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How Important is "Healthy Body" for Physical life, and Spiritual Practice? Meditation is the Best tool (Weapon) to Attain (Self-Control) Control Over Senses.

Guruji’s Speech Through Medium At Medical Camp 20th day of August 2006, Ghatkesar, Andhra Pradesh, India

            For all the doctors, for all the doctors who had provided medical services in the past, for the people of this Ghatkesar, for Sarpanch, for all those who have come as volunteers, I should not say gratitude but, I will say my blessings only. My blessings with a crore of thanks for all. Today’s this medical camp has caused Sphoorthi to this (Viswa) Sphoorthi itself. You have indeed come more in number than my expectations. There is some confusion for some people here, because all those who came to me know about me but, those who are new know very little about my concept. They are in some confusion that one who is seen is different, and one who is speaking is different. My entire concept is through Dhyanaprasthan, yoga, breathing and meditation. For those who come to this technique, and for those who come to me with belief in me, by making them know what I know, to answer, the question they ask, to give advices, and suggestions has been happening, through Dhyanaprasthan by means of MEDIUM, for last ten to eleven years. Many people know about this. Since the new comers here don’t know I am making known about myself. Volunteers might have already informed you that why I am doing all these. Meditation is the weapon of modern life (living). Meditation means contemplating on the respiration. When it is done like that there will be establishment of concentration. When the concentration is established the thoughts would start decreasing and mind through the ascension of meditation there will be certainly ascension of the mind. Me to come directly happens very rarely only. In indirect method only to speak through MEDIUM, through the centers called Dhyanaprasthan, to come and speak like this if ‘Introductory Meetings’ are conducted, and like this when medical camps are conducted, to come and speak – I am doing only to this extent. Publicity is very less. In direct method also since many years I have been making them know what I know, blessing them, and asking to meditate because, through meditation mind can reach the level of Supreme Soul soon. I have been telling that meditation is the only appropriate path.

            There is less time. I will talk for sometime. Birth and death are common. For any organism that what is present between birth, and death is, life. For this life, mind is very important. This mind is the influence of senses. Mind is formed with their, that means with the influence of senses. For that body is a tool. While the body is with (primordial) elements, this arrangement of senses will be helpful for it. When the mind functions with the influence of senses, organs of the body which perform actions perform the karma (function/actions). That means action happens. Whether it is good or bad, it has to be experienced. One should be able to keep these senses under control. That means self-control is needed. When everyone should have that self-control, think once if self-control can be achieved in other ways. Because, for a day on an average 24 hours, in this 24 hours if the hours of sleep are taken out and in the remaining time if 2 hours are allotted for breakfast, lunch, and dinner then in the remaining 15 hours 92 percent of people are being subjected to one or the other trouble. Mind is being subjected to various kinds of troubles because of numerous causes. Many are losing mental peace. Only when this mind attains peace, all the thoughts would be in a proper manner. To this mind, I told you a little while ago, body is the tool. This body should be healthy. Only when it is healthy whatever it may be good thoughts and good intellect, searches for a good path. Air, water, and food are needed for the human being. So also mind needs prudence, knowledge, and meditation, that means education and medication and meditation for everybody. Everybody knows that how costly education and medical treatment has become. Putting my efforts into it I had started free education through “Sphoorthi Education Society” since last two years. So also conducting these free medical camps since last three years, of course, with the careful attention of all, not by only me. I have been conducting these free medical camps with the careful attention of all, and protecting those, who are coming to these camps, in the way I know, because health is of primary importance. For every human being, as I told you a little while ago, that health is wealth. So if one wants that kind of health, then some habits have to be decreased. Today many people are becoming slaves for alcohol and smoking, and other types of habits. They are bringing ill health on themselves. They are losing health. I said that mind is important for every human being. In that mind itself there will be the microcosm of the “Universal Energy” relating to the soul. It will be in the form of Jeevatmn as extreme microcosm. The human being, who is relating to that kind of soul, to think of numerous blind faiths, God, and Supreme Being, and to run behind the mirages, had been coming for many years. That means I am not saying that I am only great. There was some meaning to agree to these blind faiths if it was in 15th or 16th century. In those days technology was not developed that much. But in 20th century also, many people are becoming the victims of many kinds of blind faiths. They are wandering saying God and Supreme Being. But who is this God? It is a superhuman power, which means beyond the comprehension of the human being. That is created by us only. People are losing a lot of time because of them. We know time is very valuable. Nothing stops for the sake of us. Day light, darkness, seasons – all of these pass off. Here a lot of doctors have come. That means who save the lives, and bring to life. Those kinds of doctors are only actual Gods. In my view they are only the Gods because, in the sexual intercourse of female, and male, a living cell is formed that is embryo (third dimension), how that egg when fertilized changes into embryo, mother in her womb bearing the same embryo for nine months under the supervision of these doctors, thereafter delivering the baby they are starting a new life. It is forming, because of chromosome in these. Everyone has to understand that what the God is doing in this. People think if something happens it is the mercy of God, and if it doesn’t happen then it is the fate. My question is to which karma is it relating to? Think about it once. Even after the development of the technology to this extent, without leaving those kinds of thoughts, people are wasting their time. So also many are saying about soul. Many are saying that after leaving the body that is dead, similar to living in a rented house, no sooner the body combines with the primordial elements, that soul enters into another body; after that it does not have death, does not sink in water. They are saying in many other ways about soul. But what was the population in 1946 and the population now? The population then was in lakhs and now it in crores. My question is if the same souls have entered the new bodies that have taken birth then where did these new souls come from? Where is their address? Where is their manufacturing identity? Today there are numerous great persons. There are many Mahatmas. When a doctor itself is a God, there is Supreme Being in many great persons, and intellectuals. One who serves the fellow human being itself is Supreme Being, God. The humanity in them, that means if the humanity becomes the entity of the human being then it becomes honor deserving. Those kinds of persons should be recognized. Today I am doing all kinds of efforts. That means to make-known to everyone who comes, through these Dhyanaprasthans. So also by means of yoga, controlled breathing and meditation take the mind from one level to another level, from sensorium level to the level of conscience, from this level to Divine Soul thereafter Universal Soul, after that take it to the level of Supreme Soul. Only “meditation” is the appropriate path. So also I am providing free education and meditation through these kinds of free medical camps. Of course this is not happening only by me. It is a team work. So also with all of your cooperation, I am doing it here. ESI director Mr.Kanaka Bhusanam, Mr.Reddy, Mr.Srinivas Rao, so also there are many doctors who provided services in the past even though I did not ask them. Although it is a holiday today they came here and giving their valuable time in the form of services. Hats off to them. In these days people think of doing something if they get time. Keep aside ‘I’ and ‘Mine’. You should have the feeling of ‘We’. When we have that ‘We’ then the unity increases. If you have any doubts and if you have some time to know how am I doing all these, and what am I saying then you can come to Dhyanaprasthan. You can know about me. Think if it had happened in the history. Puranic texts are saying about Parakaya Pravesahm. In that one body becomes lifeless. Only through one body the performance (speaking) had happened. Nobody saw it. We are just listening. I am coming into society. I am writing books in the free time. In the remaining time I am speaking through Dhyanaprasthan and other meetings. Try to know how I am doing. Not only this, I happened to speak even through nine mediums at a time. So also, today the program is going on in Nagpur. I am speaking, and giving answers to many people at different places (Tirupati, Vijayawada, and Hyderabad) at the same time. Now I am speaking here. I am also speaking at a different place. Belief is very important. There should be trust, not anger on Guru. In Guru if ‘Gu’ is considered as darkness and ‘Ru’ is considered as light then the individual, who can bring the mind in darkness into light, is Guru. Only those are eligible for that kind of word. Like that it may be spiritual Gurus, academic Gurus, or philosophical Gurus. Gurus are of numerous types.

            By promising that we would conduct many ‘mega medical camps’ like this, of course with the cooperation of all of you only, and take care of the poor, and once again by providing blessings those from media and others I am taking leave.

Sphoorthi Oum
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© 2017 Sri Sri Sri Guru Viswa Sphoorthi   All rights reserved.