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The Ascension of Mind : Spiritual Dhyanaprasthan

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Sphoorthi Oum

Sri Sri Sri Guru Viswa Sphoorthi

            Either through meditation in connection with body, or in any other way, the energy acquired by mind is limited only! The act that occurs in a limited measure – result related to it would be ‘limited’ only. For that very reason, if interested in acquiring the portion relating to the unlimited energy through mind, if one desires that it should happen like that, instead of physical meditation, one has to follow spiritual meditation.

            The corporeal concentration of mind in the completely incorporeal state, the second part of concentrating the mind can be started. Although it is felt as somewhat difficult in the beginning, the practical habit that you have acquired in the practice of corporeal concentration of mind would be helpful for this. The meaning of corporeal, incorporeal is indeed a known thing, isn’t it! To have the form is corporeal, without that when only feeling is present it is incorporeal. Not nil. Keeping an object (shape) in front and seeing only that object with eyes completely, and concentrating the mind there itself is the method that should happen in the process of corporeal concentration of the mind. In the process of incorporeal concentration of the mind, which is the second part, it is to be able to see the form of the object with mind closing the physical eyes. To see means the form that has been seen in the first stage should be kept in mind. To keep that in mind steadily. Without the necessity of the form, itself, and without the need to see it with eyes, itself, to be able to see the same view/sight with mind is incorporeal concentration of the mind.

            If the concentration of mind can be completed through corporeal, and incorporeal methods, and if the result related to it can be caused to reach experience, and feeling, then one can cast the glance towards meditation. Can start practice also. The judgment in this matter is “personal of those who practice” and the witness of mind itself is the standard (for the fact that if they have reached that state or not).

            In direct, and indirect, visible – invisible states, there would be those that can be seen, and those that can be known only to mind. Although the glowing bulb can be seen, electricity cannot be seen like that. Although the solid and liquid forms of matter can be seen, the gas (though it is matter) cannot be seen such distinctly. It is an experience, and feeling only. Although the body is a direct certainty, the state, and movement of Life Force is indirect only. In some circumstances, with special equipments, although the atom, microorganisms are seen, their sources are not direct. Even though the movement (path) of the planet is known, the ‘cause’ for it is not completely clear. So also, we can know the mind only in practice, and words. The ‘Life Force’, and ‘mind’ even though are the cause, and basis for the movement of life, it is not possible to visualize them as a direct standard. For that very reason, some other way is needed. By achieving ‘vision’ (spiritual view) through ‘spiritual meditation’, which is another stage in ‘Dhyanaprasthan’, we can see that experience.

            Let us come to the actual matter. At the physical matter level, similar to, the state of brain, is the cause for the level of mind, similar to, the meditation, is helpful for that, in spiritual meditation the physical mind as spiritual mind would be the beginning for the spiritual meditation. In this, there would be no need of mention (thought), involvement of corporeal – incorporeal. Only, just the instigation of intuitional (sixth sense) would be needed for mind. Trans (ecstasy) would be its ‘state’. The force of activity beyond senses would be the important basis for this. The natural materialistic thought/feeling perishes, and there would be a possibility of experiencing the rapture beyond worldliness. The supernatural power, which the physical mind acquires, is the cause for this. In this state of deep meditation itself the physical/bodily/senses instigated mind, undergoes transformation as the “spiritualized” mind.

            Because of materiality – beyond materiality – visible experience – and feeling itself, physical mind will be of two types. If so, physical/materialistic mind can be metamorphosed into the mind beyond materiality only through special (unique) practice. The charioteer for the physical life is mind only – if so, there should be an owner, for sure, who has to order the charioteer? That itself is the naturally born physical body. This is indeed an experience to everybody through material knowledge. If so, there is another side for life, isn’t there! That itself is spirituality, even in that there would be need of mind. It may not be within the reach by experience. Extraordinary (unique) practice is needed for that. The same is referred to as spiritual meditation. That means, such a thing as mind is not limited only to the response of senses, but mind is present at the level beyond the understanding of the senses too. So also, there would be Divine Mind too. If so, its entities of quantity and quality change in accordance to those various positions. Physical mind itself is charioteering the life in various ways, isn’t it! The spiritual mind – to carry on dual, multi performances more than that only, and cause suspicion is natural. Naughtiness in childhood, and headship and authority in older age is indeed natural, isn’t it! Same is with the mind too! If the status or the rank increases, the unrestrainedness decreases. The “spiritualization” of the mind that happens through spiritual meditation is only for that very reason! Spiritualized mind at the level of conscience executes the function righteously considering it as duty. Thereby the execution of 'actions' would not be the cause for the "evils" and "sins". Therefore, there would be “no scope for philosophical whirling” of karma – birth – karma.

            In the process of the ‘Dhyanaprasthan’ similar to, the physical mind is transformed into the spiritual mind, the spiritual mind (spiritual consciousness) through divine meditation transmutes as Spiritual Soul, Divine Soul, Universal Soul/Supreme Soul/Holy Spirit/Universal Energy. That means, that the physical mind itself, which executes (conducts) the life with the feeling and perception of ‘Self’ by virtue of birth, and as a coordinated response of the senses, through the process of ‘Dhyanaprasthan’ undergoes change as the process of transformation and as the orderly ascension as spiritualized mind – as conscience – as Soul, is an important thing we have to observe carefully here. The mind, by continuing the execution of functions of life in accordance with its position – state, it decides the way of life. The mind – that is dependant on the physical body – acquiring the state of ‘Supreme Soul’, which has universal pervasion, through meditation, it ends/concludes its existence. The same is referred to with various names as ‘salvation’, entry into other/next/God’s world, state of nirvana.

            In the process of evolution of life, to change into human being and as of today to ascend to spiritual level as intelligent organism is indeed an experience. To achieve the most eminent state as Soul – Divine Soul by spiritualizing the same human mind, which has achieved uniqueness in the organisms with scientific development, in the path of meditation, theoretically is indeed good…. Success for anything would be in accordance with the level of practice.

            If a logical analysis is conducted in mutually opposing matters of perpetuity of Soul – its stay in the body – its constant nature of entity of Supreme Soul – supremacy of inactivity – superior to everything –– and others, then the certainty – would be different, to the present experienced belief. Evolution of life – has the limitation of body (Bio matter). The ascension of mind would be in accordance with the entity of universe (universal entity). If neglect this, then mind also would remain, within the limit of the physical life only.

            By transforming the microcosm of the Universal Energy as spiritual (super natural) energy – energy of conscience – Soul – the Soul can be ascended to the proximity of Universal Soul. Since this is possible only through meditation, the practice in the name of Dhyanaprasthan in various stages – which can cause the microcosm of Universal Soul, which is hidden within the physical mind, to reach the highest eminent state as the resolve (will) of universally pervaded energy – is needed.

            Thereby when your mind exceeds the quality limited to matter and endows with the entity of spiritual power, by acquiring the complete knowledge relating to the “Creation – Creator” “by yourself” through Universal Energy (Universal Soul) that is beyond the understanding of materiality and senses, you can feel the bliss. You can have the vision of origin of the universe – which is “self-existent” – and karma through your own complete knowledge itself, and can acquire the eternal bliss…. When humanity incarnates as divinity, the path for this would be ‘envisioned’.

            “Supreme Soul” means “Universal Energy”. “Universal Energy” means the original (root) cause of Creation of infinite universe. That itself is the Supreme Spirit and others. If so, this “theory” will not be in agreement, and within the reach of the philosophy, which had been coming as an “undiminished treasure” traditionally, habitually, and as a custom and practice since ancient times. If the origin – formation of the elements of the matter is investigated, and researched scientifically, based on science, to call “Paramatmn” as “Universal Energy” or “Supreme Soul” would be indeed scientific.

            The dispersive iota of the “Supreme Soul”, even though it is to be called “Soul” infact, as it is gripped and manipulated by the nature and physique. The so called “Soul” is to be exhibited and exists as “Self”. So the “Soul” is being considered and accounted as Physical contact.

            Birth through organs of generation – karma for livelihood…..

            Learning of education – modern falsehood……

            Change is inevitable – for existence constantly…..

            Life is materiality – spiritual salvation

            Even for Ayonija (the child who is not born from womb), infinite Yoga – acquisition of bliss

            No imaginations as floods – like waste of time

       No faulty thoughts and the guilty deeds

            ‘Labor Omnia Vincit’

            The practice of most auspicious of the auspicious is – indeed hard work only!

            Needed for human being – utilization of Karma Yoga

            Detachment from responsibility – cannot be utilization

            The aim of cause itself – (may be) the quality of consequence of karma!

            Although have belief – on past birth – and the next birth……..

            They cannot become Karma Yoga – only responsibility is, present

            Past would be – as memory – as path……

            Future may be present – on the ladders of imagination steadily

            Present is certainty – experience would be applicable to it

            The object objectivity itself – may be reality as shadow;

            As the ‘shade’ crosses – as the wife of Sun!

            Would there be shadow – without light on the object?

            Wife is half, for sure – in the game of light and shadow!

            May be the "witness of human actions" needs – wife as second witness!

            Without karma – did the human birth happen in the first place?

            The biology is saying (isn’t it!) – Genome as witness;

            That with unicellular organism only – is spreading of living Creatures.

            Anthropology is saying (isn’t it!) – with genuine proofs;

            ‘That human being is not – the starting organism’.

            Karma-birth-karma – where might be the beginning, for this succession?

            Mind is present in human – as giving guidance for human being.

            Well, may be secrecy – for its karma – and righteousness?

            Psychology, Noology and the psycho dynamics

            Can you open and say – its Mystic entity?

            No existence for that – (that is) present, that’s it!

            Can we deny it – just because it was not visible for us?

            Can we deny its presence – with the arguer completely

            There is Life Force, in the body – well, mind too is the same, indeed!

            That which asks to live also is that only – that which causes to live is that only

            Talking constantly – about Jeevatmn and Supreme Soul

            Life is saying – underworld (in Hindu Mythology) – and demon

            Scientific knowledge is of it only – orthodoxy too is of it only!

            Constant illusions too are of it only – expedition of truth also is of it only!

            Luxury, disease – comfort, sorrow;

            Infatuation, thirst – its lust, spite

            Selfishness, differences – wish, jealousy;

            Love, hatred – attraction, dislike;

            Emotional suffering, sorrow – anger, to lose;

            Thirst, satisfaction – fondness, mirage;

            Drudgery, wickedness – civility and culture;

            That which surges (overflows), that which feels depressed – that which bends, that which causes to bend;

            Reality, certainty – constancy, truth;

            Stupidity, foolishness – knowledge, ignorance;

            Thought, excitement – distress, anguish;

            Cry, laugh – amusement (with sexual overtones), protest;

            Wickedness, loss – divine devotion, religious hatred;

            Pity, mercy – sacrifice, slaying of human;

            Experience, foolishness – numerous, the feeling of oneness;

            Nine rasAs (the nine traditional sentiments or emotions in art and literature) are of mind only – nine tastes are for human being only;

            Nomocracy autocracy……….;

            Ethics – Esthetics…………….;

            Evil and devil – Self and Soul……

            Many and many others – all are of indeed mind only!

            For that which knows everything – would be present as multi as rusty

            Selecting some – if practice for completeness,

            Experimental mind – useless intellect……………….!

            Even so, that itself is Soul – indeed only if it is spiritualized!

            Supreme Soul is that only – conferring heaven.

            The excellence of Vedas – uniqueness of Puranas

            Spiritual learning – righteous preaching

            Scientific experiments – discretion of metaphysics

            They are indeed alive even today – by themselves……..,

            With the spread of exegeses – with the emotionally excited speeches

            Prudent persons as increased – foolish people in greater number

            Intellectuals as of different kinds – as those having only brain

            Are indeed flourishing with human evolution in millions.

            Imitation itself is the compass needle and surveillance for the modern intelligence indeed!

            Loud cry of Vedas – exegeses of Upanishads

            Puranas – comments – sacred books – preachings

            God men – divine messages………

            Uncoverings of other religions – of God

            Have been coming and going indeed, for generations as inheritance

            What is that which has changed human – as good mind?

            Would not come to individual by birth – the uniqueness of species

            Humaneness of mind is – divinity of Soul only.

            Would cause good to human – by causing sacredness

            At birth as human being – as learned person, humanity itself

            By achieving divinity – should make the birth as blessed

            Compassion itself as bridge – as “may all people be happy”

            Only if make the mind as divine ascension with Dhyanaprasthan

            Soul would be in compassionate spirituality itself………….!

       Pax Vobiscum……!

       Peace be with you…..!

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