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The Spiritual Dimensions & Their Manifestation in the Physical Life, and in the Ascension

In the transformation of practice of Dhyana-Mano-Prasthan, the first one is, usual change. In this yoga – Pranayama are present as principal parts; meditation is their next. The second stage of practice is conversion of the mind. (The evolutionary mutation of the Ascensional Bio-meditation…) To be able to convert the natural transformation, which occurs in Nature, as favorable utilization, itself, is the uniqueness, benefit of human material knowledge. The development of science – and technology, would be helpful for this. To transcend the physical sensory mind, as spiritual power, by means of Dhyana Yoga, is the path of Dhyana-Mano-Prasthan. In two-dimensional understanding human mind, would be in usual way only. Even the third dimension knowledge is also partial only… Probably, this itself may be the limit, for the developmental progress of human intelligence. In the nine dimensions, present in the formation of transformation/metamorphosis of universal Creation, the first three, until the human race, are developmental stages only! Those present after that, belong to progress of spiritual practice only! For these, there is beyond-materiality level. Only by means of ascent practice with understanding, 'awareness' of 'vision', relating to unity of Soul – Divine Soul, and Supreme Soul would be caused… This is possible only by means of personal attempt and initial, mental spiritual conversion.

1st and 2nd dimensions are until two-dimensional physical life; 3rd dimension can be seen through digital effects; 4th dimension means one should have good qualities; in 5th dimension one should have good thoughts; in 6th dimension I and Mine should be kept aside; in 7th dimension one should get the feeling of we/us; In 8th dimension one should think about others and; in 9th dimension one should think about everybody.

While the above dimensions are pertaining to the physical life, in the ascension, which happens through Mind and Dhyanaprasthan also, the ascension (of mind) can be said in nine types. Human mind functions until 1st, 2nd and 3rd dimensions. This is Sensorium / Mundane / Materialistic / Physical Mind. By the time one reaches 4th dimension, this Sensorium Mind, through Dhyanaprasthan, has to be diverted towards meditation. By the time it reaches 5th dimension, it is called ‘The Mind of the Moral Sanctity’. In 6th dimension it is Spiritual Soul (the vision of Spiritual Soul happens in the physical body, on this Earth itself). The same in 7th dimension is ‘Divine Soul’ (Divine Soul appears after the 6th dimension; one can have its vision only in space). The same when it enters 8th dimension is Universal Soul. This itself is said in different ways, as Paramatmn, as the Supreme. But nobody can have the vision of 9th dimension.

Once one reaches the level of this Divine Soul, there will not be need of Vital Elements for Soul, because once the Sensorium Mind, which is formed by vital elements, reaches that level then complete energy appears.

Manoprasthan: Elevate the Mind

Dhyanaprasthan: Elevation in Meditation

Jnanaprasthan: Gaining Knowledge

Divyaprasthan: Formation of SOUL

Mahaprasthan: Wisdom creation, receiving and giving

NOTE: Similar to, presence of gravity limit, for every planet, for every dimension in the Creation, principally overcoming of division of physical – spiritual dimensions will be extremely powerful (energetic). In the journey of planets in space, similar to, the 'velocity', which can surpass the launched, planetary gravity, is needed, there would be surpassing of physical – spiritual dimensions.

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© 2017 Sri Sri Sri Guru Viswa Sphoorthi   All rights reserved.

© 2017 Sri Sri Sri Guru Viswa Sphoorthi   All rights reserved.