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It will be Indeed Present in Your Minds to see me Directly (Physically) in Celebrations, but I am Ready to Visibly Appear, and Talk to you Live Personally, so, Practice Meditation Punctually Constantly, and Establish Spiritual Channel.

Guruji’s Speech Through Medium on His 65th Birthday, the 1st day of May 2006, Bandlaguda, Hyderabad, India

            Blessing, and gratitude for everyone. There is some deficiency that there is no direct visible appearance and this time also in indirect way through medium only the program is being conducted. But due to some reasons, due to some inevitable reasons I could not come. You all know that it happens very rarely only that I come out and visibly appear directly. There will be chance for it on some occasions. I cannot come directly on all the occasions. You should not think otherwise. Nobody should understand it in a different way. Because it would be indeed present in everybody’s mind sometimes, “We are working hard and in accordance with that it would be good if we get the opportunity of meeting directly sometimes”. That itself I have seen spiritually also! Yesterday, the day before that means three days back I said I would come. But due to some reasons I could not come. I am coming in front of you, speaking, and blessing through medium. Today I am feeling very excited and happy. It is inevitable to express the feelings on some occasions. It cannot be expressed all the time. On some occasions I have to express my feelings then the people would know what exactly is in my mind. Today while I am seeing the program of those little children, your enthusiasm, and while I am seeing your arrangements, spiritually my bliss is beyond description. This should be maintained forever. You should make sure it will be present forever. Everybody should work hard for that. Rather than Me saying there should be such a thing called “spirit” in everybody. That itself is Sphoorthi. Recently a lot of change has come. Change can be seen in everybody who comes to this Dhyanaprasthan either in the first visit or in the second visit, or at least by the third visit. Change has been seen even in the old devotees. The “continuity” of this change should be there. Make sure that there will be no break. There will be many changes because of this yoga, controlled breathing and meditation. Everybody knows that by themselves only. That change will not be known to others. I can know everybody’s change. Either spiritually, or when I see you directly (through medium), or even if I don’t see you! I can observe every small change when you practice meditation. Today this event will occur different to the routine one, because the arrangements have been different this year. Some of you have done nine days Diiksa (Initiation) also, haven’t you! Did you notice any change in you because of the yoga, breathing and meditation you have practiced, and because of the methods, practices you have adopted in the last nine days? Did you know any subject because of this book reading? Did you notice at least  some (at least 5%) change? Whether in your behavior, in your attitude, in your style, in your food habits, and in your other types of habits – did you find any change or not! Meditation is needed every day. Constant practice! This practice should be as constant practice. But it is not like 9 days initiation, or 36 days initiation, meditation should happen daily. But I have started this initiation of 9 days for the first time. I have made an attempt just to see if I can bring any changes at least in some people. Should we continue it or not! This I will tell you later on. Just to see how will you practice I started it for the first time and limited it only for males. There are also females who asked me. I also said them to think about it the next time. In these days you indeed did it very well in the first attempt. You have obtained 101 out of 100 marks. This 50 people not only this 50 people even others also did very well. But the change in these 50 people can be seen. Food habits that means to tell is my duty, to practice or not to practice is their wish. Because people talk of ‘initiation’ but, if you can continue that like that then I am saying emphatically that I can bring changes in them. There should be human efforts. Only after that, Guru, God, and anything else! Firstly human efforts should happen. Those human efforts may not be only 9 days. It can be for 90 days also. Even nine hundred days. So that kind of method, this method I am doing through Dhyanaprasthan, the method I am doing by means of medium will be different. Outside you are hearing, seeing numerous types of concepts. But the method I am doing is not reachable to human intelligence, you all know this! Because although cannot see me directly face to face, there are many who can see me indirectly in meditation. There are people who talk to me in meditation. But there are also doubts for them that if they are really talking to Guruji. After the body is set, they will know it gradually that how I am speaking, how they are receiving from Me, how I am receiving brainwaves from them, how is this happening in the form of waves. Everybody will understand how this process is happening. But you should practice meditation. The determination that they are able to see that path, why can’t I see should be present in everybody. There should be Sphoorthi (spirit). When there will be such thing called Sphoorthi then everybody can see me in meditation. They can talk to me, and establish channel with me. Similarly use what you have achieved from me for the goodness of others. Let it be anything, now-a-days we are conducting medical camps. In the same way my desire, there are many poor people and orphans. It is said that there are nobody for them but, for all those who have nobody I am always here. I need your help to take care of them. I need cooperation. Meditate daily. By means of path of meditation only, by means of this Dhyanaprasthan only, by means of this ‘Science Universe’ only and in the same way through Vijayawada, Nagpur, Tirupati and may other Dhyanaprasthans education and medical camps should be conducted and the poor should be taken care of. This should happen. Absolutely poor people should be provided, any help they need! If I talk about subject every time – there is lot of subject in books but, none can understand it all at once.

            Human life is full of desires. They are desires upon desires. Desires are like sand granary. The more one digs the more the desires will originate. They should be suppressed. That means self-control of senses. I have written in books what exactly is self-control of senses means also. In some things self-control is needed to some extent. If control is achieved then that mind, changes into beyond-sensory mind. After that it changes as intuition. So also it changes into ‘The Mind of the Moral Sanctity’, and after that awareness of Supreme Soul! Everybody is making attempt about the awareness of Supreme Soul, and about the path of liberation, and salvation. They are trying in many ways. People are saying them in many types. For example we say ‘roads’, similarly ‘bypasses’. So also we say ‘National Highway’. In that way in which ever way one may go and whatever National Highway one may cross, everybody reaches finally to one place only. The destination is only one, paths are different. Ways are different and way of teaching is different. According to that whatever it may be, Guru should be only complete Guru. I am not asking you believe only me, or practice only my technique of meditation. Belief is important. After coming here if you don’t find any change then you can question me. I am saying spiritually that means according horoscope. There are many things happened for many people in many ways. I am looking forward to make them say their experiences in front of everybody today. Each of them can speak for 5 minutes each. This time it should happen different to what happens routinely. Last month on Ugadi we had a function here itself. Again now this month, yet another function today on the occasion of my birthday. Seeing the excitement in all of you I promised to come at least indirectly through medium, but with hesitation. For this function you have planned a month before. There are people outside who think, what is happening here; they say it Dhyanaprasthan but, individual worship and functions are going on. They should know the concept to some extent. When my concept goes into public in depth, then there will be no chance for them to comment on us. Guru means truth. There will be only consolation (comfort) but, no criticism for that. When that it so, it should be known about Guru. I am physically present in some place and conducting spiritual activities through medium (through meditation) but, most of the people don’t know this. I know that but, you don’t know. They can come here to know, because there are many ways which are being publicized outside. There are many thieves. There are many types of Swamis, Babas. You should not see one and consider everybody like that only. When you come to me whether it is at childhood, young age, or old age – you should have belief in first place. Today many of you have come to wish me on my birthday. I told you on the day of Ugadi also through this medium that this is the year of meditation. We have started Diiksha (Initiation) in this year of meditation. I will tell you later if we shall continue it or not. Everybody if they continue meditation, not only ‘initiation’ but, regularly then if ‘the ascension of mind’ is caused by means of ‘the ascension of meditation’ then that what happens after that is “Divine Ascension” only. If you make efforts for the ascension of mind then everyone can see the conscience. I can make you see it. Belief is principal. When this belief is present and when we divert our mind towards that side in the form of constant practice then I can show not only conscience but, soul also. You may say, “We have been coming since many years but, there is no visible change until today”. Many had changes. They are unable to express them. They are unable to understand the change. They are unable to understand to which stage did they reach either it is conscience or to sixth sense. That day would come when they will understand. How can there be development all at once? It will be step by step. In anything it will be in stages only. If the ascension is shown all at once, until the fist is closed it will be secret but, when once that is opened you will feel, “Is it just this?” If you can take your mind to this stage of conscience then I can make you known the soul. By means of this Dhyanaprasthan in future you can know about Divine Soul, and Supreme Soul also. There should be patience, tolerance. You should not think that we had a function today, we did it, and it is done. I need not say anything.

            Recently I happened to write a book, “The ascension of mind through meditation”. Read this book one, two times. Why should one practice? How should it be practiced? What for is Pranayama and what is yoga? Why should one learn it, how should one practice it? There is a new technique in Pranayama. How is this? Why should one adopt that only? The answers for all these questions are given in this small book. I have written very clearly that how this mind itself transcends in stages. Although you feel troubling to read all the books, read ‘The ascension of mind through meditation” once, or twice, the number of page in it are also less only. I think one hour is enough to read that book. I think it takes almost 2 ½ hours to watch a movie, doesn’t it! For serials you spend half an hour, don’t you! You regularly watch those weeping serials. Allot an hour for reading the book and know the subject, because that is in such an easy language that it will be understood even by class X students. I have written such clearly. If you can know that in that book you will know what exactly is ‘the ascension of mind through meditation’.

            My pain is not for something else. There are many people who have been meeting me and seeking advice me for the last 20, 30 years either directly or through medium but, none among them have reached to the stage of soul. Although they are known to me for these many years they are thinking to reach the stage of conscience itself is very difficult. If meditate with dedication then such a thing as difficulty does not come into account. I will be supporting you spiritually. Since it will be with me so, everybody strive hard for reaching at least the stage of conscience. If you are prepared that means if you want to irrigate land, catch hold of spade, unless you hold the spade and divert the water into the field that does not reach the field. There should be some or the other instrument to divert the water. Similarly meditation is a practice tool. For the practice of this meditation I will lead you.

            A donor (name is unnecessary) has come forward to donate a sewing machine for the poor. So also, some other donor has come forward to donate tricycle for the handicapped. To study even if all the organs are not perfect is also an art!  Handicapped, I don’t know who that individual is. I never saw his face. I don’t know where from he is. But see his determination. See his self-confidence. Even though he lacked some organs he had the determination that he should study and achieve something. To have everything and study is not greatness. To study even if there is nothing is a great art. We should appreciate the self-confidence he has. Because those who move forward with self-confidence, even though they are handicapped, they will certainly succeed and achieve 101 marks out of 100. They will reach new heights. But if they sit ideal thinking that they can’t achieve anything because they are handicapped and sit aside with pain then they can’t achieve anything. There are some deaf people. But they are able to listen to some or the other sound. They are learning. Similarly there are blind people. They have some or the other script. There are blind people who did their Masters and even PhD by means of that script. Are there like that? Yes there are. They worked hard that way. There is nothing that cannot be achieved by the human beings if appropriate efforts are put. So also, not only meditation, through this some more activities, that means I need your cooperation, because team work is important. So also individual talent also. There is talent in every one of you. That is why I selected one for each division. Pavan Kumar is arranging doctors for medical camps. Similarly that day Dr.Prabhakar and Dr.Bhagiiratha Raj came. Almost 15, 16 doctors including Dr.Nageshwari are helping us in the form of their services in medical camps. They have learnt about me. They are doing their part. So also some are providing free education. There should be continuity for all of them. I have always been saying about “meditation”. You may think, “What is this, 24 hours meditation”. That’s why I am speaking different to the routine. In future also it is going to be in this way only, because we have to conduct these kinds of discussions.

            Many are wishing to establish Dhyanaprasthans in many places. To wish (desire) is natural. To have desire is human nature. But to maintain Dhyanaprasthan it needs a lot of expenditure. To set the medium does not take more than a second for me. But you are seeing our affairs. Here there are 3, 4 boys staying here since last few months. You know that they are working right form the morning until they go to bed in the night. Today construction for the temple has been completed at Nagpur. From the second lunar month (corresponding to April – May) energy will pass into it, “Universal Energy” that Universal Energy means think it as “Cosmic Energy”, Cosmic Power. From that day the energy coming from the “Divine Nucleus” will start passing through the Nagpur temple. According to my calculations whoever comes there, if they have any kind of pain (trouble) and if they come there wholeheartedly with belief in me, as soon as they reach that place, for that matter not only there, even if they come to any Dhyanaprasthan, within seconds if I can’t show them the result then they should not have belief in me. I have been doing through this method for years. I have shown many people many paths in many ways. Whether it be their education, settlement, marriage, having children, or in any other form, I had shown them various ways. Some of you are getting disappointed because you did not get visa; you should have tolerance, patience; you will know in future why I did not send you to that country. For some I may say yes. For example: suppose that a pregnant woman has come to me. I know either male or female in her womb. When she comes to me in the second or the third month, her mind may be strongly inclined towards a male baby but, in her womb, opposite to it, there may be female baby. When she asks the question about sex, if I say female baby then she, with that thought, may be in mental tension for the remaining 6, 7 months. That means in terms of health it is a blow for both the baby inside, and for her. So in that case I have to inevitably deceit myself. Otherwise I would cause trouble to both of them. If I say that she has female baby inside then she may opt for abortion or commit some untoward incident. For that very reason, in some circumstances, I say male baby. It is inevitable. They would know that thing after 6, 7 months. When they know the truth after 6, 7 months then they would have that pain for 5 or 10 minutes or would be angry on me for sometime. After that they will adjust thinking, “how does it matter if it is either male or female; it is our own child”. Like that on some occasions for some people based on their mentality I deceit myself about what is going to happen in their future. It is inevitable. But in case of others, for many people many things have happened. I am suffering between the four walls. I am unable to come out. How far is it useful, if just a thousand people come to me? When I plan to come outside, there should be some thousands of people here. I can give subject through medium; I can give directly also; there is also tremendous subject in my books. What I am expecting from you is, meditation. Change should come in everybody after coming to me. There are many people who say horoscopes, there are marriage brokers, those who give question for answer. By means of meditation, your mind should undergo spiritualization! Ascension of mind should happen. This is possible only through the “ascensional meditation”. Everybody should recognize that all are equal whether it is younger brother, elder brother, who is beside you, or in front of you let it me anybody else. For me, all those who come to me, are equal only. No one is less or no one is more to me. That will never be there. For me all are equal only. When that is so, goodness in the fellow human being should be recognized. Instead of good in them recognize the bad in them. It is greatness to bring the one going in a wrong path to a good path. There is no need to bring good changes in a good person. That good person makes another 10 people good. The bad person makes another 100 people bad. To get the name as good it needs a lot of time. To be called bad it doesn’t take more than a second. Similar to “the monkey which is spoiled had spoiled the entire forest”, a bad person makes the other 100 persons bad. To change a person into a good individual takes a lot of time. 5 individuals may change. 10 members may change. It is really difficult to change many people. But such a thing as bad like weed spreads very fast. In a field weed grows very fast; you might have noticed this. Firstly negative spreads very fast. Positive takes a long time. It is very difficult to get a good name but, bad name spreads very fast. People add many things and describe the bad but, good passes very slowly. There may be many causes for my not coming outside. There may be many causes for the lack of publicity. These are not important. Good has to be carried forward. There will be some irritation to some extent if you want to start and continue meditation. People show interest towards listening to speeches like these and read some books. Whatever is habituated since childhood the same will become a habit. Parents teach the children to eat the food at particular time, read at some particular time, take bath at some fixed time – these habits only in this way become daily activities for the children. If the parents make this yoga, meditation, reading of books relating to me as a part of life as daily activity like other habits, then it is possible for success. There is definitely vision of soul. I have make-known in my books that how one can have the vision of soul by means of my technique. I have written in very much detail that, how this happens by means of meditation, in this process! My technique is not like others. Many people say in many ways that if the vision of soul occurs, the liberation, salvation occurs. The point is that can an individual oppressed by karma, show way to another individual oppressed by karma. So also can a blind show way to another blind is my point?

            Change will be very soon only, through my method. I am not asking you to believe my method only, and to practice my technique only. When anybody goes from one stage to another stage by means of meditation then change will be inevitably present. Therefore you will certainly believe. Everyone, wholeheartedly with dedication, if practice meditation with concentration, if practice with punctuality at a particular point of time, there will be change definitely. You should acquire result; should not fail but, pass. If you have to pass, to whatever extent you have to work hard, and attain success in them, the same is with meditation. Learn yoga; today morning also I think some of you have demonstrated some asanas. You might have noticed the change in the volunteers present now when compared those present earlier. Earlier we have conducted many events like this in Snehapuri colony and other places. Has change come at least to some extent? Has it come or not? Did you not do breakfast in the morning? Did you do? I did not take my breakfast yet. I think my voice is louder, think over it.

            Seeing these kids, for a moment, I too felt that it would have been better if I also had changed into a kid. Because I am emphasizing on meditation, some of the parents are forcing their kids very much for meditation causing trouble to them. I have seen the little children spiritually. You should not force them that much to practice yoga or meditation. Ask them to sit for 5 minutes wholeheartedly, because they are already under pressure especially, until 10th class, with regard to studies. They are being forced for studies 24 hours a day. Similar to as I say meditation! Along with studies entertainment is also needed.

            Along with meditation other activities are also needed. If you conduct these activities also along with meditation then it would be better. Two doctors have come today. See if any other doctors have come. Recently we have conducted a medical camp in Chilkur. When they conduct medical camp observe them what kind of experience and feeling are they being subjected to. Observe them when they are serving. You say your mind is obtaining bliss. Sorrow, joy and bliss – know what is that which experiences all these? Is it body or mind? Or something which beyond both of them? When you provide service anywhere selflessly without expecting any kind of benefit from it, everyone should take note of the joy in that service. Either medical camp, education or anything else, everybody, individually, should observe what kind of joy you are experiencing when you are providing services wholeheartedly. In the same way by means of meditation when the mind ascends towards the awareness of Supreme Soul then every one of you, individually, will know the bliss obtained in it. When you eat a piece of sweet, only you would know that what exactly that is. When somebody beside you asks then you say it is good. He will know only if you put a piece in his mouth, that is it either sweet in taste or bitter. So also everybody individually is subjected to that kind of experience. For that reason, it is not only meditation 24 hours a day. Through these medical camps, introductory meetings we will be able to make-known the people about the concept at least to some extent. Yoga, breathing so also education, similarly in future old age homes, and orphanages, that means I am saying routinely that we shall do something in all these. When nobody is there for orphanages they should understand and recognize that we, “The Sphoorthi Family”, are with them. If everybody has this feeling then you, “The Sphoorthi Family”, can be along with them. There are many orphanages, poor, physically handicapped, and mentally challenged. If you do any kind of service to them it would be like serving me, because those kinds of people need financial assistance. When the people are really in troubles, pain, and when there is none to support them, in those circumstances serving them is equivalent to serving me. There should be Sphoorthi (spirit) in every one of you. Whatever it may be take it as a challenge. If you take it as challenge and in positive form serve either in the form of support or try to bring changes in others in a positive manner by explaining others about the technique of meditation then my support will always be there with you. For that very reason I told you earlier also. Start your life on the path of truth! For that guide sake, come to Sphoorthi, that is Viswa Sphoorthi. That is needed, that spirit should be present, always. Anytime you try within your limits to bring changes in others, and there will be my efforts all the time. By moving step by step in meditation, for the occurrence of Manoprasthan through this Dhyanaprasthan, so also whatever way it may be you have to do some good to few people in the form of either any kind of service like healthcare or anything else but, our method is not to give away indiscriminately (as deeds of charity) everything or anything you have. If you can continue the services to some extent either in the form of medical camps, or else in the form of education or any other service then spiritually, as I told earlier in my speech, I am very happy today, and I should be able to take your happiness to that level! For that reason I am planning to ask 4 – 5 persons to speak here, only if they have no objection. We are providing education. I think “Sphoorthi Educational Society” is providing free education for some (two or three) students. I request Mrs. Jhansi to come and speak about who they are, their classes and their academic report (their progress from the previous reports). Next, I request Mr. Pavan Kumar, to speak about 5 minutes about yoga only if he has no objection. So also Mr. Rajendra, he started coming to Me since recently and started attending introductory meetings; he will speak about the changes in him after he came to me comparing to what he was before he came to me. Anybody either Mr. Rajendra, Mr. KVN. Reddy, Mr. Srinivas, Dr. Prabhakar, or Dr. Bhagiidha Raj can tell about anything concisely within 2 or 3 minutes. There are many new people here today. There are old devotees too. Some of the old are unable to express their experiences and my concept. They are saying something, “Our Guruji comes here; He stays somewhere else; He speaks here; come you can know your horoscope; all your diseases will be taken care of; all your difficulties will be over”. But none is asking them to meditate thinking that where they would run if ask them to meditate. They will run nowhere. If they have that belief and if they remember meditation, they will see its result. Therefore not only from me but, would never escape anywhere. Whoever has interest will practice meditation. Nobody should force anybody. There are crores of people in the world. Is everybody practicing meditation? Are they living happily only because they are meditating? Everybody has their own belief. Firstly, if one wants to practice meditation, body has to be in good health; it should not be ill. It is said that body itself is a temple, I am saying body itself is a Dhyanaprasthan. How pure you are when you come to Dhyanaprasthan try to keep your body with same purity because in Dhyanaprasthan, which is more superior to temple, you can see innumerable changes pertaining to you. If you can reach at least to the level of conscience through meditation you will always have my support. Therefore everybody should try to reach the stage of soul from conscience because once you reach intermediate you have to inevitably go to either degree, engineering, or medicine. After that one has to go for MSc, MTech like this to some or the other tech. For that very reason, after reaching conscience it should not stop there; one should continue the practice towards soul. I will be always with you spiritually. Have belief in me and practice meditation. Everyone to bring changes in yourself put efforts from your side and spiritually I will involve at the divine level. Everyone should spread my concept whatever you have learnt for the last few years. Also encourage others to practice meditation. Teach them yoga included and breathing included meditation so that they will obtain good method and results. Say whatever your Guruji had taught you. Then they will understand. If you tell about horoscope then they will come only for that and go away. Instead ask them to practice meditation, which helps them to know about themselves. Then they will know what exactly this Dhyanaprasthan is. Hoping that you will make them known about Dhyanaprasthan I am taking leave blessing everybody.

Sphoorthi Oum
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© 2017 Sri Sri Sri Guru Viswa Sphoorthi   All rights reserved.