Sri Sri Sri Guru Viswa Sphoorthi


Sphoorthi Oum...         Oum Maa Viswa Roope Shakthi Roope Viswa Sphoorthi Gurave Namaha

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The Waves of Reflection : Dhyana Yoga

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Sphoorthi Oum

Sri Sri Sri Guru Viswa Sphoorthi

There will be qualities – as good, and bad…, in human!

If say no, don’t go away… that which are present – if say yes, don’t come… that which are not present!

Human knows… mind – mind knows… its quality.

Known, to mind, human too – good, bad… righteousness and justice

Not because, absent… discretion – not because, don’t know… civic duty!

The increased quality of selfishness – strengthened foolishness, arrogance…;

Authority, which has swallowed thought….   – the mirror of status that has closed the conscience;

The individuality, which has left the discretion – common sense that has become insensible with inebriation;

Pride (arrogance) of wealth, physical strength – salutes, of flatterers…,

By causing to forget humanity – provoke excitement, animal like characteristics.

That which are caused, being perished – that which are united, disperses;

Age being passed, patience being dead – time not being passed, 'standing facing';

Like the demon without costume – like the leader, whose drama has come to an end;

Philosophical recitation – with the craziness of best birth, and fondness, on salvation;

With decreased qualities of ignorance, and passion – searching only, proximity to the good quality.

Alone only, human being – in the old age, by her/himself

Indeed not spirituality – that which fills wishes, and increases cravings.

That is indeed not for saffron, for income – and for comfort and luxuries of status and formalities!

Poison requires, antidote – required mind, for purification!

Necessary medicine… spirituality – for the rejuvenation treatment, of physical inordinate desire

Indeed a path, religious principles – for goodness, and moral discretion.

Human qualities are, three – entities of mind are… six; (six deadly sins)

These don’t change, at the usual level – transmutation is needed… in the root of the mind itself

For human being… Conscience – for mind… Ghost…?

Only if 'human and mind' becomes one…  – ascension, for Jeevatmn… for the awareness of Supreme Soul!

Meditation means, that only – Dhyana-Mano-Prasthan…!

The water vapor that has reached up only – rains, as cloud… down!

The 'Bore Water' that has springs up only – slips down as tap water!

The bird that flies itself, by stretching out wings – descends down by folding the wings;

From down only, rising – decline, from up…, to low level!

(Formation of Creation – clear indeed… as diversity)!

Does not come down, the divinity… to the Earth – Ascension is needed… for human mind!

Eligibility, for the Sensorium Mind only – for the ascent, upward divinity!

Path… Ascent Meditation – for the achievement of 'Ascension of Mind'!

Meditation means, not – centralization, of the contemplating mind…;

The concentration of mind – on her/his own Self itself is… DhyAna YOga!

 That itself is, Ascent Meditation – devoid of contemplation!

For the unionizing mind only… eligibility (possible) – for the feeling of Self and for the spiritual… experience?

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