encouragement. When the students work hard then the lecturers, professors, whoever it may be, if they encourage the students then they can be taken to a good position. Studies also should be given the importance. Do everything according to a time methodically, set your time as study hours, breakfast time, lunch time, and dinner time. The same habits will be habituated to kids also. If it is not possible for mother then father has to do those works, and if it is not possible for father then mother has to do these works. Like that when changes come through generation automatically by 2011, 2012 we can show the results, not that far also but, we can show the results in 2007 itself. That means they get habituated from this generation to next generation. Are all the 3, 4 children born to a mother same? No. They have different external features, and various mentalities. We have to change. As far as possible we should try to bring the changes. When that is not possible at least to some extent then we should think of what to do, that what should be the further step. Do you want to ask any doubts? Today no interviews, only blessings.

            Devotee: Dr. Nageswari wants to speak

            Dr. Nageswari: I will share with all of you my experiences with Universal Energy. We have belief in us that whatever Guruji says will be truth only. Today I am thinking of sharing one of my experiences with you. I am an individual who execute the duties in haste. I don’t sit for a long time and practice meditation. What I know is only one thing, “Guruji, you are everything for me”. He has made me known through experience that how the life force energies, Universal Energy would be. If you also make an attempt and have belief in Him, I am wishing that, one day in future we all together can see Universal Energy. Guruji, you bless us so that all of us would have that experience. We would anyhow carry on in this physical world but, we all need spiritual spirit, spiritual blessings from you.

            Guruji: Through me not only in meditation but, wherever it may be, your results will be directly proportional to your hard work. It would be deposited into your account in my bank automatically. You need not fill out forms like deposit forms to deposit; it is completely online process. It would automatically get deposited into your account and you can draw it online when needed. For that very reason, if you achieve that Universal Energy, or whatever it may be, I will show you everything. I will take you even to the space, show if there is water there and make all of you to drink water there. I will take you to moon. You have to achieve by yourself. To achieve means if you meditate then there will be no turning around. Not only this, there are “Black Holes” and other things. I have written the subject to some extent in my books also. Subject in the books may not be understood to some extent my language, or the words I use. If you keep reading one by one then you can understand everything. When at what time what is needed that will be opened. Like that everything will be understood. You should not keep the books aside thinking that you don’t understand them. There is subject in every book. It is in ‘The Chat’, ‘The Human – Religion’, The Narrations’, ‘The Ascension of Mind’, ‘The Sphoorthi Synopsis’, and in ‘The Bits’. In a book there is wife – husband conversation. In suitability to the time and occasion I had used those words there. I had written like that, it is inevitable. Every one of you while reading that book you yourself may think, doesn’t anybody converse, don’t wife and husband converse when they are at home, when they are present personally. Not that I do not know these. I had written normally practically like that. So also there is ‘In Place of Democracy’. The subject in this is different. The subject about Universal Energy is totally different subject. All these whether it is about politics, personal life, various gossips, or chitchat and mostly about body, body functions, is known to everybody. Even for the individual who does not have education from A to Z also know the subject to some extent. Either from the parents, or when others are talking, they would know the subject although they are uneducated. But they do not know the other side only. That means they know about materiality but, only very less people know about spirituality. There are some great persons who had reached a certain level. But those who reached that level are unable to express on some occasions. They had entered into 4th dimension that means according to dimensions they had taken their mind to that stage but, could not express. Some others are there of 5th dimension. They are just like that in the universe. There are souls of hundred years and six hundred years also. They had achieved those in those days. These are not of today. Yoga, meditation are not the tools of today. These have been present since the birth of the human being. We are breathing; this process is happening in the womb of mother itself. But, until 4, 5 days after the child is born there is no need of food also. This entire process rotates in the womb itself for the child. How this process has been since then, in the same way yoga, and meditation have been present since then. These are not of today. That means billions of years before the birth of the organism only there are evidences for these. Since then there have been various types of souls in the universe. They have earned their position in the primordial elements. They get activated, when necessary. I myself can activate them. These primordial elements air, water, earth, fire, vacuum (ether), this body that means matter is made of these primordial elements only. When soul is present like that, it can be activated even if it is of 600 years soul. When they are activated, of course there is time for that, those who could not express of many different types can be expressed. I will tell you, and show. Not only 600 years soul, I will bring down 1000 years soul also. That means they had learnt in those days itself. I said you that this yoga, meditation is not of today, didn’t I! These have been present for a long time. Through that only they by performing penance, as far as I know none could go beyond the ‘Divine Soul’. Many are below that only; nobody crossed Divine Soul. When the appropriate time comes then I will let you know all the things. Those Divine Souls are remaining just like that in the space. I will make those Divine Souls, which could not express, express. I will make it talk for five minutes. We can do it even for a 1000 year soul. But in suitability to it there should be activation here. Move forward by achieving success at least to some extent through this meditation but, do your routine activities as usual. You should not stop any of your works. Most of the questions you were asking me, the subject relating to them, to a greater extent, is present in my books. If there is anything in future whether it is about this science, universe, or nucleus, we can speak later on. I will write; you can know about them also. I mean every one should know not just 100 or 135 people. What I am doing should not be limited only to Andhra Pradesh, Maharashtra, Madhya Pradesh or just India but, the entire universe should be in meditation. I will be putting my efforts but, to some extent there should be your efforts also for sure! That is only called human efforts.

            Devotee: Guruji, many people have to know about you, in this Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh, as you said. That time has to come. Guruji, everybody has to work hard. Everyone should know. Only we few people, who come here, know about you but, many should know, and get benefit from you.

            Guruji: I don’t know if the benefit is an appropriate way or not, to make the people know about me should not be in words, there are few people here, they meet me directly and just keep doing their duty. Did you understand? That means when you are given a duty or work you should just keep doing that and move forward. Afterwards I will tell you what I am. I will give you a responsibility, those who have to meet me directly keep meeting me, and do their duties perfectly. They never stop anywhere; they just keep on doing. That means everybody does their duty whether I tell directly or indirectly. All of them in their minds have that they have to see me, talk to me, and make-known about me to others but, it is not coming outside. They are unable to express. Some think that what others may think if they say, what is this all in these modern days, and some others are postponing, because thinking that when they are getting time others are not and when others are getting they are not getting time. Like this one year is passing by. I am seeing some people and I know everything. Your efforts should be in actions but, not in words. You just make-known about me and move forward, and I will be making my attempts automatically. I will not stop my attempt. You are seeing; I am showing website and others. That would become throughout the world. Of course I have handed over for some more additions and changes. If it is done then to some extent that (website), some more through books, to some extent through mouth publicity, some more other type of publicity. Like this one by one should go forward. But it is very less than my expectations. Both changes, and publicity are very less than my expectations. Of course we will improve slowly. It has just started, it has to improve even more and every one should get that enthusiasm. You all are there; you should take it forward and should be present strongly. This is only starting; you have just started coming to me. There are people who have been coming since 25 years. There are also people who have been coming since 45 years. Both starting and ending should be the same in doing service. There should be the same dedication. There shouldn’t be any change. Purity and dedication should be the same until the completion of work. You should know about Chameleon, how it changes, based on the tree, based on the color. It changes its color itself. That should not be present. That may be present for that animal but, it should not be present for the human being. Did you understand? But in some things there will be some personal issues. In those you do some hand work; it is inevitable but, it is not applicable in all the things. You have understood, haven’t you!

Sphoorthi Oum
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© 2017 Sri Sri Sri Guru Viswa Sphoorthi   All rights reserved.