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Physical Mind has Dimensional Limit – but, Pervasive Mind, has no Such Limit

There will be limit for anything that has basis, everything that which has shape. Usually, 'form' remains at one place only, even the mind having form will be at one place only; for the form related mind also there will be limit only. Mind, by itself, does not travel anywhere. It has to go with the body only, wherever it wants to go. Without body, there is nothing mind could do; it is within the limit of the body. There is no pervasion for body and mind. There is pervasion only for Soul. Sensorium Mind, usually, is in dimensional limit. That means it will be in one place – this is dimension limit. That means, in geomagnetic, it will be under control. Since human beings are in third dimension, wherever the individual is, she/he would be in that place. However, if one can break that dimension, she/he can go to any place. One can go for space voyage. At the same time, one can be in any place. Even for Creation, there is outer surface.

Unconcerned with body, unrelated to the body or the physical limit, Mind can be made universally pervasive. It can be sent anywhere, if it is caused that strength. If that mind could be strengthened, if that could be ascended (spiritualized), it would leave the physical limit, & dimension and can go anywhere; it can go beyond materiality and travel at the level of Soul also. In the method of ascension, in the method of meditation, if it can be transcended, this Sensory Mind, which comes by birth, in stages, would reach the stage of Supreme Soul. After crossing the third dimension, that becomes pervasive. Until third dimension, mind will be within the limit only. But, through meditation, if it can be transcended, that would go beyond dimensions and reach the center of universe. It would go near Supreme Soul and anywhere. It becomes Omnipresent.

Usually, it is said, "After the end of life that Soul goes somewhere else, after the end of life only and after the end of succession of birth only, one would merge with Soul or Supreme Soul or God, and for that to happen like that, this succession of birth certainly has to happen". They say that many births are required to go in proximity to Supreme Soul. If so, it is not required. In this life itself, in this birth itself (other births are not required), with this mind only, one can have the vision of Supreme Soul. Not only the Jeevatmn in our body, not only the vision of Soul, one can have the vision of Supreme Soul too. One can travel all over the universe. That kind of state is present for mind. That great is the Human Brain. That is beyond the comprehension of science, as of today. Not today, science would not know about brain any day.

This mind, by ascending, can be made universally pervasive. The thing that "with that, like it is being conducted here, like it is executed in the 'physical form', it can be made to speak in any number of forms" – it is being practically executed through Media Concept. Mind only has to speak wherever it is. Mind only has to do and cause to do. Mind is one only. Then what is that Mind which is going inside the Medium? Anywhere, one object will be only in one place and, if it goes to another place, it is not possible for it to be present in the first place. The usual mind, in the method of ascension, by making it powerful, if it could be caused to cross the third dimension, if that could be caused to enter the fourth dimension, that becomes pervasive. If one can transcend physical mind into that pervasiveness (there will be no form in pervasiveness), that losing its originality, turns into Divine Consciousness. It can go in any number of ways. Any number of minds can be formed. This is beyond imagination practically. That may look like a lie also. Since it is practically through Media, it is not possible to deny it. Human intelligence, human mind, and human brain are enormously powerful. It is at a state unreachable by the mind. It is unreachable even by spirituality. Brain is that great. Depending on the way one uses it, its greatness and strength would be known. If so, the quantity of brain is the same, its quality has to be increased. Brain would not increase in quantity and size; it would be the same for everyone. How much ever it has to be present for human being, that much only would be present. Einstein too had the same quantity of Brain. But, its quality increases. Through Ascent Dhyana, this is possible to achieve.

Sphoorthi Oum
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© 2017 Sri Sri Sri Guru Viswa Sphoorthi   All rights reserved.