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Sphoorthi Oum...         Oum Maa Viswa Roope Shakthi Roope Viswa Sphoorthi Gurave Namaha

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Comprehension : Dhyana - Absentmindedness

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Sphoorthi Oum

Sri Sri Sri Guru Viswa Sphoorthi

            “Salutations… Mr.NityAnanda!”

            “Come in my friend!... Sit there!... You have heard my speech, didn’t you! How is, my speech?”

            “However the speech, may be… I am, a distrustful person, you know! My mind always, goes towards question only, but however great the subject matter may be, it would not be satisfied with what it hears! That what that weak point is, I am unable to know, how much ever I try!”

            “That is a good quality only but, if it exceeds, its value would be gone… how is, the speech?”

            “Let us talk about the speech, later on but, I have, a blunt advice! Should I say?”

            “What is there in it, whoever, may say anything, one should see good in it, and if possible, should bring that into implementation.”

            “I think it is good, if you, change your name! I am feeling that way.”

            “Why? What is its need now?”

            “Recently, an individual with that name, had appeared in newspapers, with amorous sports, including romantic scenes. Along with the proof of tapes indeed! It is my doubt…. that how would people, would see at you, having that name! For that very reason, this advice!”

            “There will be many people, with the same name. Good – bad, in less and more quantity, will be in everyone. With the suitability, of surroundings, and circumstances, it may look like, bad is more, in some people. Good, bad, cultured, wicked, are related to mind. Why only the name of the individual, should be thought like that? Moreover, NityAnanda is, not my actual name. Those who know, that I would be with happy constantly, called me like that. After that, that itself, has turned, into habitual name.”

            Your wish! In your speech, you said, Soul is present, in everyone… Then, where would be, Supreme Soul, present? Without knowing where, it is, present, where can we go, for the sake of salvation?

            “In the lifetime, human has to acquire Supreme Wisdom. Only through that, the awareness of Supreme Soul! Only after the death for sure, either salvation or anything else!

            “Even at that point of time, with whom would it be known, the location of Supreme Soul?

            “With Jeevatmn only!”

            “Leaving the dead body, it is said that, Jeevatmn goes somewhere to put on new cloth, isn’t it!”

            “Not the dead body. At the time of death, before the body is devoid of JIva-Shakti itself, Jeevatmn, leaves the body. That itself is, Death Consciousness! ‘Similar to taking of torn cloths, and putting on new cloths’, that means… leaving the body, in which it was until then, at the time of death, leaving it, Jeevatmn, enters into another new body, is the meaning of Sri Krishna. Cloth is, just an example!”

            “Does Soul, take birth sir?”

            “Soul is eternal, it does not have birth. Sri Krishna says that it enters into the body that takes birth…, the belief, of ‘Karma Theory’, is also the same!”

            “Where would be Jeevatmn, which enters, in the body?”

            “At the location, which is convenient for it… is that OK?”

            “Does it, not stay, at one place, definitely?”

            “Until the death of human being, that would be in the body itself.”

            “Do great people like you also, do not know, in which part would be, the Jeevatmn in body?”

            “That is, the matter which should be known, by everyone themselves. Since everyone’s body is, theirs only, similar to your thoughts, are known, to you only, only you should know, about the things present in your body.”

            “It is known, like that, to doctors, isn’t it! Even so, if I have to know, Jeevatmn, by myself, with what should I do, that task?”

            “With mind…”

            “Where would, that, be sir?”

            “In the heart…!”

            “That is, known as love, isn’t it?”

            “OK… in the brain… Is that alright?

            “I am able to understand that, it, ‘just causes, me, to do all meaningless works, and says useless matters’ but, never, did it, say, me, about Soul for sure!”

            “In meditation, you should ask conscience, about Soul…!”

            “In meditation, as soon as I close my eyes, old, and new…, all those which occurred long back, are coming to mind, this way and that way but, the matter of Soul is not known at all. Moreover, you are saying conscience; where would that be?”

            “Meditation means, not only closing the eyes, and folding the fingers. Mind, should be closed, from the senses. Only then, the internal vision would appear. In the prayer room, one should meditate, by concentrating the mind, either on the picture of God, or, the shape, of the idol.”

            “Actually… where would be God?”

            “All over… everywhere….!”

            “But… God is, male for sure!.... Would he be in females also?”

            “In everyone, in all the organisms… in everything there will be, God.There will not be, female, male discrimination for God and devotion.

            “How should one see, God?”

            “With Intuitional Eye!”

            “Where is that sir?”

            “In the mind…”

            “While I am practicing meditation, closing the eyes, that side, this side… down and up… female and male… everything is seen but, God is not visible, to me…”

            “Is there no prayer room, in your house?”

            “Why isn’t there! It would be somewhat bigger only. My wife is, complete level, devotee, two times a day. With the design she wished, she had caused to build full size temple! It is full, of pictures of Gods, and Goddesses only! The time my wife takes for prayer in any season, under any circumstances, would be not less than one hour, in the minimum. For me, who would be waiting outside, anger increases like ‘B.P’. But, I would cool down with the offering of the ‘food offered to the deity’.”

            “God will be seen, in the shape of God itself, in the prayer room… if you observe carefully!”

            “It is the misconception, of my wife, that I don’t have devotion! As a prestige, I too, act like that only… When she is not present, I enter the prayer room, sit in front of the shrine, and see devotedly, without blinking, towards the pictures of Gods only. However long I see, tears fall off the eyes, for the smoke generated by incense sticks, and the pictures would be seen, as blurred, as if all are combined but, nothing else would be seen.”

            “Not the shape, God in the picture, you should think in the mind itself like that. In your mind, except the shape of the God, you are thinking, nothing, else should be visible; it should not be felt like that. You should forget yourself. That itself is called, the feeling of adoration… That is how God is visible.”

            “I have another doubt sir… I don’t know if I can ask… or not?

            “Tell me, what your doubt is?

            “Almost in all the homes, there will be prayer rooms, and pictures of Gods, for sure! Moreover, there would be many temples for sure! Where would be God, visible sir?” He too will have family setup for sure! If we go to all homes… family quarrels for God…?”

            “The situation you have said is, only for the Gods possessing shape!

            …Having divinity, for formless God, there will be pervasion everywhere. For everyone although the body having shape, is in one place, the formless mind is, not present like that for sure. So also, formless air, although is present everywhere, everyone has their own feeling for sure! In the matter of formless God also, even the experiences of devotees, will be like that only. They are, personal. Instead of waiting, outside, for the sake of ‘food offered to the deity’, by entering the prayer room, along with your wife, by participating in the prayer activities, along with her only, by sitting there only after the completion, of that, also, the prayer activity that has happened until then including the shape of God, as if occurring, in the mind itself, if you can concentrate, on the shape of the God in the prayer room… that itself would turn into the divine worship. The feeling of God, which was visible, just, as immovable shape, in the prayer, would be visible, as live form, having movement, in the worshipping mind. That itself is… what is called seeing God! That means, one should be able to cause, the realistic state, in the mind, for the prayer outside. That means, the realistic performance, in the usual prayer activity, would be visible, as internal, conscience, divine vision, in the devoted, meditation…. Make an attempt, and you will not fail to get, the result.”

            “I did not understand, without doubt, completely. I did not comprehend. My mind does not have satisfaction. Even so, I will not irritate you. Let me leave. I shall meet you later.”


“Wealthy are superior – although there is zero knowledge

Poor are zero – how many ever they may have in superior

Though could not become – millionaire equivalents

Not impossible – the financial growth

Not an unreality – the development of knowledge”


“Universal Soul is only one – pervasion, everywhere

That is not hidden – in human being

Concise micro – that, in the heart of mind

That is – present in the practice of meditation

As Soul – that reaches the “all-pervading Supersoul’!”


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Comprehension : Dhyana - Absentmindedness - HIS HOLINESS SRI SRI SRI GURU VISWA SPHOORTHI