Sri Sri Sri Guru Viswa Sphoorthi


Sphoorthi Oum...         Oum Maa Viswa Roope Shakthi Roope Viswa Sphoorthi Gurave Namaha

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The Waves of Reflection : Contemplation - Meditation - Spiritualization

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Sphoorthi Oum

Sri Sri Sri Guru Viswa Sphoorthi

Mind should change – in suitability to human!

Human means not – noun, name.

Starting from the body – until Jeevatmn…;

If exclude… as hers/his – those that belong to human….,

That which remains itself is human – as invisible feeling… ‘I’!

That which is not, ‘mine’ is… ‘I’ Myself'!

Soul only, for organism… as Jeevatmn – for life… Spirit…

Functional… life – ‘feeling’ of karma… as God!

Eternal only, the entity of Soul – corporeal eternity only… the feeling of life!

Life only, for organism – basis… Jeevatmn… as JIva-Shakti!

Path is, mind only – with good, bad… pairs of opposite!

That itself should change – into the possession of human… as good, as eminent!

Indeed possible for practice – with ability and dedication!        

As Karma YOga… indeed possible – as practice… for human being.

Indeed that which does not have, ‘contemplation’ only is… meditation – that is the path-for the subtility of mind.

Pervasion, end – grossness – subtle

‘Memory’… subtle, invisible – thought, implementation

Intuitional ‘feeling’ itself is – Dhyana YOga!

With YOga itself, change – for mind, that itself is, the ‘conversion’!

Conversion and transmutation itself is – visibility of JnAna YOga….

Invisibility of, divine feeling – that itself is… blissful YOga… Brahman.

The alteration, of quality factor – sensorium mind…‘liking’

Beyond the comprehension of quality… the Soul – entity is… its, constancy!

Feeling of devotion, karanyAsam – traditional practice, way of worship.

 Adoration meditation – Bhakti YOga… Spiritualized Mind

For human having mind – affectionate… worry.

Soul possessing God – free… from corporeal instinctive, mind.

Respiration, for Life-Force – meditation is… mental peacefulness!

Meditation is indeed not – contemplation… on respiration…!

Pranayama… respiration – subtility of mind itself is… meditation!

Technique… whatever it may be – unification itself is… benefit of meditation.

The state, of absence of contemplation itself is – subtility of meditation!

Control of breathing itself is – the objective, of Pranayama.

‘Bio’ is, one only – although organisms are, diverse only…;

Unity only is the divinity – although different are… Gods!

Human mind itself is… religion – understanding of Soul itself is… spirituality.

In the mind only is… God – in the human only is… Soul!

Lack of understanding itself is – human ignorance.

The physical, spiritual – feeling distance… difference!

If known, to human firstly – who she/he is, what she/he is…!

Would be known… even organisms are – of her/his kind only; that they are from the path of life only!

No living, separately – only to maintain, the Life-Force… only by eating, drinking and… breathing.

Contains three qualities… mind – contains three humors… body!

Originated from matter only, they are – inevitable… change.

Change by itself only – influence of internal, movement

Change of utilization – indeed not… change, by ‘destiny’.

The utilization of life – hard-work, practice… acceptance of result.

Only the corporeal limit – whether it is for human… or anything!

That’s all indeed… the limit of knowledge – that’s all indeed… even spirituality!

The finite has its limit… and,

The infinite has the universal pervasiveness.

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The Waves of Reflection : Contemplation - Meditation - Spiritualization - HIS HOLINESS SRI SRI SRI GURU VISWA SPHOORTHI