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Understanding the Concept of Time – Distance (Space) – Origin

What is 'time'? So also, what is 'distance'? If time – and distance are thought in an ordinary manner, then there is not much perplexity. About their definitions if reflect with metaphysical sense it is not that easy. As a matter of fact, these 'two' are the same.

The phenomenal event of the movement, that counts or measures the distance or the space in a diminishing manner is to be called 'The Time'. It would be an abstract Absolute.

Diminishing the distance of the two destinations, vis-à-vis, and the abatement of the space existed in between the two opposite points, by means of movement or the motion in speed accordingly, is to be called the 'Time'…….. It has no any specific Solidity in existence of its own…... Only it is an abstract aspect of the movement in the quantum (or quanta).

The movement of a starting, which moves towards its ending is to be called time. In simple the intervening space (interval), present in between, beginning of the movement… and its end, may be called 'time'. The measure of movement, present between two points… is time. Beginning of the movement – its end, the interval present between them itself is time. The meaning of 'movement' itself is change; duration means time, so, there will be internal and external for movement – duration. Distance is, dialectical aspect between these. So, the similarity of relationship, present between duration of movement – and distance, itself, is the interval of time. So, the duration of the movement that completes or does finish the distance in between the two points is (the) Time…

'Time' is the 'distance' between the microcosmic and macrocosmic states of the 'energy' passed or diminished between matter – and its movement.

Movement is time…Interval of movement is – duration…. That which happens; diminishes; with those two is beginning – and its end. That itself is the distance between… The straight line between two points – that itself is distance; the space. That what is present in its entirety is, matter. Microcosms – macrocosms are its existence.

The 'space' that is present in between two points should be called distance. By means of 'movement' (motion) this distance changes; that means it is considered as 'time'. Such a thing as distance is visible matter but time has abstract nature. While the 'distance' keeps on decreasing with the 'movement', to that extent 'times' keeps on increasing. If so, the increase of this time, would be only until the physical 'distance' relating to it completes or becomes invisible. As soon as the distance completes, along with that, time becomes invisible; or merges into the distance. The time starts as soon as the 'distance' begins again. If there is no movement then the distance remains as distance only. There would be no 'time'. That means comes to halt.

By means of 'movement' by 'destroying' distance on one side, the same movement on the other side, becomes the cause, for the creation of time. That means movement undergoes change in one form as 'distance', on the second side as 'time'. Well then, 'movement' means……?

Time and distance – both of these have inseparable relationship. If so, these two have diversity in unity – and unity in diversity. So also, they also have beginning – end. For that reason, such a thing as transmutation of matter is not an infinite transmutation, but a constant animate process!

'Time' is such a thing that is spread all over the transformation. For suitability, there is a set-up of 'system of measurement' for it. For that very reason, 'time' and its indication – or system of measurement has only diversity but not uniformity all over. In time, which is extended in every degree of latitude and longitude on the earth and if divided further in even more microcosm also, diversity is clear – atom as the basis, 'time' is covering extending all over the matter. This difference will be present so long as the atom can be divided.

The time may have its functional divisions only for the purposive convenience. The time has no (its own) Self-existence in a solidity intact. So, it has its own movable process, even in case of the divisional diversity. The Earth has its own time factor, so also in case of the remaining. The Sun is the cause of source to the planetary concerned.

Time – distance (space), matter… the internal invisible binding, which is the basis, for all the aforementioned – separately, is present between them only. That itself is, the origin, basis for their linking together… Even so, 'it', is indeed, not 'them'. Even so, that which links them together is… that only. 'That'.., is 'one' only. That which is not 'it', itself, is diverse.

It takes, twenty-four hours, duration, for the rotation of earth; even so, that is, not the unity of time, the external circumference of the earth itself is distance; the speed of movement, follows, the internal, entity of consciousness of energy, of earth. For this, there will be objective corporeal, material density, gravity... external solar influenced, direct, indirect, causes.

Sphoorthi Oum
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© 2017 Sri Sri Sri Guru Viswa Sphoorthi   All rights reserved.

© 2017 Sri Sri Sri Guru Viswa Sphoorthi   All rights reserved.